Israeli intelligence chief’s secret visit to US: warns of growing power of Hezbollah and possible conflict

May 16, 2012 ISRAEL Israeli military intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi made a “secret visit” to Washington earlier this month to discuss the upcoming talks between world powers and Iran, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. An Israeli security official confirmed the visit, which was reported in Haaretz newspaper, but could not provide further details. As well as discussing Tehran’s nuclear program, the major general also held talks with senior White House and intelligence officials in New York and Washington on “the Syria crisis and Hezbollah’s increasing power in Lebanon,” the paper said. Citing a senior Israeli official, Haaretz said Iran was the main topic, with talks focused on next week’s talks between Tehran and the P5+1 powers — the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. Israel and most of the West believe Iran’s nuclear energy program masks a drive to develop atomic weapons but the two allies disagree on how imminent the threat is. Tehran denies such intentions. U.S. officials have warned against any pre-emptive military strike, with analysts predicting Iran could hit back at US and Israeli targets, with its Lebanese Shiite ally Hezbollah expected to launch rocket attacks on Israel. According to the paper, Kochavi warned over Hezbollah’s “increasing strength” and said internal tensions in Lebanon, combined with the instability in Syria, “increases the risk of escalation.” In recent weeks, Israel has spared no effort to ensure its concerns are well understood ahead of the May 23 P5+1 talks in Baghdad. Earlier this month, National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror toured European capitals meeting officials directly engaged in the Iran talks. –Reuters
U.S and Russia hold joint-training drill: The first joint U.S.-Russian military exercises on American territory have begun in the western state of Colorado, with drills involving special antiterrorist units. Colonel Aleksandr Kucherenko, of the Russian Airborne Troops Force, said the exercises began on May 15 at the U.S. base at Fort Carson. He said units of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Ground Force and the Russian Airborne Troops Force were participating. In welcoming addresses to the troops, Russian and U.S. military officials expressed hopes that cooperation between the two countries’ special-task forces would continue, and that joint training would strengthen confidence between Moscow and Washington, who have shared decades of superpower rivalry. –Global Security
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12 Responses to Israeli intelligence chief’s secret visit to US: warns of growing power of Hezbollah and possible conflict

  1. yamkin says:

    Did Israel discuss their arsenal of nuclear weapons as well??


  2. Dennis E. says:

    The Russians are here training. Not unusual.
    In Europe, allegedly, (not to put my foot in my mouth) they were granted access to special weapon storage sites to see how we stored our weapons at upgraded sites. Why, would you say, well they already knew where they are through satellites and spies.

    I would not be surprise if there will be real world joint us/russian operations.
    I would not be surprise if they, in the future, stab us in the back.
    just my opinion


  3. TexasRedNeck says:

    Of course the Russians will turn against us, they never have been our allies and never will be, but hussein obama is their commrade he was trained in their beliefs.


  4. “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”…. “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…. pick one, because either applies….


    • who’s to say the U.S. didn’t inject them with some high tech tracking devices so they track their movements back in russia? see where they go?… who they report to?… all useful information when you look at it……… no?


  5. Luk 21:20 “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then understand that its devastation is approaching.”


  6. Emanni says:

    The US military option for Iran is ‘ready,’ American ambassador to Israel says

    “It would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically, and through the use of pressure, than to use military force,” Shapiro said in comments that were recorded Tuesday and were broadcast Wednesday. “But that does not mean that option isn’t available. Not just available, it’s ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it’s ready.”


  7. Granny Bear says:

    Why on Earth would they want nuclear power? Why does anyone? Do they not know of
    Chernobyl? Have they not heard about Fukushima? or even Three Mile Island? Electricity is nice to have, but not that nice.

    The Iranians had a choice to be nuclear free. They had the opportunity to see how it is (not) working out in the rest of the world. They had no nuclear waste to bother with. Why spoil it?

    As for weapons, did they check out how the test sites are faring? How about the Bikini Islands? or any of the other thousands of test sites? Perhaps the entire world is insane.


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