Researcher warns Tokyo could be hit with a major earthquake before 2016

May 8, 2012 JAPAN In a quiet room at Tokyo University, seismologist Shinichi Sakai points to steady, color-coded lines on a digital monitor. The screen displays real-time readings from Japan’s extensive network of seismometers. This is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, and the flat lines show that all is quiet across the region, at least for the moment. Then, as if on cue, two of the lines start to jump violently, splashing the screen with red and yellow pixels. They’re tracking a very small earthquake, centered just outside of Tokyo. Sakai says small quakes like this happen about ten thousand times a year in Japan, and for geologists like him, even the small earthquakes are worth paying attention to. He says there’s been a fivefold increase in small tremors around Tokyo since the huge quake off Japan’s northeast coast in March last year. And that adds up to a mathematical omen for scientists like him. In January, Sakai and the University’s Earthquake Research Institute crunched the new numbers and came up with a shocking prediction: There’s a 70 percent chance a major earthquake will hit Tokyo within the next four years. Sakai and his colleagues are among the country’s leading seismic authorities, so the prediction itself gave the country a jolt. The Japanese government has also predicted a similar chance of a major quake in the Tokyo area, but over a longer time period — sometime in the next 30 years. Sakai’s new four-year timeframe has brought a huge backlash among both scientists and political leaders. Sakai hasn’t retracted his prediction, but he now refuses to quote specific timeframes. “I cannot speak,” he said, with an ironic chuckle.  –PRI
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8 Responses to Researcher warns Tokyo could be hit with a major earthquake before 2016

  1. Bone Idle says:

    In case you are not aware. There was another large quake in 1923 in the Tokyo area.
    Named the ‘Kanto’ Quake – Magnitude 7.9
    The bad details : around 140,000 killed, 10 metre tsunami generated.

    The frightening details: If the same magnitude quake was to happen tomorrow the death toll would be much higher, There would be more Fukashimas.
    This event would bring down the world economy – a Black Swan event.

    It’s only a matter of time

    This event has been expected for years. As time goes on the odds and timescale grow shorter.

    Some say we live on a fragile planet. The reality is that human civilization is fragile living in a hostile environment.


  2. Mary says:

    Yes and West Tennessee, MO,and Arkansas COULD be wiped out by a MEGA E/Q THIS YEAR


    • Not gonna happen anytime soon… These Mega quakes you are referring to happen about every 500-700 years… Since the last sequence happened in 1811 1812, I wouldn’t expect something like that for another 300 years… Now we could see an earthquake around a 6.0 in the next 10 years… We are due for one of that magnitude


  3. Irene C says:

    So, Shinichi Sakai received a backlash from scientists and political leaders and now cannot speak. Go figure. It seems that “rogue” scientists who do not toe the line (they think outside the box to search for truth) are silenced. Seems like they don’t want the populace informed. Do they fear panic? Or do they have their own agenda? Hmmm. Nothing to see here folks. Time to go back to sleep. We’ll let you know when to be concerned. We’re here to help.



  4. Doreen Agostino says:


    Please sign this petition and circulate globally!


    2012-05-08 09:16:31 (Mb 5.0) OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    Human race being terminated by ‘scientific suicide’


    • shelley says:

      Doreen, thanks, i was just about to post this too.

      Alvin, what’s your input in the Fukushima Reactor? i’m sure most of us “thought” it was contained – then again that’s just the government putting bandages on a huge womb – but we’re wrong. one would think they’d want to contain something this serisous but i guess “it makes sense to someone”?

      Here’s to hoping for the best.


      • IMG

        I don’t know the situation because I’m not there and what the public is being told is very limited information to protect TEPCO and the JG. We know these toxins have long half lives which can linger in the environment for thousands of years in some cases. They’re extremely lethal in high enough concentrations and they are extremely stubborn, if not impossible, to purge from the environment in the event there is an accident. Fukushima will take 30 years to even attempt to contain and at some point, the site will have to encase in a concrete and lead sarcophagus to mitigate future exposure risks. As with the case with Chernobyl, nations are extremely resistant to the idea of soliciting outside help in these matters because no one wants to expose the ineptitude in preventative measures, construction or containment procedures that was approved by the government because of lawsuits. They’re almost state secrets and that’s feeding the fear factor. If the authorities in this field are accentuated the dangers, I think it something we should take some heed to. Just make sure the news sources are credible.

        Sarcophagus for Chernobyl

        God bless,


  5. The Hague says:

    Asking the UN is like asking Santa Claus.


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