Respiratory virus closes Seattle Catholic school

May 12, 2012 SEATTLEA Seattle private high school is being closed for a few days because of an outbreak of flu-like symptoms. Bishop Blanchet Catholic high school reports the students and staff are probably sick from a respiratory virus like influenza, not whooping cough. Public health officials told school officials there is no evidence of an increase in whooping cough at Bishop Blanchet. More than 150 students were out sick on Tuesday. The school is being closed for at least Wednesday and Thursday. Students are advised to check online for assignments and messages from their teachers. And they are being told by health officials to wash their hands, cover their cough and stay home. –The Olympian
contribution by Jenny M.
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2 Responses to Respiratory virus closes Seattle Catholic school

  1. sean says:

    odd time of the year …for this…maybe something adrift.. from afar….”ill winds”


  2. TNO says:

    Could this and the Northwest outbreak of Whooping Cough be the result of our lungs weakening as a result of the radiation from Fukushima? Remember, infant mortality spiked immediately after Fukushima blew … I can only imagine what the impact was on the lungs of small children. Idaho in particular had some of the highest radiation readings. What do you think?


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