6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Chile

May 18, 2012CHILE A shallow 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the west coast of Chile at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The epicenter of the earthquake was 542 km (336 miles) WSW of Castro, Los Lagos, Chile and some 1478 km (918 miles) SSW of SANTIAGO, Region Metropolitana, Chile. This is the second 6.2 magnitude earthquake to strike the coastal region of Chile in 4 days. A 6.2 quake struck Tarapaca on May 14. The Nazca plate is certainly letting us know that tension still resides on the plate. No tsunami warnings were issued with today’s earthquake and there have been no reports of damage or injuries. –The Extinction Protocol
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13 Responses to 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Chile

  1. Again? Getting monotonous, those 6.2’s off Chile.


  2. queenie says:

    Diverse places, indeed.


  3. Jasin says:



  4. my comment is about a fish(sardines)kill in gulf de california ,off guaymas son for 2nd time in may,last on the 16 est.at least 10 ,000 tons..no explanation..ref-lavoz del puerto may 16/12.with front page photo..getting to be common,no ref. on protocol etc.


  5. Artoro says:

    I have always wondered what the significance the depth of the earthquake plays in regards to the amount of damage in relationship to the magnitude because they seem to always list both. Reading through various sites on the internet it’s difficult to discern, none of the writer’s seem to define that question.

    I am thinking that there may just be far too many dynamics involved due to the geological composition of the Earth in a given region where the earthquake occurs to make a profound determination.

    For example, if this same earthquake (M 6.2 D 10km) happened in lets say New York City or Memphis Tennessee would the outcome be the same or drastically different? Are shallow earthquakes of similar magnitude worse than deeper ones?


    • Jennie fatibene says:

      Yes I think shallow earthquakes that are similar in magnitue create greater devastation because they are nearer the surface. Deeper earthquakes have further to travel to break the surface to rattle us.


  6. Devin says:

    I think this is the anniversary of Mt St Helens from 1980?
    An eclipse too this weekend?! and its path of totality for the US looks like it starts over Eureka Ca more or less. Interesting times to say the least but too interesting for me!


    • Has it been that long since Mt. St. Helens? I’ll never forget my brother flew me over the devastation afterwards, that experience never left me. The trees looked like matchsticks, it’s a whole different perspective of life from up there.


  7. Jennie fatibene says:

    Does any body else, like me, think that the mass animal deaths that have occurred along the coast of Peru and Chile was the precursor to an event happening such as the recent earthquake. Surely there must have been a release of gas or change in oxygen levels in the sea just prior to this happening. I’m not surprised this has happened. I was always taught, to watch the animals, they give you clues. They are far more sensitive to suble changes than us humans.


    • AWM says:

      We have seen where there are massive releases of methane gas in the artic, seismic activity as well as the many undocumented undersea volcanoes could certainly cause the release of gas, with the negative effect on animal populations. We are told that the majority of this methane is locked 100-200 meters under the surface of the seabed or permafrost, and we are not any where near a “tipping point”, however, I’m not so sure.
      I completely agree with you, Jennnie, watch the animals closely, for environmental clues, and this data certainly deserves more investigation than it’s getting.


      • Jennie fatibene says:

        Thank you for responding to me AWM. It’s fantastic to speak with like minds. I’ve been watching these earth events for quite a few years. Im interested in these changes and the effect it having on the globe.


  8. richfish30 says:

    completely agree jennie,
    i have been thinking this for quite a while!


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