Is Japan’s Mt. Fuji a ticking time-bomb? Scientists find 30 km long active fault running under the dangerous volcano

May 11, 2012 JAPAN – An active fault as long as 30 km may lie directly beneath Mount Fuji, a team of researchers has said in a recent survey report. The possible fault was detected through a simulated earthquake conducted during a crustal survey over a distance of around 34 km from Fujiyoshida in Yamanashi Prefecture to Susono in Shizuoka Prefecture, said Hiroshi Sato, professor at the Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo. “More studies are needed to determine the depth and other details of the fault,” Sato added. While faults have been confirmed around Mount Fuji, little is known about the seismic structure beneath Japan’s highest mountain due to mudflows caused by a huge landslide that occurred around 2,600 to 2,900 years ago, as well as thick layers of volcanic ash. Mt. Fuji’s last major eruption was 1707. –Japan Times
Investigation of underground structure by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Earthquake Research Institute of Tokyo University suggested that active fault runs for 30km directly under Mt.Fuji on 5/10/2012. This investigation was conducted from 2009 to 2011. It may cause M7 class of earthquake to collapse the body of mountain by sediment and mud flow. This active fault may have caused the collapse of the mountain 2900 years ago. –FD
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10 Responses to Is Japan’s Mt. Fuji a ticking time-bomb? Scientists find 30 km long active fault running under the dangerous volcano

  1. pagan66 says:

    I dread to think what the consequences will be when this volcano does blow.


  2. Irene C says:

    All I can say is, that’s not good. I pray for the people of Japan.



  3. Teddy Kimathi says:

    Hope that the volcanic disturbances will subside in a less aggressive way, that won’t cost lives and massive damage of property. Alvin, have you heard about the 5 km trench that has developed between Mai Mahiu and Longonot? The gullies expanded after floods due to rains, and they are so large that they have swallowed a dam, trees, a house and farmland. Some experts claim that Mt. Longonot, in Kenya, is about to erupt. The last time it erupted was more than 100 years ago!


  4. Christopher says:

    *Every* dormant volcano is a ticking time bomb – active faults running beneath them or not.


  5. Larry says:

    Where did you find that old picture of Mt. Fuji? Mt. Fuji has almost no snow cover at all, and it ain’t because of “global warming” either.


    • Thus it proves the point of a triple omen. The picture is not that old.


      • Christopher says:

        Good Lord deliver us from this superstitious nonsense! Omens?! I find it deeply ironic that so many of you take the Creator’s Word so lightly, yea make fun of those who take it seriously, and yet give credence to that which is mere superstition and treble before it with fear! On a more objective level, you ask how many times, unaware apparently that the laws of random chances – probabilities in mathematics – do not make many of these things you label as “omens” from occurring. Rather, the law of probabilities makes these LIKELY!


  6. Christopher says:

    Lots of things are happening. Doesn’t mean they are connected. I brushed my teeth today, as did millions of other people – perhaps the action of so many brushing their teeth is causing earthquakes? Alight, so you are on about another gravitational force that might behind all this, so I infer you must mean Nibiru or something else very ignorant people have been posting YouTube videos about for the last five years or so. I wonder when these people will realise that none of their videoes actually come true? It is often revealing looking at the dates when they were posted…. If there really were a giant dwarf sun, and/or a planet or planets heading our way, I assure you that we should know about it so far in advance that there really would be no question of the authorities trying to hush it up. Naturally we might not have that advance warning in the case of an asteroid, which could destroy our civilisation (this apparently is a real threat to all life on earth), but then again asteroids are much much smaller, and don’t have any effect on the sun, lava, or our earthquakes. The greatest danger to human life right now doesn’t come from “out there”; it’s within us. Look at the mess we have made at Fukushima, for example, and the possibility that we may end up poisoning ourselves and the entire planet if reactor 4 collapses.


  7. Harold says:

    The most logical explanation for increased volcanic and earthquake activity around the world is the increased temperature of the planet. Other planets in our solar system are warming up as well. The question is what is causing this warming? It’s not global warming and some say it’s the approach of planet X or Nibiru which could result in a pole shift where the earths crust will slide over the mantle thus displacing land masses from their positions…of course most visitors here already know this right?


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