Mystery boom rattles buildings and residents in Channel Islands

May 21, 2012CHANNEL ISLANDSAn investigation has been launched into the cause of a mysterious boom which shook buildings across the Island on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of Islanders reported hearing a loud bang – similar to a sonic boom – at 1.04 pm. The boom was so loud it rattled doors and windows from Gorey to St Ouen and even measured on the Island’s seismograph in St Aubin. But despite speculation that the noise was caused by a military jet travelling faster than the speed of sound, Jersey Airport has confirmed that no aircraft capable of causing such a noise was in the Island’s airspace at the time. And Jersey Met Office has confirmed that it is unlikely that any meteorological phenomenon could have caused the noise. –TIJ
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29 Responses to Mystery boom rattles buildings and residents in Channel Islands

  1. SouzaK99 says:

    I guess it’s not just happening here in the U.S.


  2. Meridian says:

    I have to wonder what’s up with all the mysterious booms and hums happening around the world. The real ones, anyway, not the hoaxes. Are they geographical precursors to earthquakes? Are military operations covering up aircraft maneuvers? Could an organization be doing this artificially to scare people into crying out for more protection (i.e., NWO groups initiating events to persuade us into willingly giving up rights/freedom in return for safety)?

    Clinging to Christ, but in the meantime…I so dislike not having answers!


    • Debbie says:

      Yes – keep clinging to Christ. In the days to come, we will be holding onto HIM even harder, and yet witnessing to the lost world that Jesus is going to return soon. HE is willing that none perish; HE is still showing HIS mercy and compassion by giving people more time to repent of their sinful ways. HIS love is drawing many to HIM now. Get ready!


  3. Aneriz says:

    Many comments on the original website point out that they could hear a jet engine right after the boom…


  4. atterro says:

    That’s a reason, why even our mother earth is crying out. For all the wrong things we’ve done and allowed to be done to ourselves!


  5. K says:

    I know a lot of people think these noises are either a hoax ( some might be) or they can be easily explained. However when I heard those booms in North Carolina I was in shock because it was so strange because I’ve felt earthquakes, sonic booms, and this was different.


    • Lisa says:

      K….where in North Carolina?


      • Dennis E. says:

        Lisa……Dennis E. I have a friend that just about lives at Emerald Isle and he says he has
        heard a Booming Noises(s) on occasion, and in Kinston, NC.
        In Kinston about 3-4 months ago, there was a booming sound so loud, locals called 911
        and there was a write-up about it in the local paper…….
        Some posters believe that some of these Booming noises are from supersonic jets. I disagree because with the noise that loud and that sharp, there should be shattered windows? And there is an altitude cut off where jets can pass through the sound barrier in the US I believe?


  6. Colin Pallot says:

    I live in Jersey Channel Islands and I was outside at the time the boom happened. It wasn’t thunder, it was more of an explosive noise – much louder than a sonic boom of an aircraft. I am intrigued as to find out what it was. The island is only 45 square miles and it was heard all over the island.


  7. J. H. Thompson says:

    The Doomsday theorists state that the planetary alignment now prevalent is creating a huge magnetic strain on the Earth, and the cracking sound is the mantle breaking up. Science maintains that alignments cause no more strain on the Earth than any other phenomenon, but it still doesn’t answer what all these strange noises really are.


    • J. H. Thompson:
      Perhaps you mean a gravity-based strain. i am a “Doomsday” theorist myself, according to some people, i have never heard this theory you are talking about.. however science has proven that we are currently entering a period where our elliptic is aligned with the plane of the galaxy, and some scientists hypothesize that this may have an additional effect on the planet.. bringing to mind that all of the planets in the solar system are currently showing additional energy output, the theory is not altogether implausible.


      • suzz1 says:

        It’s not totally implausible, I agree. Mars, Triton, Pluto and Jupiter all show global warming. It’s not the sun because over the last fifty years, the sun’s output has decreased slightly… it is radiating less heat.


  8. 38aboveQ says:

    Bell Island all over again..


  9. Joal says:

    Supersonic Russian Nuclear bomber.


  10. Stewart says:


    What are your thoughts on these strange noises?

    Thanks for all your hard work!


  11. I should say “underground hypersonic military rail system”.


  12. Rose says:

    Rural Oklahoma here, 2-3 times this past 2 weeks I have heard a loud boom caused by what? Who knows. Last Oct. 10 pm an earthquake in Stillwater, Ok. with slight damage, never in my area have we ever experienced a quake shake, I had 3 German Shepherd dogs jump in bed with me, it was around 100 plus miles away. Interesting times we are living in.

    Before 911 never would see a plane in the sky, Camp Gruber is located out here in the sticks it was used in WW2 for a prison , now there are what sounds like military cargo planes, jets and all kinds of night activity. Lots of construction going on out there. Sounds like they built a runway that can land anything, Multiple watch towers have been built I guess so they can watch the wildlife.


    • radiogirl says:

      HI Rose,My best girlfriend was in Stillwater for the OU /OSU game and experienced that quake…scared her to death.No earthquakes out there(of noticeable magnitude) to speak of before..2 sons and my husband all OSU grads..Hopefully you will have friends and relatives get on board with emergency preparedness.Take care,R


  13. Not the first boom to be heard lately in the UK. It’s part of the defense training for the Olympics .


  14. Elaine Dueling says:

    Have just discovered this site and am glad to find a place where there is truthful discussion of strange occurrences happening in and on the earth…..I live in Omaha,NE


  15. Hi, I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands and one night at 4am last month, I was awoken with the sound of a loud whining & humming coming out from the night sky.

    Am wondering if the loud bang in Jersey was an aftershock following the earthquake in Northern Italy?

    God bless you all

    Chaplain Sandie


  16. City officials say they have investigated every possible human cause. They checked water, sewer and gas lines, contacted the military about any exercises in the area, reviewed permits for mining explosives and inspected a dam next to City Hall. They even tested methane levels at the landfill in case the gas was spontaneously exploding.


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