Northern Italy earthquake leaves thousands homeless and terrified

May 21, 2012ITALY The epicentre of the 6.0-magnitude quake was in the province of Modena, but it was felt from Venice to Milan. It has left thousands homeless and reduced historic buildings in cities including Bologna and Verona to rubble. The quake hit in the early hours of Sunday (local time) as people were sleeping, sending terrified residents running into the street. “I am 83 and I have never felt anything like this,” Lina Gardenghi said in the town of Bondeno, near Ferrara. The quake was followed by a series of jolting aftershocks, sparking the evacuation of 3,000 people. At least two of the tremors reached magnitude-5.1, sowing fresh panic, further damaging already weakened buildings and causing more structures to collapse. The tremors were more deadly than any since 2009, when the central city of L’Aquila was devastated. Two of the dead suffered heart attacks, while one woman was crushed under a building that collapsed. The other four victims were night-shift workers in factories which collapsed, including two who were crushed when the roof of a ceramics factory caved in the town of Sant’Agostino. “He wasn’t supposed to be there,” the mother of one of the victims said. “He changed shifts with a friend who wanted to go to the beach.” Emergency workers are sifting through the rubble of collapsed buildings, searching for victims. Thousands of residents in towns around Ferrara have sought shelter in a gymnasium after being evacuated. “We will sleep here even if they don’t bring us beds or anything. At least it’s safe,” one man called Angelo said. He said his house shook so hard, it was impossible to flee from it. “When we were got on the street, it was like we were at sea, the ground was shaking,” he said. British tourist David Trew was in the town of Ferrara when the quake struck. “I woke up to what I initially thought was thunder, but of course the deep rumbling was accompanied by violent shaking of the room, with plaster falling onto my head and all around me,” he said. “I’ve never experienced an earthquake before, you know, frankly I was absolutely terrified.” Prime Minister Mario Monti cut short his trip to the United States and said the cabinet would declare a state of emergency, freeing up funds for quake relief. –ABC News
contribution Emanni
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17 Responses to Northern Italy earthquake leaves thousands homeless and terrified

  1. luisport says:

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  2. Meridian says:

    Scary. Earthquakes everywhere, but America remains relatively unshaken. Wondering what the future will bring.


    • What happens to “them” will soon happen to “us”.
      As Christians, we pray for all our suffering brothers and sisters, wherever they are.
      What I wonder is, who will pray for us…


      • romel benignos says:

        Our Lord Jesus Christ will pray to the Father for us to be saved… as He promised to those who believed in Him…


  3. Joel Carter says:

    I am sorry that the people suffered the earthquakes. Their government should provide the tents and beds to sleep on and under.


  4. Shaun says:

    I’ve been following all the quake actvity in Southern california and in Alaska through the USGS website, I think its only a matter of time biefore something bigger happens! Like this website!


  5. isis2012 says:

    We are witnessing some great quakes no doubt … but trouble awaits this world in degrees never heard of before ….

    Revelation 16:18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since ° men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.


  6. Emanni says:

    Deadly earthquake in northern Italy


  7. K Hillberg says:

    Not to sound snarky but it will come out snarky, if the POPE would just let go of some of his “treasures” his country and people would be greatly helped in this crisis as well as future crisis…..


  8. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    Just seen this come across my e-mail…
    6.4 M – OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN… hope that isn’t enough to cause even more damage to Fukishima…


    • Wonder what that is…don’t see anything registered yet.


      • Preppin Pawpaw says:

        I apologize… I guess their e-mail system is backed up, I re-read the e-mail details and found it was yesterday’s event
        Magnitude 6.4 M
        Date-Time 20 May 2012 07:20:37 UTC
        20 May 2012 17:20:37 near epicenter
        20 May 2012 02:20:37 standard time in your timezone
        Location 39.727N 143.037E
        Depth 15 km
        Distances 156 km (97 miles) ESE (123 degrees) of Hachinohe, Honshu, Japan
        163 km (101 miles) E (89 degrees) of Morioka, Honshu, Japan
        232 km (144 miles) ESE (121 degrees) of Aomori, Honshu, Japan
        536 km (333 miles) NNE (32 degrees) of TOKYO, Japan
        Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 16.4 km; Vertical 5.5 km
        Parameters Nph = 104; Dmin = 489.8 km; Rmss = 1.21 seconds; Gp = 68°
        M-type = M; Version = 7
        Event ID US b0009uu3
        kind of strange, I have been getting these for a year or more now and I think that is the first one I have received that was that late after an event…
        Again my apologies to you and the EP readers…


      • No worries. That’s what I thought but I didn’t want to make an assumption until you checked it…

        thanks for the update, PP



  9. jerry says:

    I’m reading a 4.6 off of Honshu…not 6.4


  10. Emanni says:

    Just an observation.

    If watch the video above, at the 50 second mark, notice the clock and where the clock broke.


  11. Another 4.5 aftershock in Italy just now.


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