Mystery surrounds dead pelicans found along Indian River

May 9, 2012 FLORIDAA mystery is unfolding in Brevard County as several dead pelicans have been found along the Indian River over the past few weeks. At least eleven of the birds have been found along the bank in Palm Shores near Melbourne, and people are puzzled as to why they died. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said there have been no reports of fish kills, algae blooms or other factors that could have contributed to the deaths. Meantime, the mystery remains. “I might see one once in a blue moon,” said Tim Carlisle of Palm Shores Public Works. “But for this many popping up on the shore, it’s unexplained.” Palm Shores Public Works says they’ve gotten many calls lately from resident complaining about the problem. Another resident who contacted News 13 said they found more than a dozen just a couple miles along the river north. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials say tests are being done on the animals to try and determine the cause of death. “We were thinking maybe it’s the fish, or somebody doing something to them. But it’s in a lot of different place,” said Carlisle. Meanwhile overseas, Peru’s health ministry is asking people to avoid beaches in Lima and north of the capital until officials can determine what is killing hundreds of pelicans. Last month, the country’s production ministry said the authorities were investigating the deaths of more than 538 pelicans, and other birds, on the northern coast. –13 News
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13 Responses to Mystery surrounds dead pelicans found along Indian River

  1. Rob says:

    I’d be curious to find out if this is near a Military installation or a HAARP location. I know this for sure….the “Jumpin Jack Flash it’s a gas gas gas” page has a very interesting theory about this very sort of occurance & will most likely have these deaths listed there. Interesting, even if more than a little horifying, theory.


  2. MalachiYAH says:

    One third of the animals will die says the faithful prophecies…..


  3. Kim says:

    These birds and dolphins eat lots of fish…could it be radiation poisoning from Fukashima..or all the oil spills..or volcano’s waking up under the oceans and poisoning the oceans? The bible says 1/3 of the seas will die, are we there yet? Strange thing happened this year with the backyard birds -lots of dead sparrows. Didn’t see other kinds but they are not as numerous.


    • MalachiYAH says:

      Kim… There have been DOZENS of dead sparrows! I think that it is a combo between the chemtrails, the radiation, the methane excaping the fault lines, the chemical polutants dumped into the eco system and the frequency changes as the earth reacts to the solar and cosmic anomalies. On top of this I must also mention the bizzare weather is creating new and foriegn mixtures of toxics we introduced into the atmosphere and mutating species of virus’ in nature.. that is not to mention that human bent on destruction have come up with ‘who knows what’ kinds of synthetic viruses and bacterias and that inevitably the ‘accidently’ get introduce outside the lab. SICK if you ask me!


    • Laura says:

      we are not in the seventh seal… all this stuff happening are just the birth pangs before it really gets bad. Read the scriptures carefully before quoting them.


  4. Discordian says:

    I think the explanation can be found in the destruction of the GOM by the BP oil volcano and the huge amounts of Corexit dumped on it to hide it from view. Take a look at some of the recent reports on and you will see the kinds of creatures these pelicans are eating – things deformed by bio-accumulated oil and Corexit (and God knows what else).

    So Florida wildlife officials are “puzzled” because of no reports of fish kills and algae blooms, eh? That’s because most of the fish have already been killed, thanks to BP and the negligent Federal government.


    • RkAngel says:

      Good theory, except, Palm Shores is on East coast of Florida.
      It is on the west banks of the Indian river, in between the Pineda and Eau Gallie Causways, North of Patrick Air Force Base. These pelicans have nothing to do with
      Weird things have been happening in Brevard County, for a long time.
      I believe I even recently read about the the Bee kill off down in Grant or Valkyria area, on this site.
      Yes, It is puzzling, since there are no fish kills or algea bloom on the river at this time, AND
      “BP and the negligent Federal government” has nothing to do With these dead pelicans.


      • Discordian says:

        Should have checked the geography before commenting. 🙂 However, there were massive fish kills from Jacksonville all the way to Chesapeake Bay in the sumer and fall of 2010 which were attributed to the BP oil volcano, so I wonder what could be out there now.


  5. Dave says:

    There’s some updated info here for those following the dolphin and pelican die-offs in peru:

    Don’t know why it says penguins in the header lol


  6. John says:

    This is odd as I have fished this area for many years. This year has seen some of the best fishing in years. Many large trout and reds have been caught early this year. I have also noted that the waters are clearer than usual and there are many horse shoe crabs, which are a sign of a healthy ecosystem.


  7. suz says:

    I’ve been thinking about sudden fluid motions within the Earths core and how it can change the magnetic field around the earth. Just recently Researchers are dectecting these changes. This might be having an effect on the wildlife. The prophecies could be right because I think this information was known to us long, long ago and for some reason our intelligence was lost, but small bits of information was handed down and told through stories. These prophecies are probably not so mysterious at all….we just don’t have the scientific evidence of what’s happening yet. There are forces the the earth goes through every so often and it changes our way of life. I have always paid attention to ancient writings because I think we went through these changes before and they were written down by ordinary people who lacked the scientific understanding.


  8. c/o Jennjy M.

    CALIFORNIA :: Avian botulism causing duck deaths at Ellis Lake

    “Ellis Lake appears to be experiencing a new outbreak of avian botulism, Marysville police said Saturday.”

    Read Full Article At ::


  9. suz says:

    Botulism is caused by exposure to botulinum nerve toxin, the single most toxic substance known to science. Its extraordinary potency has made it one of the most widely researched bioweapons.


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