Strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Italy killing 7

May 20, 2012ITALY – A strong earthquake struck northern Italy early Sunday, leaving at least seven people dead, authorities said. Two people were killed in a ceramic factory in Sant’Agostino di Ferrara, and one person died when a work shed collapsed in Ponte Rodoni di Bondeno, said Elisabetta Maffani, spokeswoman for Italy’s civil protection agency. In addition, a woman in Bologna died of a heart attack during an evacuation; a Moroccan national died when the factory he was working in collapsed; and a sixth victim was found dead under rubble in Sant’Agostino, Maffani said. The seventh was located under a collapsed house, according to Alessio Bellodi of the civil protection branch in Bologna. At least 50 people were injured. Workers were searching through rubble for survivors in Sant’Agostino. The 6.0-magnitude quake occurred just after 4 a.m. (10 p.m. ET Saturday), 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) outside Camposanto, northwest of Bologna, the U.S. Geological Survey said. In Sant’Agostino, the quake knocked down a church bell. Authorities were still assessing damage in the region, the civil protection office said. The agency said it anticipates reports of more injuries as rescue workers make their way to remote villages in the mountainous area. In January, the same area was struck by a 5.3-magnitude quake. In 2009, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck near the central Italian city of L’Aquila, killing more than 300 people and causing widespread destruction. –CNN
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13 Responses to Strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Italy killing 7

  1. Dublintaff says:

    There as a 6 in honshu also. Activity on the
    Increase again


  2. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    The earthquake and volcanic eruption postings are staggering in there quanity. Came across a sight at In The Darkness, that has a weekly “Prophecy News” posting (may 4th-10th) that stated these type of events have quadrupled in the last 25yrs and referenced Matthew 24:6-8 and the “birth pains”of the last days. This site references Extinction Protocol as a source of information, it’s what led me to your sight. Anyway, apreciate the information and the forum to speak and share thoughts/info with others, sincerely, Denton


  3. Dan Sherwood says:

    In the May 20 prediction by Nostradamus, there is a mention of a theater being flooded. Most assume that he was refurring to the great theater in Rome. But isn’t there an area along the new madrid fault line that is called the great theater also?


  4. The planet has been crackling today. The last couple of weeks have been relatively quiet on the 5.0+ quakes but a string of them coinciding with the Annular Eclipse…


  5. Desmond Ballance says:

    Alvin just looking at the “real-time earthquake” data and I notice 4+ earthquakes are pretty high today, what if anything is causing such a high amounts of high mag readings or is this pretty normal.


  6. Robert says:

    Alvin ,could you please tell what you mean by Alpide Belt region was slipping.I live in Delhi ,India.


    • I

      Slipping, as in violent movement. The Alpide is a seismic stress point that runs across a region from Spain to Northern Italy to Indonesia. It is the 2nd most seismically active region on the planet outside the Ring of Fire. India borders the Alpide Belt to the North and earthquakes have been increasing in places like Sikkim and along the western edge of Gujarat because the Indian plate is moving northward at the speed of the about 5 cm a year and colliding with the Eurasian plate, causing more uplift to the Himalaya Mt range. Tectonic plates movements speed up during a magnetic reversal and we see elevated periods of seismicity as a result. The Alpide region will only grow more turbulent with time.


  7. richfish30 says:

    somethings up!


  8. James says:

    I wonder if this and the 6.0 in Japan are somehow connected to the solar eclipse.


  9. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    There”s been a 5.2 quake reported 14mi west of Ferrara at aprox 13:00:00 UTC same general area as 6.0, wonder if new quake or aftershock? Hits keep on commin!


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