31 Responses to Economic downturn continues to spur on suicides across Europe

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Oh, how frustrating it must be to be in such despair; hopelessness; yet how would suicide make anything better? There is no hope in death either if life was suffered without Jesus. Only eternal misery for giving up on God’s love. The book Nine Days in Heaven[ the vision of Marietta Davis ] explains this in part of her visions of heaven and hell. It is an incredible story if anyone is interested regarding what she saw while in a coma for nine days.


  2. m c says:

    it was bound to happen, history repeating itself.

    To think the really really bad stuff hasnt even gotten here yet.


  3. TexasRedNeck says:

    This is just too sad, pray for the families of those that lost loved ones to suicide, it has never solved anything, it only makes it worse.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    The mind is a powerful instrument. Satan uses it well to plan thoughts. It is written that Japan has the highest suicide rates. Suicide rates will climb as the economic issues travel across the ocean to our land. Learn to be happy with less. Don’t be easily persauded to take the alleged easy way out.


  5. hellen says:

    people all over the world have to stand up for what is right and we all can do this.we can’t be afraid of the dark powers that rule.we are all God’s family.there is no such thing as proverty.God never created proverty.we are beings of his glory,light and love.hellen


  6. Lily says:

    I hate to read about suicide. I’m in my early 20s and I’ve known quite a few people my own age that have killed themselves. It’s overwhelmingly sad and I keep hearing more and more because they are unable to find jobs, their bills keep piling up and they are so deep in debt. I pray for all those souls who are lost. I’ve felt lost before and I know that without Christ I’d still be in that gutter. I may go hungry or be harmed but His love will remain and I pray I have the courage to stand up against the despair that this world delivers to so many of us. Thanks Joseph for sharing that I’m going to go look up her book. Blessings in Christ.


    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      You’re welcome Lily! I have known some suicides that were drug lifestyle induced..it makes me sick when I think of drug dealers like the one in my neighborhood that use these weak people for their monetary gain and then laugh at them as they destroy their lives. Anyway, you will love the book, for the believer it is very encouraging yet for the non believer very scary! Be blessed!


    • Lily, it is overwhelmingly sad, i too have gone through this with my own family members throughout my life, and i know so well what you write “without Christ we ourselves might still be in that gutter.” Christ is Love and when we have Him we can get through anything. it has been my deep concern that many may despair in the coming days… and so we keep praying. thank you for your beautiful witness of Christ’s Love that this world is hungering for. i am so sorry, Lily, that at such a young age you have witnessed this, but i know for a fact the Lord will use you for His Honor and Glory. God Bless you always, my friend.


  7. James says:

    Their false God goes down the drain so they jump off of buildings. It happened a lot in the 1929 and some in the 1930’s here in America.


  8. jadetvm says:

    I hope this reading suggestion can help?
    “The Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki.


  9. andy says:

    In the UK people can rent small plots of land to grow their own food but in the past year others have begun to steal from them. There has been a culture of using credit that has built for 30 Years and now people do not really care and just want everything immediately and will willingly cause hardship to other people. there is virtually no-one left who is willing to help others. Where has the feeling of being happy with the simple pleasures of life gone. I think this is nnow a very sad world to be a part of.


  10. Michele B. says:

    I agree with pretty much everything the previous commenters have most kindly and sensitively posted. As a believer in Jesus Christ and one who has suffered major depression and contemplated and even attempted suicide I would ask for understanding for those who reach this point, for whatever reason. God’s grace and mercy are far, far-reaching. Yes, suicide may be a result of weakness. And yes, suicide is undoubtedly sin. But as I believe, and my pastor teaches, there is no sin each one of us is not capable of given a particular (“right” or in this case “wrong”) set of circumstances. Let’s continue to not judge these poor souls too harshly, for there is a Judge before Whom we all must one day stand. God have mercy on us all!


    • IM

      Many will be pushed to the point of despair as economic conditions across the world further deteriorate. Yet, the epidemic of depression and mental anguish cannot be entirely blamed on the ills in the world.

      The corporation has replaced the importance of the contribution of the individual with the concern of the shareholders. Our disconnection from the Earth and growing our own food has literally supplanted our freedom to feed ourselves and placed it in the hands of someone else who both grows our food, decides what’s best for us, and ships it to us. People’s lives have also been wrecked by the debtor-credit system instituted by big banks. As Ronald Reagan always said, ‘Man was made to be a master of his destiny, not a victim of fate.’ Anything that erodes individual sovereignty over life’s direction and purpose contributes to depression. The uncertainty over the future resurrects primal fears of the unknown and also contributes to mental anguish. Lastly, the Earth’s deteriorating magnetic field is creating more depression and mania on the planet and the effects of this will only worsen over time.

      We need to find ways to restore more control over our individual lives and destiny. This cannot come at the expense of overturning governments or revolution but it comes from individual goal-setting and achievement despite the vicissitudes of life. We also need to reignite a connection with nature and our Creator, who is all to willing to enable us in both power and love.


      • Steve says:

        I don’t earn alot of money, never have – I try to be as self-sufficient as I can from growing my own food, having a few hens laying eggs… yet even this is being taken away from me by other people (thieves).
        I understand the despair of those who think there is nothing left, and this is in the UK


      • merle says:

        Alvin, When you wrote: “Anything that erodes individual sovereignty over life’s direction and purpose contributes to depression.” I believe this is called “learned helplessness” that many people are feeling, which ultimately causes depression. I realize there are many other factors to cause depression, but so many people feel backed into a wall lately!


      • Michele B. says:

        So true and well said, Alvin. Thank you for your insightful comments. In any of my positive efforts in life it always seems that God meets me more than halfway with his providence and help. In my destructive efforts he so gently puts up roadblocks and maneuvers me to a healthier path. In no way does he erode our individual sovereignty, but always encourages it, or so it seems in my experience.


  11. Emanni says:

    Add drought to these worsening economic conditions.

    NASA Earth Observatory
    Drought Hits Spain’s Wheat Crop
    Grain crops in Spain are suffering after an unusually dry autumn and winter. The amount of rainfall has been just half of normal in key grain producing regions.
    The top image shows the impact of the drought on plants throughout the country.


  12. merle says:

    We are not all mentally strong enough to endure hardship such as this, but even the weak can become strong through the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Many people unfortunately turn to drugs and alcohol in place of God, to relieve their stress and pain, and the results from this abuse is far worse than the original problem! But how do you convince someone that they are travelling the road to destruction? Words are cheap…we must be a positive example for them!


  13. seawitch57 says:

    Suicide is a great deal more common than we are told, more so in some countries than others, it’s very influenced by Coroners attitudes. Suicide statistics are really just a list of Coroners verdicts. My room mate in Gibraltar in the 1970’s jumped off a cliff there when he was drunk and extremely distressed…a verdict of ‘accidental death’ was recorded because of some ‘just maybes’.


  14. Niebo says:

    Michele B.: teach, sister, and God bless you for your light.

    “Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.” Tom Nelson, Pastor, Denton Bible Church, Denton TX


  15. me says:

    Alvin, didn’t you write a piece or share a piece about the changing magnetosphere causing depressed mood?


  16. nanoduck says:

    People usually commit suicide when at the lowest point and out of despair, to escape. Unfortunately, suicide does not provide an escape but rather traps the soul into a place of darkness and despair. I have read many stories of people who attempted suicide, and went to the Other Side and came back, and most of them are not pretty at all.


  17. pagan66 says:

    Suicide is NOT a sin. This stigma needs to change drastically. Nowhere in the Bible does it say such a thing. If I wanted to be truly pedantic, I would suggest that Christ himself used a form of assisted suicide – suicide by Roman – to achieve his ends. Very similar to euthanasia. Offensive? As offensive as people writing that suicides are poor souls & sinners & will be judged by God for it. I know what unassisted suicide is, I know all too well what a cancerous, dark thing it is & how it eats away at families & communities. I know the feeling of empty arms & empty hearts, I know the sight of the noose. Suicide is real, not just statistics on a page or a newspaper article that makes you feel smug and secure in your own supposedly charmed lives. These people do not need to be chased into eternity by supposed sins & curses. Pray for them then let them in peace. Have a care, for one day, you may find yourself in such a position.

    A beautiful child, one very close to me once said – sometimes just living is the suicide.


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