5.5 earthquake reported south of Christchurch, New Zealand

May 12, 2012NEW ZEALANDTwo earthquakes, magnitudes 3.9 and 5.5, have been detected near southern New Zealand. The 3.9 quakes was near the city of Christchurch, which in 2011 was damaged by another tremor. No damages and casualties are reported from the earthquakes this time over, as the stronger one was centered in a sparsely populated area. The 3.9 Richter earthquake was felt Sunday morning, with an epicenter some 10 km away from Christchurch. It was preceded several hours earlier by the 5.5 tremor near the southern shores of New Zealand, which was felt all over the southern island. –Novinite
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5 Responses to 5.5 earthquake reported south of Christchurch, New Zealand

  1. Smile says:

    Thailand as it seems to have an issue with ground sinking all over the place, without any EQ or flooding that could explain it, thus MSM is so far ignoring the News.


  2. sarah says:

    erm the 5.5 was down the bottom of the south island far away from chch and not felt here


  3. Bill says:

    I just started following your blog and have a question. There seems to be allot of earthquakes reported. Are they happening more often this year or is this a typical year?


    • That question has stirred endless debate. The USGS says the number of earthquakes are not increasing. Stastical evidence would indicate they are. Moderate “so-called” tremor-warning earthquakes are also increasing in and around countries who were never particularly plagued by earthquakes until relatively recently. These countries include Israel, India, the deserts of China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir Valley, northern Italy, parts of Africa, Vancouver, and U.S. states Oregon, Colorado, and Virginia.


  4. John K says:

    The authorities wouldn’t tell you even if the world was about to blow up, imagine the panic and looting and rioting.


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