Another massive fish-kill reported in southern India’s Periyar River

May 13, 2012INDIA For the second time in a week, massive fish deaths were reported from Pathalam belt in river Periyar, triggering alarm and protests. Dead fish were found in bunches on the banks of river on Saturday morning. The local residents and councillors of Kadungalloor panchayat alerted the district Pollution Control Board officials who came and collected the samples of water and fish. Local residents, fishermen, panchayat members and green activists of Periyar Malineekarana Virudha Samithi (PMVS) blocked the PCB officials when they came to collect the samples, in protest against the negligent attitude of the authorities in checking continuing fish deaths. Later, police arrested the group of protesters led by panchayat members Joshy, Shiney Sajan, Geetha Sunil, Kabeer, Sudha Devi and activists of PMVS, Anwar C.I., Sainudeen Edayar and Mahesh. According to environmental experts, low level or absence of oxygen is the major reason for the recurring fish deaths in Periyar. A similar incident was reported on last Monday on the banks of river Periyar. Earlier, on May 3, fish deaths were reported on the banks of river Muttar, a tributary of Periyar. As per the report of the Pollution Control Board, the fish deaths were caused by lack of dissolved oxygen in river water and by entry of polluted water containing decayed waste into the river. –Deccan Chronicle
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9 Responses to Another massive fish-kill reported in southern India’s Periyar River

  1. Adama says:

    Please do not infer I to be an alarmist but I do not believe the “official” stories of pollution, nets, & so on for these huge numbers of dead birds, fish & mammals around the world. I believe there is a a series of world wide “biblical” like natural disasters coming very soon & these deaths, increase in earthquakes & so on are the prelude to these disasters, they are the clues. Any ideas?


  2. Thelma says:

    If it’s in the thousands lack of oxygen hmmm lets see using wave lengths to break up oil spills ..wonder if it takes out the many fish were dead? Has to be in mass if so there should be no fish around? There not asking the rights questions in this.


    • Charlotte says:

      Officials can’t come up with a better excuse than people urinating in the water LOL wonder why we have never heard of this happening before. Hey how about the pelicans that were found dead 2300 in argentina the excuse there was Oh they must have died in the fish nets since they have found 15 to 20 dead every year there. REAAALLLY


  3. AUM Shanti says:

    Namaste from south India. Just as the west is getting too much control, India is completely out of control. No environmental policy is enforced. Greed and “each man a law unto himself” is the motto. Raw sewerage is dumped into all rivers and waterways, as well as factory waste. Foreign industries also like to set up in India as there are no tight laws on waste disposal, and no legal system to punish the polluters. In the past 100 years India has become a dirty mess. If you combine that with “greed” and disregard for Mother Nature, plus growing population and reduction of agricultural land, and we have a recipe for disease and disaster. Very hard to see a future for this culture even in 20 years from now, yet the flaura and fauna diversity of this country has always been one of the highest on this Earth.


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