Scientists ponder the existence of theoretical new planet in the solar system

May 20, 2012SPACE An as yet undiscovered planet might be orbiting at the dark fringes of the solar system, according to new research. Too far out to be easily spotted by telescopes, the potential unseen planet appears to be making its presence felt by disturbing the orbits of so-called Kuiper belt objects, said Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Kuiper belt objects are small icy bodies—including some dwarf planets—that lie beyond the orbit of Neptune. Once considered the ninth planet in our system, the dwarf planet Pluto, for example, is one of the largest Kuiper belt objects, at about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) wide. Dozens of the other objects are hundreds of miles across, and more are being discovered every year. How big exactly the planetary body might be isn’t clear, but there are a lot of possibilities, Gomes added. Based on his calculations, Gomes thinks a Neptune-size world, about four times bigger than Earth, orbiting 140 billion miles (225 billion kilometers) away from the sun—about 1,500 times farther than Earth—would do the trick. But so would a Mars-size object—roughly half Earth’s size—in a highly elongated orbit that would occasionally bring the body sweeping to within 5 billion miles (8 billion kilometers) of the sun. Gomes speculates that the mystery object could be a rogue planet that was kicked out of its own star system and later captured by the sun’s gravity. Or the putative planet could have formed closer to our sun, only to be cast outward by gravitational encounters with other planets. However, actually finding such a world would be a challenge. To begin with, the planet might be pretty dim. Also, Gomes’s simulations don’t give astronomers any clue as to where to point their telescopes—“it can be anywhere,” he said. “Obviously, finding another planet in the solar system is a big deal,” said Rory Barnes, an astronomer at the University of Washington. But, he added, “I don’t think he really has any evidence that suggests it is out there.” Douglas Hamilton, an astronomer from the University of Maryland, agrees that the new findings are far from definitive. “What he showed in his probability arguments is that it’s slightly more likely. He doesn’t have a smoking gun yet.” –National Geographic
I discuss the scenario for lost and acquired planets in the solar system in my new book, The 7th Protocol
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29 Responses to Scientists ponder the existence of theoretical new planet in the solar system

  1. yoMOMMAknowsABOUTit says:

    Binary star system… Plain and simple… 80% or more of the stars we see in sky are a part of a binary star system.


  2. callyrox says:

    Planet X? If you remember, NASA – Never a Straight answer, Did release an Article way back in the days as soon as they found a 10th “Planet”. It wouldn’t surprise me. Thanks for today’s Updates Alvin, Much Appreciated.


  3. nickk0 says:

    I can see the ‘Nibiru’ proponents going into overtime, after reading this.

    Could this be the hypothetical “planet” Tyche ?


  4. Stephen says:



  5. Desmond Ballance says:

    Hi Alvin, once again good on you for all the hard yards you put in and can not wait for the book to be delivered.
    Does this not put fuel on already the speculation of planet X or whatever they want to call it?


    • Thanks. Hypothetical planet X has been theorized since the 1970’s. There are a lot of objects lying inside and outside the Kupier belt which may be icy moons or protoplanets. We really need to see more data before we say if this is an actual planet.


      • Fender says:

        Alvin, do u think Nibiru dosnt exist? just curious,
        myth’s usually comes from something, they thought Troya was a myth aswell untill they discovered it! Atlantis is proven aswell. we humans have forgotten but the more we digg the more we wil know. and we have just barrey scrapped the surface. with all the information provided by the bible and other ancient text’s there was something that caused the great flood something huge passing by i think.


      • I don’t believe in the 2012 Nibiru hype that making circles around the internet. I hope you get a chance to read my new book because I cover all this including the 12 planet set and the theorm of planets ejected from the solar system and what cosmic cataclysm scenario likely induced the Noahic flood.


  6. Dianne Ford says:

    where can i get this book? How much does it cost and can I order though a book store or what. thanks for any info you send out it is so interesting to me. I may be old but find I love to learn so many new things every day. thanks so much and God Bless you and yours.


  7. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    A Mars sized object at 5 billion miles would revolve around the sun much faster than a Neptune size object 140 Billion miles away. They could work out the speed of the hidden planet by measuring where these disturbances in the Kuiper belt are happening. The speed would determine the distance. For example, Mercury travels around the sun around 25mps, while earth is around 18.5mps. The further out, the slower the traveling speed. Another way, is to check the rate of the suns ‘wobble’ due to gravity (more difficult though at that distance)…


  8. “… could be a rogue planet that was kicked out of its own star system…”

    ummm… W O W !!!… if they’re conceding thats even possible, that means it could happen HERE… to US…. on EARTH…. the solar system is made up of GIGANTIC magnets… everyone out there knows you can make magnets do some pretty CRAZY stuff… even if you’re just playing with a few of them on your table…. imagine what a planet sized SUPER MAGNET could do to our little blue planet if it just happened to be “skipping” across the universe???….. like i said…. WOWOW!!


  9. atterro says:

    No, this isn’t planet X, or Nibiru, or anything like that.

    Zecharia Sitchins 12th planet was a mistranslation. The 12th planet in our solar system was Tiamat, oceanic planet some 15 times the size of earth. Tiamat contained mostly oceans, when it was destroyed, earth suffered severe consequences. Massive volcanism, massive earthquakes, cataclysm, and yes, followed by the ”Great Flood” which shortly after ended with ”Ice Age”. When Tiamat was destroyed, large chunks of ice floated in space, where some of those found their way to earth and upon falling down, it started ”Rains from the heavens” Anyone familiar with those terms.

    When Tiamat was destroyed, that’s also when the Ort Cloud was created. Tiamat planets atmosphere was so bright, that when sun shined on it, from earth it looked like a ”Second Sun” there is however a lot more to this story, and how ”Nephilim” aka ”Fallen Angels” found their way to earth and stayed here, where some researches believe, WE are a product of their interference, and thus explains this quantum leap.

    According to the harmonic rule known as Bode’s Law, a planet should exist between Mars and Jupiter – some 260 million miles from the Sun.

    Beginning in 1801, tiny rock and metallic objects were discovered to be orbiting the Sun at about this distance. Since then, several hundred thousand large asteroids have been catalogued, and it is estimated that there are more than a million 1 km asteroids.

    So, i doubt that anything like Nibiru or Planet X exists. Not in our solar system at least.


    • Dennis E. says:

      atterro: Dennis E. Here: Enjoyed reading your posting.


    • Dave says:

      Consulting my well-worn 15 year old copy of Allan and Delair’s When the Earth Nearly Died (US edition is titled Cataclysm I believe) I see they think a fragment of supernova ejecta was to blame. They indicate the Vela supernova which exploded about the right time for their theory.
      Whatever the cause this hypothetical planet occupying an orbital path between Mars and Jupiter it’s remaining mass in the form of the asteroid belt is thought to be only about 4% the mass of our moon. A large planet there would have considerable crust and mantle basaltic material which seems to be missing from the asteroid belt leaving mostly metallic elements from its core. Interesting stuff anyway.


  10. Richie says:

    I do think this is very obviously related ‘Nibiru’ if you want to call it that. I just prefer Planet X. Reason being the timing mostly, and the fact that they’re playing dumb on not knowing its details, or if it even exists. Also, it could be very dim? Come on guys, let’s think here for a moment. A body in our own solar system, possibly four times bigger than the Earth? Unless it were some special object (which is possible, likely even) there would be no reason we shouldn’t be able to detect it. Believe what you will, this is my opinion, but the fact that articles like these are becoming more commonplace shows that we are most likely coming to a point where our government will no longer even be able to hide it


  11. Spiritual Warrior says:

    What are you going to say, Alvin, when EVERYONE can see Planet X/Nibiru with their own eyes? Answer: NOTHING!


    • There are far worst things you’ll live to see worst than a planet and I won’t be the one that will be speechless.


    • Richie says:

      That could be a way of saying that ‘wormwood’ is having a great effect on the Earth. Its also mentioned that the waters and sky ‘become as wormwood’ I believe. This fits well with the Hopi’s red star kachina, which is said to turn the sky red.


  12. AWM says:

    We always hear of talk of a star, a black hole, a comet, asteroid, meteor, moon, or planetoid hitting the earth, but the truth may be much smaller than that, as in dust, cosmic dust. Researchers have found the dust surrounding our solar system is as much as 500 times greater than first thought, Decreasing magnetic fields of the earth and the sun could allow much of this “in”. so to speak, with effects beyond our comprehension.


  13. yamkin says:

    Planet X And The Sixth Seal – May 19, 2012


    • Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

      Wow…great information…did you ever find that article written in sicentific america on the in bound planet? Date was 1968 I think…? Would be a great addition to your video. I take photos of the inbound planet all the time, its there! I usually wait until I see heavy spraying of Chemtrails to take photos. The wealthy know about the inbound planet. They have been spraying to reduce visibility; so we can not see it.


      • shane says:

        i like the way you think !!! i would value to hear more of your perspectives on this-
        as for me, i already know that , the Brown Dwarf and its enterage , is REAL


  14. yamkin says:

    Astronomer Insists There Is A Planet X Four Times The Size Of Earth Lurking At The Edge Of Our Solar System


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