40 killed in violent hailstorm in China: hailstorms relentless since May 8

May 14, 2012CHINAForty people were killed when a brief but violent hailstorm and torrential rain swept through a mountainous region of northwest China. Eighteen others remained missing in Min County, a disaster-prone area of Gansu province, while 87 had been sent to hospital, the local government said. Officials said 29,300 people were evacuated after rain and hail battered the county for just an hour late on Thursday afternoon. It “wreaked havoc” on all of the county’s 18 townships and affected more than two-thirds of its 450,000 residents, the state-controlled Xinhua news agency reported. “Roads were blocked, houses collapsed, farmland was destroyed, and the power supply and telecommunications services were disrupted by the extreme weather,” the agency said, quoting Xu Guangyao, a senior county official. Min County is 90 miles from Zhouqu County, where a rain-triggered mudslide killed about 1,500 people in August 2010. Hailstorms in the central province of Hunan have also killed six people and left one missing, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Sunday, Xinhua reported. Since May 8, hailstorms have struck across the province, affecting 3.42 million people, the ministry said. About 64,000 people have been relocated to safer areas and 7,600 houses have collapsed. –Telegraph
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10 Responses to 40 killed in violent hailstorm in China: hailstorms relentless since May 8

  1. posted by Yamkin

    Freak hail storm in China kills 40 people — injures 87 – 13th May 2012


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Golf ball size hail turned these townships into a living hell. I wonder if this is part of a weather
    warfare program or another episode of weather gone wild……


  3. Melissa says:

    I swear that every news story lately seems like a part of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” Interesting, too, because isn’t it supposed to be based on Whitley Streiber’s run-in with a strange man in his hotel one night, predicting all of these events? Just saying 😉


  4. misstroas says:

    Wow!! This reminds me of the movie day after tomorrow


  5. Artoro says:

    This is absolutely a newsworthy story and it didn’t surface anywhere that I know of. As recent as last year the news hounds were all over the bad weather events and I mean to the point over doing them. Now, not a peep, what’s up with that? I wonder if they would be able to hide this from the public if it happened in the US?


  6. suz says:

    Texas and Oklahoma have recently seen this size hail as well.


  7. Emanni says:

    China Extreme Weather Update: Warning Level Raised to Red – 1.9 million people Affected


  8. raptor says:

    I used to like the rain but recently I was in a hail storm that ended in a disaster. The weather is getting more aggressive. You can listen to the audio of that catastrophic event here:



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