4 Responses to Eurozone crisis worsening: Spanish banks on the brink with new round of downgrades

  1. tomboy says:

    We are almost ready for our colapse–Italy, spain, greece, portugal—-we are next in line, when these countrys fall!!!


    • Kerry Longsworth says:

      No doubt about it. I still need more food! Only have enough for the family to last three-four months. Plenty of ammo and TP though..


  2. Stephen says:

    we never learned, and will never learn. Suffering will never end with the seed and roots of greed implanted deep inside our consciousness, bearing fruit to more suffering, and more seeds and roots of greed, then to much more suffering. The cycle never ends, and we are seemingly trapped.


    • tonic says:

      THEY never learned. Greed is a choice, like all the other choices we make going through this life. But the consequences of it rarely affect those who choose it. So as you say. it goes on.
      All I can say is God sees it, and he has ways of levelling up the score, in unexpected ways, for those who choose it. Only saying this because I am involved in care, and have seen elderly people pass away, many times. Live your life in greed, and around your deathbed, will be people who wonder what is in your will. Live your life in joy, respect, and etc., and you will have weeping people, begging you not to cross over. I have never seen an inbetween.


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