Moderate earthquake jolts northeast India

May 11, 2012 INDIAAn earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale shook Guwahati in Assam and Shillong in Meghalaya at about 6.15 this evening. Tremors were felt in other parts of the North East and some mild ones even in Kolkata. The quake caused panic as people rushed out of their homes. Although there was no report of any major damage so far, some buildings developed cracks and one concrete wall collapsed at Jyotinagar area of Guwahati under the impact of the quake. The epicenter of the quake is Nagaon in Assam. Some minor cracks have been reported in buildings in Nagaon, but no major damage has been reported yet from Guwahati or Shillong. People in Guwahati, however, rushed out on to the roads when it happened and many said they had not felt such a major quake in a long time. There were reports that tremors were felt in Kohima in Nagaland too. “I was sitting in my room and was working on a laptop. Suddenly I felt the tremors and I immediately got down,” said a resident of Guwahati. In Kolkata, the tremors felt were mild, but some people in high-rise buildings rushed out.  –NDTV
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10 Responses to Moderate earthquake jolts northeast India

  1. The new normal. The everyday occurrence, if we regard this worldwide. Nothing here yet, but indeed earthquakes on the northern Rio Grande rift nearby have occurred at least 4 times in the past year, 5.8 three times.


  2. callyrox says:

    Alvin, fellow bloggers i just watched a newish movie called Atlantis End of a World Birth of a Legend. and it intrigued me Quite abit, how the volcano wiped out an entire civilisation… The world is becoming so unstable? it’s frightening, will we be carved in ancient pictures in 200,000 years?


    • Volcanoes can be extremely hazardous geological events and we’ve failed to fully understand that in our modern age- thinking Earth’s violent past has been relegated to the pages of the history books. Periodically, the planet goes nuts and a lot of these events are linked to transitional shifts the Earth goes through.


      • TLindemann says:

        Two words comes to mind to describe those of which you speak: pride and arrogance.

        May Abba cause us to search our hearts so that we may rid ourselves of such “leaven” before earth shattering events do happen. Then we have the opportunity of deliverance through the events.


  3. blenheimeke says:

    looks like tectonic movement is surging northwards from the fault that generated the sumatra quake


  4. suz says:

    This is why our space exploration is so important. Looking at earth from space we can see how fragile our world is. One day we will face a catastrophe and we will need to be able to leave planet earth to make sure our species survives. We all might end up living in skyscrapers.


    • Im
      Escape from a fallen planet

      It would take NASA 20 years to reinstitute the moon program. If there is technology out there that, as former Skunk Works chief Ben Rich said can “take ET home,” it’s clandestine and in the hands of the previledged few. However, the question is what’s the point of leaving Earth? To find some other planet and trash it like we did this one? The rebellion of sin has been quarantined in this dimension of space and that’s the only thing that should make us all sleep soundly at night. Any being intelligent enough to have technology superior to ours should also be smart enough not to drive through a bad neighborhood with gold-plated rims. If there’s stupid enough to come here among our destructive race and passively observe….that should be our first clue that their gears don’t mesh.


  5. yamkin says:

    Magnitude-6.8 earthquake hits northeastern India


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