Thousands of dead fish wash up along river in India

May 22, 2012INDIAThe problem of fish dying in large numbers has come to the fore of the banks of the Mula-Mutha (Bheema) rivers again. Fish have been found dead along the banks of the Mula-Mutha because of rising pollution and the latest in the series was recorded at Hatvalan near the Pune-Daund border last week.  Since last week, thousands of Mozambique Tilapia fishes were found dead on the river banks at Hatvalan in Daund division, about 76 km from Pune. The fish apparently died because of thick blackish water flowing in the river bed. Ironically, Mozambique Tilapia is considered as one of the most resilient species of fish, known to withstand unfriendly environmental conditions. To make matters worse, the same dead fish were taken to market to be sold by local fishermen. Pune and Mumbai are the primary markets for these fish. According to experts, in May freshwater springs that open into the river dry up, and hence the dissolving factor of oxygen in the water changes accordingly. This increases the pollution level, causing the fish to die. A study conducted by Jal Biradari and Maharashtra Vikas Kendra last year had shown that the nitrate level in the Bheema river was 10-50 mg per litre, whereas the permissible limit specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is 45 mg/litre. The natural nitrate level should be less than 1 mg/litre, but due to pollutants, the level has shot up. Dr Ashok Rasage, taluka medical officer of Daund, said, “For a week, large numbers of fish were found on the river banks. We have sent them and the samples of water to the state health laboratory and are waiting for the lab report.” Dr Sudhakar Kokane, district health officer, also confirmed the incident but said he would get more information from officials. –Pune Mirror
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16 Responses to Thousands of dead fish wash up along river in India

  1. atterro says:

    This is indeed scary. With this rate, will see many species extinct in very short period of time.

    In b4 ”Fukushima” i still doubt this has anything to do with it. This in MY opinion is an act of the divine.

    Many of the ancient cultures, were aware of the human cycle. It is like earth, it has 4 seasons. Ancients call this ”Dark Ages” where we ignore the nature in exchange for materialistic values, and we will push it to far to the point where it will just kick us back to nature.

    Some say, these times we’re living in, is called ”Error in Time”

    In my opinion, great devastation is required, to wipe out the entire civilization and it’s materialistic possesions. In order to return a human to living in natural times. 7th century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan, left a powerful message for future generations. Proclaiming,”If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time,” he foretold of our accelerated technological society, and the resulting damage of our collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values.

    I believe these cycles are repeatative, until humanity awakens and realizes, they need to bond with nature in order to progress further. So, basically humanity has taken a wrong path, once again!


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Alvin, received the new book today, 10 days earlier than promised by
    Also, The Voice of The Martyrs sent an email that the Iranian Pastor had not been hanged AS OF YET. Someone asked that on a previous post from reading rumors on the internet.


  3. Adama says:

    In the past few years I have seen a lot of stories of huge numbers of dead birds, dead fish, dead dolphins, & so on…until a fee years ago, I did not pay attention to the news…is this something new or has the times & numbers for these incidents increased? Also, what really is causing this? I read & hear conflicting reports from different news agencies.


  4. Gunasekhar says:

    Surely this is not because of the pollution for Indian rivers have been polluted for decades and these mass deaths never occurred before. All the other species have started leaving this dimension…and we call they are extinct…


  5. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    I wonder if were hitting the saturation point of all the pollutants. In Oregon were seeing that with Blue Algae breakouts in our waterways. We started frequenting Round Butte Reservoir in the early 80’s. It’s a body of water in the central state where 3 rivers, Crooked, Deschutes and Metolius all converge in the High Desert and were dammed up. In the beginning we’d see a buildup in the Crooked river arm in late summer. That was where most of the farmland water run off, full of fertilizers, and inconjuction with summer sunlight, the algae would blume. By early 2000’s the “blumes” were in all 3 river arms by early summer, the fish, mostly kokanee(land locked Atlantic Salmon) were covered with parasites on the outer skin, and “worms” in the meat. In fact, the largest parasite ever found in North America, a 39″ long translucent worm looking thing, was found in the Crooked River arm by researchers from Oregon State University. Reported by the local newspaper(fish wrap!) The Bend Bulletin actually showed a picture of the parasite. This is a very large body of water and the rivers, Deschutes and Metolius specificaly, are known as pristine waterways that flow through mostly unpopulated land, renowed for their fishing and invaluble for their spawning grounds. Now it’s being spread to all the water ways from boats that have algae on their hulls, even seeing it in pools of water along the banks of mountain streams. A couple of years back a hiker lost 2 of his dogs that were poisoned from drinking water along the bank of the McKenzie River. It was confirmed it was Blue Algae that poisoned them.


  6. Lynne says:

    If its rising polution don’t you think everything in the vicinity would be dying not just one species of fish. I do not think it is pollution that is killing the fish, or the dolphins.


  7. Dan Sherwood says:

    I’m noticing a trend of disinterest that has amazed me. I can remember when I was first curious enough about Bible Prophecy to start studying it in the early 1990’s. It seemed everyone was interested. But now here we are, 2012, and no one is. What is more puzzling, is the fact that every week there is a new major earth quake, or volcanic eruption, or some other catastrophic event and still no one turns to God’s Word. They just choose to complain about the economy or the president, or their favorite sports figure, and in doing so crawl deeper under the cover of Satan’s blinders. Let me just get to the point. We have all at some point in our lives received the old “I Told You So”. Now the way I see it there are two types of “I Told You So”. There is the hurtful type that usually comes from a sibling or a friend as more of a got-ya, payback kind of thing. Then there is the parental type that feels for you and never wanted you to fall into the trap of the “I Told You So” in the first place. God’s Word is just that type. A loving parental “I told you so”. If it were not, He would not have given us such a wonderfully detailed warning of what lies directly in our path. Then He is gracious enough to patiently give us examples or glimpses of what we are racing towards and still the majority choose to ignore it.


  8. AUM says:

    I used to live in Pune along this river. Pune has become a very industrial city and attracted a lot of foreign companies. The pollution laws in India are not so strict, it is very difficult to enforce “control”, and that is also what makes it attractive for foreign Companies to set up manufacture here. There is great demand on water for industrial and domestic use. May is a very hot month. The majority of the population live on USD 100-150/month and are too busy struggling to worry about Nature, caught up in the struggle of daily life and the constant lack of power, water and money ! Life in the cities has become costly, so it is no wonder the fish ended up at the fish market ! … The Saint, Swami Vivekananda, said that if Indians were to follow the western life-style of consumerism, they will be extinct in 3 generations, and in the cities it looks like there’s a real rush to prove him right ! India churns at a fast pace – birth and death, life and celebration and suffering constantly “in your face” … we are so used to it. Mahatma Gandhi’s message was also one of living simply in tune with Nature. India has changed a lot in the past 20 years. Money has become God, but not everyone benefits from the industrialisation of this country.

    But we also say, this is the will of the Divine … because God oversees the endless cycles of creation and destruction. Kali Yuga (dark age) is part of the larger cycle of Nature. Ignorance and self indulgence is just as much part of life as is wisdom and compassion…. and ultimately Hindus believe that death of the body is not the end of life … its just part of an endlessly changing reality… Yes – and then the monsoon will come and flush out the pollution and some huts along the river will go downstream, and some people with them, and the fish will thrive again !

    India is eternally optimistic, full of life, colour and glittering lights… and yes, a kick from Mother Nature to bring us back into harmony is much needed. We are getting WAYYYY out of balance !


  9. suzz1 says:

    I enjoyed reading your post AUM. I have close friends living in India (Goa).
    Many of us feel less and less satisfied with the old earth. We are tired of experiencing the worst part of human nature. We’ve taken the earth for granted and shown very little respect.
    I think there will be some disturbance and inconvenience in our near future but I also think we will take a big leap forward into a new age.


  10. suz says:

    Lack of oxygen from a few feet below the surface to the bottom may cause fish to only swim in the surface water. If the surface water is warm, fish could die from the warm water or from ammonia and carbon dioxide in the bloodstream turning into gas bubbles. Rotting weeds or algae as a result of using herbicides or algaecides can cause a temporary lack of oxygen which is not discovered by later testing. There are ways to put oxygen back into the water but it might be a bit difficult to do it in a huge ocean.
    BUT that said, I was reading an article that in the Northern territory the waters are virtually unpolluted and fish kills are a natural occurrence and not related to human activities. Water temperature and water movement and algae can disrupt the oxygen levels in the water. One thing leads to another and you have huge amts of fish dying.


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