Two thousand dead birds found along 6 km stretch of Chilean beach

May 12, 2012CHILEAbout 2,000 birds were found dead on beaches in central Chile, a natural history museum director said Friday, accusing fishermen of snagging them in their nets and letting them drown. CNN reports the number of dead birds could be as high as 2300. “It’s a horrible scene. They are spread across some six kilometers (four miles) of beach” around the coastal city of Santo Domingo, San Antonio natural history and archeology museum director Jose Luis Brito told UCV radio. Most of the birds are gray petrels, but there are also pelicans, gannets and Guanay cormorants. Brito accused fishermen of “doing nothing when birds get caught up in their nets, and leaving them to drown before throwing the bodies back into the sea.” The museum said it would file a complaint to police over the dead birds. About 100 bird carcasses were found on central beaches on Sunday. Thousands of dolphins and maritime birds, including many pelicans, have been found dead in neighboring Peru in recent weeks. Environmental groups blamed oil exploration work, but Peru’s deputy environment minister Gabriel Quijandria, disputed the claim and said warming waters, which disturbs food supplies, was a possible cause. –Physics
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19 Responses to Two thousand dead birds found along 6 km stretch of Chilean beach

  1. chemicals? Radiation? Viral/bacterial infection? They have not included these. It is astonishing how none of the scientists have been able to pinpoint what is killing animals in various parts of the world. Just speculations.


  2. Jennie fatibene says:

    I can’t help feeling there’s a massive earth event brewing. The Seas are unhappy.


  3. Jennie fatibene says:

    What are the native Peruvians saying about this?


    • Jay Young says:

      We call B.S. Initially, sonar used for oil discovery off the coast was sighted as the cause but of course, since the Director of Trade oversaw the investigation, it surely could not have been linked to the oil industry. We had British Nuclear subs around at the same time frame and that’s my personal hunch. Either way, oil or military…both of the same complex, it was most likely sonar as scientific proof of shattered ear drums along with a kill off of a distinct species (same frequency) would indicate.


  4. HC

    Hi folks,

    Oddly enough, here in Chile this piece of news hasn’t caught much attention yet, I’ll keep a lookout. Actually, more than chemicals and radiation, the unusual warming of the Humboldt current worries me. Changes in the South Pacific currents will affect the weather in large parts of the world.

    This incident in the beaches of Santo Domingo is rare in an of itself, but coupled with the unusually warm summer (December 2011 – February 2012), it can only point to one thing.. the oceanic currents are changing. Chile’s especially sensitive to the ocean, it keeps our weather temperate and is a critical part of our fresh water cycle. This worries me.

    Like all folks here say.. there’s a feeling in the air. Something’s up.. the world is getting ready for massive shifts.

    From Chile, our prayers and best wishes to everyone around the world.

    Take care, everyone. Keep safe.


    • Thanks for the check-in, Francisco.


    • I have to agree with Francisco,
      The flows and temperatures are changing and we all should know by now , that ocean currents have have a direct impact on global weather events and can have dire consequences for the life dependent on them.
      I can’t remember a time in my life where so many mass deaths have occurred in such a relatively short span of time, definitely ominous !

      Glad to be catching up with EP after my self imposed ” wired in ” break,
      Thanks a plenty to you Alvin for news that’s worth reading!!


      • Anytime PS.

        Hope all is well and thanks as always.



      • Discordian says:

        Here’s a thought. Dr. Bill Deagle on rense radio said in early April that a new hole in the ozone layer was opening over the Arctic area due to Fukushima radiation. Could this produce warming in the oceans to a significant degree such that the Humboldt current could be affected? If so, we are in a lot of trouble, because Fukushima radiation is not decreasing any time soon, barring a miracle of God of the advent of an unknown technological solution.


    • Steve says:

      I agree with you Francisco, I was researching this and it came down to the Humboldt Current. There’s something toxic swirling around in it, what it is is anyone’s guess, but if pushed for a best guess, I’d say viral or bacterial infection. Remember, this planet’s older than the human race, it has alot of secrets and some are deadly.


    • Jennie fatibene says:

      Hi Francisco. What are your fisherman thinking about this? Are they saying there is something in the air? Even here is England I have seen changes, lots of flooding, we are starting to have more tornadoes. We’ve been in drought, we ask for rain, then we get so much of it we don’t know what to do with it. Please keep us posted on what you hear. Tthe changes in the pacific basin are key to this. We can’t stop this, but at least we can be ready, to keep friends, family, and loved ones safe.


  5. Marie-Louise says:

    Being both a scientist and a lover of Christ, I have a theory about all these animal dyings en masse.
    First of all, we need to recognize that, apart from this event in Chili where four species of birds were found dead en masse, it is always only one animal species which is found dead by hundreds, thousands, if not millions, all around the world, again and again since January 2011.

    Let’s remember the dead birds in Arkansas, on January 1rst 2011, falling by thousands from the sky were those black birds with white and stripes on their wings, the 30,000 cows found dead everywhere in Vietnam in week in 2011 (not sheep, not goats, not pigs, etc.), the millions of anchovies found in Laguna Beach’s harbor last year, etc, etc., etc. If it were HAARP, the sonar technology of the US military as some say, radioactivity, or the warming or de-oxydation of lakes, rivers and oceans, etc., then these phenomena would involve all animal species at a given area and not only one species at once.

    The only possible explanation for me is one implying the intervention of the Divine. These animals might well be dying en masse as species, together, to be reinstated in another world, in the New Jerusalem. Why not ?

    We forget so easily to see that earthly events might well be the Divine Opus because we are trained to be anthropocentric.



    • Nibikwe says:

      It’s nice that a ‘scientist’ is weighing in. However, I don’t understand how you would rule out HAARP in the Beebe, Arkansas incident. One species falling out of the sky that necropsy showed blunt-force trauma as if the birds had hit a brick wall could have possibly been targeted by haarp beaming their specific vibrational frequency, n’est pas?


      • Marie-Louise says:

        To me, if it would be so, all birds of this area would have fallen dead from the sky, all bodies being squashed inside. This is no other logical conclusion : it cannot be HAARP because only one species fell down from the sky and there are no reasons why each species of birds would have a specific vibrational frequency. Also, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, not a fine tuned divine instrument. And why only anchovies died in Laguna Beach’s harbor as there are many hundreds of species of fish in the Pacific ocean along the US west coast? How about the cows, and on, and on, and on?

        It was good that we became conscious of all the shenanigans of the shadow government, but maybe we can also keep in mind God’s will; otherwise, we remain brainwashed but just in a different way.

        Isn’t this phenomenon fulfulling parts of prophecies? We have to be careful not to attribute everything to the black ops of the shadow government, or to just pollution, and be open to the possibility that, in each phenomenon, the will of God may be present, or also present. We cannot explain away the spreading volcanic erupotions around the globe by HAARP, or else, but the will of God. This positioning is most comfortable and respectful to me. Blessings…


  6. Artoro says:

    I find it odd that fishermen are now getting birds caught in their nets. A one time event, I think not. If this were the case, it would happen more often at last I think it would. With all the other possibilities in play and not a single mention of an avian necropsy, it would just be easier for them to say WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Earth changes are occurring and I don’t know what it would take to get the scientific world’s attention but these events are definitely red flags.


    • Discordian says:

      I’m not sure I believe that birds WERE caught in fisherman’s nets. The disinformation campaigns surrounding The Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, and the so-called “liberation” of Libya, Iraq, etc. prove that TPTB -including their apologists in the MSM- will stop at nothing to obfuscate or completely conceal the truth of what is happening in the world.

      Would you believe it if you saw a photo of the poor birds ensnared in the nets? Should one believe any “official photographic evidence” after seeing the productions of Hollywood? A picture is worth a thousand lies, no?


  7. Joe News says:

    The real reason for the dying birds is not the fisherman’s nets, but the climate change that causes a sort of tornadoes at high altitude in the air. Those tornadoes do not reach earth surface, when flying birds collide with them, they become sucked upwards at altitudes that are so high, that they loose they ability to fly, sometimes to breath, to control their wings and then they drop down unconscious and sometimes even already suffocated. At such altitudes birds break their wings and lose control.
    The real reason for the relatively new appearance of those high-level tornadoes is indeed the negative climate change.


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