5 Responses to Counter-balancing the threat from China: U.S. deepens military cooperation with India

  1. Lisa Bon says:

    If we are so worried about defending ourselves from China, why are we welcoming a 50 sq. mile, self contained, Chinese city to be built in the US…. On land purchased by the Chinese Government! Sounds like a Trojan Horse is on our doorstep.


  2. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Are we more concerned with China or Pakistan? Pakistan is building nuclear weapons at a faster rate than anyone else in the world. Are we (k)not tied to China with a financial hangmans noose, mutual economic destruction? India and Pakistan are mortal enemies, so, my enemies enemy is my ally? The leaders of our nation have lost their way and are “Dealin with the Devil” himself! Heaven help us all.


  3. Anne says:

    Excellent presentation, ‘On The Mark’.
    Notice that whatever We, as patriotic freedom attempts to retain our Constitution through those who’ve taken an OATH, Legislatively, NOTHING stops the Treason.
    Our only recourse at this juncture, is Prayer to God Almighty for His Mercy upon a sinful Nation and a Sinful World. We are being JUDGED! How many will be caught with their pants down? anne


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      So, so true. Can anyone become a “leader’ without selling out? Don’t think so. Maybe we should start “PRAYIN FOR THE PANTLESS”! Thank you for your reply, may God bless us all


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