Deadly black quarter disease smite cattle in Kenya

May 21, 2012 KENYA Farmers in Rangwe Division of Homa Bay District have lost 12 cattle following acute outbreak of Black quarter disease. The farmers expressed concern saying curing the disease among their cattle has become a nightmare. They said the death of the cattle has caused an enormous loss in their economy owing to the fact that keeping cattle  is regarded as a major investment among the area residents. The farmers are worried that the situation may aggravate if precautionary measures are not taken early enough. They appealed to the government to intervene promptly and carry out preventive measures for curbing further deaths of cattle. Area District Veterinary Officer Alexander Baboon confirmed the outbreak saying that Black quarter is one of the most dangerous diseases that can claim the lives of many livestock within a short duration. Baboon assured area residents that the government would undertake massive vaccination of animals to combat further spread of the disease in the affected areas. He called upon farmers to co-operate with Veterinary Officers in a vaccination exercise scheduled for Tuesday May 22. The Officer said the exercise is expected to continue for a period of seven days in Rangwe and Asego Divisions where trace of the disease has been experienced. He called upon farmers to present their animals for vaccination in the designated places adding that it would be offered free of charge. Baboon attributed the bacterial disease to prevalent dirty water that has resulted from heavy rains experienced in the region. He told the farmers to be calm as he is making all possible efforts to address the situation. –Standard Media
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2 Responses to Deadly black quarter disease smite cattle in Kenya

  1. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    I remember seeing an article recently of an outbreak of TB, I believe it was in India… have you seen this article?

    P.S. Got my book and have been reading it, GREAT read and am enjoying it immensely. I am sure I will have lots of questions though… lol


    • I hadn’t seen that but ironically, I included the untreatable strain of TB that is now in India that doesn’t respond to any antibiotics in the introduction of the book. Glad you got it and delighted to hear you’re enjoying the read.

      God bless,


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