Awakening: second glacial burst from geothermal vents under Katla

May 20, 2012ICELAND A small glacial burst occurred in the volcano Katla, which lies underneath the Mýrdalsjökull icecap in south Iceland, on April 28 and lasted a few days. The activity was registered by seismic monitors and increased conduction was measured in the river Múlakvísl until May 7. Last summer a large glacial burst, probably caused by a minor eruption in Katla, caused the river to swell and tear a hole in the Ring Road, right at the height of the tourism season in early July. Oddur Sigurðsson, a geologist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, told that the glacial burst in late April was so insignificant that it couldn’t be detected by the naked eye. Oddur explained that it was caused by geothermal activity in one of Katla’s craters. Volcano enthusiast and blogger Jón Frímann Jónsson reported on two events in Katla, on April 28 and May 6 or 7, and considers them to be warning signals: something is happening in the volcano, he predicts. He also commented on the recent series of earthquakes which hit Herðubreið in the northeastern highlands early this week. –Iceland Review
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5 Responses to Awakening: second glacial burst from geothermal vents under Katla

    ive been keeping an eye on this for a while


  2. Rob says:

    Nope, nothing to see here Folks…..all is well so we return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..errr…..program.


  3. Jeff Menos says:

    There Has Been A Lot Of Activity Going On Today


  4. Dublintaff says:

    Hi Alvin,
    Just going to lulu to purchase 7th
    Protocol, looks as though I have missed out
    On the 20% discount! Are there any other
    Offers. Around half way through extinction….
    Absolutely fantastic, if somewhat unnerving.
    Will have a few questions for you when I am
    Done. Keep up the great work. Stay safe
    And keep your faith.


    • Well, if you thought Extinction was unnerving…wait till you read The 7th Protocol. They put out coupons routinely, and I suspect more will be coming around. I will make a special post for them. Hopefully, we’ll see something in the next week. Yes, let’s keep the faith.

      Thank you and let’s keep each other in prayer,


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