Winter returns to Bosnia: Sarajevo hit by latest snow storm in 50 years

May 15, 2012SARAJEVO The Bosnian capital and its surroundings were covered by snow on Monday, the first time in half a century snow has settled in Sarajevo at this time of year, as temperatures plunged to just above freezing. “The snow was nine centimetres (over three inches) high at 0500 GMT. It is the first time in the past 50 years that we have snow that remained in Sarajevo in May,” Dzenan Zulum of the national meteorological institute told AFP. Zulum said snow had previously covered the capital in May in 1962 and 1953, adding that it also fell in Sarajevo in May 2005, but immediately melted. Temperatures have plummeted in the past two days from 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday to 0.3 degrees Celsius on Monday. Farmers have reported that many orchards had been damaged by the unseasonal cold snap, as snow also fell in central and eastern parts of Bosnia. However forecasts for the next few days predict temperatures soaring back above 20 degrees Celsius. Like much of Europe, Bosnia suffered a harsh winter, with snow falls up to two metres (over six feet) high. –AFP
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3 Responses to Winter returns to Bosnia: Sarajevo hit by latest snow storm in 50 years

  1. Stan522 says:



    Everything is global warming, or man made caused according to the environmental wackos.

    ……but if it weren’t for the motivations of the opportunist politicians looking to tax carbon credits while at the same time investing their family fortune in those companies that have been awarded to rights to trade these credits, it would seem so believable…..

    …..then you have the opportunist researchers who cling onto the belief that man is causing all of this weather misery and then you come to find out the more studies, the more grants they receive from these same politicians, so the money train moves on.

    ….all the while, the citizens of the world get played. The middle class evaporates and we all march on to a one-world government run by these morons.


  2. suz says:

    There is a good show on the discovery channel called “Earth from Space”.
    Hidden powers that were hidden are now made possible to see from satellites scanning the earth… it’s very beautiful and it describes and shows how everything is a delicate balance. Even the catastrophic things that happen are part of the circle of life. If we upset this balance as we have done over the years, then it basically screws it all up. We are learning so much about life and our planet from these satellites. I don’t think we are being lied to….we have the proof of how our action cause great damage. It’s well worth viewing…I think this program just made it’s debute in Canada only this week. It’s very current and up to date info.


  3. Tom says:

    Global warming is a misnomer. It is climate change and it has happened before without man’s help. However, we are speeding it up and the signs are unmistakable.


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