55: Indonesia’s Mount Sirung volcano erupts, sending hundreds fleeing and complaining of respiratory ailments

May 21, 2012INDONESIAMount Sirung’s eruption is causing a host of problems for Indonesia. Various ailments, including coughs and other respiratory conditions, have affected hundreds of people seeking safety in temporary shelters after the eruption of Mount Sirung on Pantar Island in the Eastern Nusa Tenggara District of Alor, an official said on Monday. Mount Sirung, an 862-meter-high volcano, erupted on May 13, forcing some 250 people from the Mauta village on its slope to seek safety elsewhere in the district. The volcano was put on the third level of alert after it began to show increased activity on May 8. “Residents are beginning to be affected by ailments such as coughs, sneezing, and other respiratory conditions,” Viktor Tanghana, the head of the Alor district Disaster Mitigation Office said. Viktor said children were the most vulnerable among the displaced. He said the district had already deployed a medical team to the temporary shelters to provide some help, and the authorities had also sent food aid such as rice, corn and instant noodles and cans of sardines. The evacuation of Mauta, approximately 300 meters from the crater, was conducted by the local authorities at the request of the Vulcanology and Geology Disaster Mitigation Center in Bandung (PVMBG), Viktor said. He said although the people of the village had been evacuated to the temporary shelters, they continued to return to their fields to work. Viktor also berated the shortage of face masks at the district level, and called on the disaster mitigation office in Kupang, the provincial capital to send at least 500 such masks to the district for distribution. –Jakarta Globe
The volcano last erupted in 1970
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10 Responses to 55: Indonesia’s Mount Sirung volcano erupts, sending hundreds fleeing and complaining of respiratory ailments

  1. Sam says:

    Well clearly the4 world is changing in my backyard Alberta Canada noticed a huge decline of birds,wildlife. Just 6 years ago one could see a dozen or more hawks in the skies today rare to see one, Deer,bears,moose,cougars,lynx,bobcats thinning and moving more south. Our last winter bizarre to kill off the pine beetles that are killing the forest faster than the 20 plus fires going right now we need the minus 40’s. Instead we seen moths flying about in January strange sight with snow in the back ground. We have horses and so far this spring no flies born and raised here never known life without all the insects plenty of mosquitos sadly daytime tells us the type that carry west nile. Yesterday on the local news seen our neighboring province has created a zombie video for major diaster plan to grab their attention hmm with all going on in Japan the plants and the many earthquakes in the last 48hrs concern is an understandment. Last week it was announced our federal government signed up with China for high tech company for internet yikes which includes our miliary to me this is like handing our team game plan to the opposing team even US and Australia banned this company we naive Canadian are in for a huge wake up call. .


  2. Carol says:

    How many is that so far this year? Thanks for this website Alvin!


  3. Chris says:

    Living up in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, I am waiting for Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and some of the volcanoes further south to start showing signs of more activity. I live in proximity to Mt. St. Helens and a couple of the more prominent volcanoes here. God help us.


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