Strong shallow 5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes west Bulgaria

May 22, 2012 BULGARIA A very strong shallow 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck the region of Bulgaria north of Pernik. The depth of the earthquake was 9.1 km (5.7 miles) and the epicenter 24 km (14 miles) W of SOFIA, Bulgaria and east of Route 63 near Meshtitsa. SW Bulgaria is a region of the country especially prone to large seismic earthquakes. According to EMSC, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake aftershock struck about an hour after the original quake. The USGS listed the aftershock as a 4.9 tremor. The second tremor was followed by a third tremor of lesser intensity measuring around a 4.3 magnitude at a 9.3 km depth. Residents near the epicenter of the earthquakes said the jolts were so strong and intense, many were awakened from sleep and too agitated to try and sleep again, as the aftershocks continue to ripple into the early hours of the morning. The first earthquake struck at around 3 am in the morning. There is no word yet on injuries or damage from today’s earthquake. The Kozloduy nuclear power plant is also about 200 km northeast of Sofia and there has been no word yet from government officials on if safety-precedures called for the plant to be shut down or taken-off line as a precautionary measure in light of the recent seismic activity erupting in the southwest region of the country. We will update this post as soon as we receive more information. –The Extinction Protocol
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74 Responses to Strong shallow 5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes west Bulgaria

  1. yamkin says:



  2. Sandra Davis says:

    We felt it here in Vidn Bulgaria… our bed was shaking and the wind chimes hanging from the ceiling were tinkling… ive never felt anything like it before…


  3. K Hillberg says:

    Strange I have never heard of an earthquake in Bulgaria that I can recall in the news..anyone else?


    • Vanda says:

      I was as surprised as you are…I heard of the quake in Italy but nothing about Bulgaria…Strange…indeed…


      • Lynne says:

        Here in Australia – there was no report on the earthquake in Italy not on the tv and not in the newspaper. If you dont look for things yourself, in Australia you would have no idea that anything was happening at all….I am sure there will be no report on this earthquake either…


  4. Sasa says:

    Also felt in Central Serbia around 200 miles from Sofia


  5. Valentina says:

    Dear God,please help us,we do not want to be scared and I want to send love to our mother Earth and I pray for the earthquakes to stop.


    • Aneriz says:

      Hi Valentina,

      God created heaven and earth, and still provides for all it. However, His master creation is you and I. He loves us, hears our prayers and wants us to trust in Him. So tonight I will join you in prayer that His Holy Spirit will come and take away your fear away and fill your heart with peace. Rest in God.

      “God is our refuge and strength,
      always ready to help in times of trouble.
      So we will not fear when earthquakes come
      and the mountains crumble into the sea.” Psalm 46:1-2


  6. says:

    I am from the US and staying in a hotel on the 7th floor and will be packing an emergency evacuation kit just in case!!


  7. Veronic says:

    I’m from Sofia .. The terrible noise and clink of windows woke up me .. Was dark and so scary.. Till now I can’t calm down …


  8. Whskey says:

    From Sofia, felt it. It was 3 am. There were 3 strong quakes one after another. Now I think the strongest one wakes me up and I felt the rest 2 ones. Coming to think of, the scary part is that I think I missed the first one… And I thought I was awake before the earthquake. Was long and strong, horizontal waves. Thankfully, no casualties or major damage. Interestingly, I had a scary dream wast night, but I didn’t interpreted it like it will be an earthquake. My dog was scared, but I didn’t find signs from it before the quake. The night before I fell asleep didn’t hear howling from the dogs or cats outside or strange animal behavior. An hour and a half aftershock.


  9. Igor says:

    Also felt in Central Macedonia and we just felt another shock I don’t know is it after shock or another Eartquake.


  10. Bgrove5 says:

    Jesbai, you be careful!! We want you home in one piece!


  11. Warren smith says:

    We felt it here in Bansko, very scary. Hope there is no more. Warren & Debbie


  12. Peter says:

    Baby awoke and started crying. Minutes later, BANG. Very short but explosive shock – loud as a lightning strike. More slight tremors at 04:22. Not much effect so far – parquet has shifted enough to creak, that’s all. Checked reports on computer.
    The XVIIth Karmapa predicted many catastrophic events in 2012-2013, especially natural disasters, mainly earthquakes. He produced an image and prayer for protection –


  13. Valeri Terziyski says:

    I dreamed quake 2 nights ago… no sleepin’ this night


  14. bagir says:

    Very lightly i did feel it (north of Istanbul) my neigbours confirmed this as well. This earthquake could eb connected to italian as consequence, Best wishes to all , be safe.


  15. Alexandra says:

    I live in Nis, Serbia, 140km from Sofia. It scared me very much. I felt pressure in my head a moment later my chair was shaking


  16. Rachel says:

    I woke in the 3 am quake. I am in Tserovo in the Pazardjik Region, Bulgaria. I refelcted after it that the experience was like being on top of an old washing maching in the spin cycle. Conscious there would be aftershocks I prepared in my mind and went outside to sense where best to stay/go as necessary. Thankfully, on this occasion, though this one caused disturbance to people and animals, it seems relatively small physical damage occured even near the epicentre, and that, so far, there is no injury, or none actually reported. For this I feel we have so much to be thankful; it’s literally a wake-up call to us all to become more awake and more actively thankful (which dispells fear) more peaceful, more together, and more prepared for everything.


  17. Columbine says:

    Was asleep here in Ukraine and didn’t feel anything where we’re at, but my cat was crazy all night. Woke me up several times, crying, pawing at the covers on the bed. We are far from the epicenter of this quake, but have felt quakes coming from Romania before (never Turkey, though, which I find strange – the Black Sea must absorb the vibration?). Anyway, I wonder if this is what had my cat acting so weird last night – she felt the waves as they traveled through the earth??? She wanted me UP this morning as well – no sleeping in today! 🙂


  18. Kris says:

    I don’t know if someone replied to the question “when was the last big earthquake in Bulgaria” but for your information, there was a important one in 1977, I think it was about 7 on the Richter squale. I could not sleep after the first eathquake, we are lucky that there are not any victims….


  19. Dawn says:

    This is amazing! I live in Brooklyn, New York and just woke up at 1:30 am and the first thing I do is come to the website to make sure of any updates. I than see this earthquake news and i can’t tell you how much I feel for everyone that has experienced this. I know it has to be so scary, but to actually witness peoples true raw feelings at the moment they are going through it is unbelievable. This has to show you what a good job you are doing to help people because no main stream news is reporting it. I want to thank you so much look what you have done you have let people not only get the real news, but connect with eachother in such scary and emotional times. I hope everyone is ok and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and everywhere else where they are going through such tramatic events. I’m again going to say thanks Alvin, if you didn’t do this we would be in the dark and we wouldn’t be able to connect with eachother from all over the world.
    Great Job!


  20. Tony says:

    It was 5.9 and not 5.6
    I am from Sofia and it was very scary…


  21. Emi says:

    I live in Sofia and I woke up from very strong vibration and noise and jumped out of my bed, It was awful……….


    • Rachel says:

      Hello Emi – what is your locality in Sofia? I used to be right in the centre near Popa from October 2006. I remember an earthquake in my time there, one afternoon, but not its date. I know it was the same week or even the same day as there was an explosion at a munitions depot in Sofia! and there was an almighty thunderstorm! Just another quiet week. I hope you are feeling OK and have the chance soon to make up on broken sleep and recover from that shock to your CNS. Breathe deeply and slowly… Go well.


    • Sandra Davis says:

      We are glad you are Safe Emi, We are in Vidin and we felt it also… hope that your neighbors are also safe.. x hugs from us.:)


  22. Jennie says:

    Alvin, could the booming sound in the channel islands be associated with the earthquakes along the alpide belt?

    May god bless and keep safe everyone who has been affected by the recent earthquakes.

    With. Love and light.


  23. Magdalena Takeva says:

    I live in Spofia. When the first quake was felt, the electricity went down. Shortly after that came the second one. Both of them were very powerful, the building was shaking, books were falling from the shelves. A lot of people went outside and stayed there for about an hour and a half. Later another aftershock was felt. My bed was shaking


  24. atterro says:

    I’m an American, but i live in Denmark.

    Although we never get any earthquakes around this area.

    Thanks again for ALL your updates Alvin.

    I’m here reading every 5th hour or so, if not on PC than on my Iphone, hehe. Mainstream media is not reporting anything. Most people have absolutely NO clue what’s going on around the globe, and any mention to them is just ”Normal”

    Alvin, do you think it’s possible for Denmark to experience earthquakes soon?


  25. Johnny says:

    I am from Sofia. It was awful.


  26. whiskey says:

    On top of the earthquakes, we have a highly severe weather with hailstorm and some flood.


  27. callyrox says:

    i feel terrible, i feel safe :|. and i don’t know why this is.. I am just passing the stage of self denial. you are all feeling it and not just me it’s that voice in your head that says “Everything is going to be ok, This is all just some nightmarish hell that wont happen, and if it did you would be safe, you will survive.” Do you know that feeling??

    The time of shadows is Upon us, for all great change must rise from the ashes of the phoenix,
    the willows will Wither and die, while tornadoes Rip the planet from Side to side, the winds will become hot, and the air still. it’s the time for us to meet our will, nothing can defeat the one true god, and that is love. Love keeps us going, love keeps us strong, Love Conquers wars and All hatred and evil. Evil that lurks in the shadows of life, it feeds on the weak and those who know no strife. But he in the armour of pure light will Sail in on a dark dim night, the oceans will burn as the land will freeze, time will stop for you and me.

    Just something from the heart. The phoenix is rising. It is partly mankind’s fault what with their Nuclear facilities, and their desire to abuse our home. They will suffer the most, when they see the ones they love falling by there side. they shal meet their true divide.

    Peace – Callum, QLD Australia. May god be with us all, I warn Each and everyone of you to be weary of June 5th.. I expect you to all know why. God bless, peace, love, Compassion


  28. callyrox says:

    Alvin, i believe this Quake Cluster may of been triggered by a
    PROTON STORM on may 18th. Think about it, 18th – 19th- (Storm arrives at earth) first 6.0+ quake strikes. – 20th Another quake. 21st – another quake, you catch my drift?, I know it doesnt make sense for the earth’s Geological Positioning to be altered by a CME, But what if the CME Shifted our magnetic field just enough to trigger these events. is this possible? NASA = Never a straight answer. How do WE *The citizens* Know if this was only a “Moderate storm”?? We don’t because we arnt high enough up the “Human food chain” to get access to that Knowledge 😐 – Peace, stay safe!


  29. Jennie says:

    Alvin, why do you think the media here in the uk aren’t reporting this? I feel it’s important that people know.
    Keep safe, everyone and be with those you love.


  30. SandroPixie says:

    i´m from Portugal and am thinking that we are next in line, with a nasty tectonic fault along our coast and with some regular intervals of 250 years in between big quakes i would say it qualifys us for a major one pretty soon


  31. Rob says:

    What is the significance of June 5th, do you know Alvin? Isn’t the Venus Transit on the 6th? <— is confused…….again


  32. Alvin, there seems to be a “dire warning” out there about this, shrouded in mystery, can you explain what it is… And what your own thoughts… thanks!


    • About what specifically?


      • Chris from Melbourne says:

        June 5th? Is there any substance to all the hype around this date Alvin? Venus transit, has that historically meant something, cause it’s surely happened before many times…..

        Thnx yet again for the site btw, I’ll be getting the new book too soon!!

        God bless


      • V
        Venus passing over the NE limb of the Sun

        It has more significance to astrologers than it does to anyone else. It’s a sort of rare occurrence but afterall that’s what planets do. They go round-and-round the Sun and sooner or later, they’re going to cross the street where you live. It has happened many times before. There is no gravitational melee that will occur between Venus and the Earth when this happens nor will there be an ion trail that will poison the planet. There are primal fears about Venus because it is suspected to have been gravationatally entangled with the Earth in the past. The planet is very enigmatic and I discuss it at length in my book.

        I might add there are worrisome geological signs emerging from the terrestrial planets that I chronicle in my book The 7th Protocol and if there is cause for concern, it should be some of these.

        God bless,


      • Alvin, thank you for your explanation to Chris from Melbourne below. I had no idea what any of this was about, only that some people have expressed their fears about this date, but with no explanation as to why. I can’t wait for your book to get to Amazon! God Bless you always!


      • You’re welcome and thank you, friend.



      • Phyllis says:

        Thanks so much for your answer, I was wanting to know also as there was so much talk about this, and you mention this is in your book,you mean the second book? or the first one? thank you so much for answering us when we have questions, God bless you so much for all you do, Phyllis


  33. Dave H. says:

    What really bothers me is the report states that the region the earthquake occurred is especially prone to large seismic earthquakes. I don’t know the history of seismic activity in the area but I have to question, WHY would they ever decide to build a nuclear power plant in the region that is especially prone to “large seismic earthquakes?” I checked with Wikipedia and there were reactors built as recently as the ’90s there and even under the section of “safety concerns and consequent partial shut-down” there is no mention of seismic activity being a concern to the plant. I grow weary of the media expecting us to believe “oh it’s no big deal, it happens all the time.” with these recent earth moving events everywhere, When clearly it does NOT.


    • K

      The Kozloduy nuclear power plant is actually NE of Sofia by about 200 km and it was not built in the seismic-laden region of the southwest of the country. The epicenter of the 5.6 earthquake was actually 24 km West of Sofia.


      • Whskey says:

        The power plant is designed to survive 9 Richter. It was checked many times by experts, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I would be more worried about the 100+ power plants in USA or in France, lot of them being 40+ years old, build on an older less security technology.


  34. GerganaTsvetkova says:

    Hi. I’m from Sofia and I felt the earthquake. It was terrible! My whole apartment building was shaking and books were falling off the shelves. Luckily, I and all of the people I know are okay and safe. I am, however, offended of all the #PRAYFORSELENA tweets. Why not #PRAYFORBULGARIA? I do think the event should be on the news as it was a big earthquake. It was up there with Ferrara. Thank you, Gergana.


  35. Elena Alikhachkina says:

    We live in Sofia, in an area that is close to Pernik, the epicenter. The first M5.6 earthquake on May 22nd at 3AM woke me up and we live on the 6th floor, it woke us up. it started as a small vibration getting more aggressive every second, and then it started to violently ‘shove’ us around left right left right, it was SO strong, paintings fell down and glass broke. It lasted 2 minutes, it was the scariest thing we have ever experienced in our lives!!! ;'( we stayed up listening to the radio until 6AM, and experienced the 2 ‘small’ aftershocks- M4.9 and M4.3. The earthquakes are accompanied by a VERY loud rumbling sound. It was the scariest day of my life! I never used to be scared of the dark before, and after this night- i am TERRIFIED to even step out of bed in the dark, i have become extremely frightened of the dark, and loud noises. Then, last night, at 01:02AM we felt the 4th shake- M4.3 which lasted around 5 seconds. I am in bed now and very very scared… 😦


    • Elena, stay safe. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the family and thanks for finding the blog to share your experience. I’m sure this was quite a frightening ordeal being in a mult-story building. We are all hoping the Earth calms down and stops shaking in your part of the world. Until then; our thoughts are with you. Stay in touch…

      God bless,


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