Washington facing worst whopping-cough epidemic in 70 years

May 4, 2012WASHINGTONMore than 1,100 cases of whooping cough have already been diagnosed this year in Washington State, nearly doubling the number seen in typical “peak” years. Washington State is gearing up for one of the worst epidemics of pertussis in nearly seven decades. Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes a nasty and often severe cough. It is particularly dangerous for young infants. Public health officials have confirmed more than 1,100 cases of whooping cough so far this year in Washington State. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported from this year’s outbreak but 20 infants have been hospitalized already with the illness. Washington’s governor Christine Gregoire announced yesterday that state emergency funds would be available to provide free vaccinations and help spread awareness about the disease and the importance of getting vaccinated. In the U.S. most kids that get immunized receive a series of vaccines against whooping cough at the age of two months. But some kids don’t get immunized, either because their parents object or they are unaware of the importance. Outbreaks of pertussis are not uncoming, but they do tend to run in cycles. Tim Church, a spokesman for the Washington’s state Health Department said the current epidemic in Washington State was running well above typical peak years in the past, when 500 to 600 cases might be reported for an entire year. –Mother Nature Network
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21 Responses to Washington facing worst whopping-cough epidemic in 70 years

  1. Mad Angel on FB says:

    .WHOA WAIT A MINUTE — THEY HAD A Push to ‘Reprogram’ Parents on Vaccines & Disallow Exemptions, JUST LAST YEAR!!

    IN 2011
    Push to ‘Reprogram’ Parents on Vaccines & Disallow Exemption
    (ALSO AT THIS LINK READ “Vaccine Baby Deaths”)


  2. Chynna says:

    My question is: what percentage of these children were already vaccinated?


  3. JulieS. says:

    Whooping cough infections are MORE common among children already vaccinated against whooping cough than unvaccinated children.
    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035466_whooping_cough_vaccines_outbreaks.html#ixzz1tv2v1Zha


    • Dart says:

      Thanks JulieS. Everyone needs to read the info at your link.
      My reading and experience says that our own natural immunity is the big issue. Healthy children tend to avoid these unpleasant diseases without the help of vaccines. Many of the “great unwashed” are people like me who make a point of feeding their children fresh greens and good quality foods of all sorts in moderation and limit refined flour and sugar intake. Clearly, all children are not equal so it’s a bit unfair to place all scientific validity upon whether or not they are vaccinated.


  4. Judy Sanford says:

    I live in WA. State and my son got whooping cough twice. Once around age 2, and then again around age 4 to 5, about 16 years ago now. The Doctors thought he got it from his vaccine shot the first time since there were no reports of the disease in our area. The second time we found out one of our neighbors across our street had had the disease, probably caught it from the children at her church, or so was said, but my son was not around her! It is a very dangerous and scary disease! I feel for the parents & the children. I have shared this story! Thanks!.


  5. Dan Cooper says:

    The gov went on TV last night asking ALL adults to get a free shot. No thanks~!!!


    • Mel says:

      My younger son got his first dpt shot (diptheria, pertussis, and tetnus) at two months. He started having seizures shortly after. This was 26 years ago. Not all who get vaccinated make antibodies to the disease, and there are nasty chemicals in these shots. I agree that some are okay. Just an FYI, it has only been since the swine flu of 2009 that infants received flu vaccines. Also, if anyone gets a flu shot, it now includes H1N1 (swine flu) along with the seasonal Flu types A and B. Always ask. Thank you for your hard work, I check this site every day!! May the Lord Bless.
      Quick reply the Rife machine can be bought online as well as details on how to build your own. Few comments up about the sine wave generator. They do work.


    • As a former Nurse that is now retired I grew up when polio was active. Diptheria and whooping cough are especially dangerous for the infirm. We knew not to take small infants in public until they had immunity at around four to six weeks old.
      It is better to prevent that have a disease.


  6. me says:

    my question is: how many of these children were NOT vaccinated?


  7. gabelgirl says:

    I am against some vaccines, but a few months ago I went to the doctor and my tetanus was due. This being one I will get I said no problem. AFTER the shot, the nurse said that the tetanus vaccine also had the whooping cough vaccine! I was so angry I could have strangled that nurse. I asked why she would give it to me, she said that the one I had when I was younger (I’m 33) was no longer effective and she didn’t think it was a big deal! Needless to say she no longer works for my doctor and if I did not know and love my doctor as well as I do, I would have sued the pants off of them. Lesson to all….. ask about which tetanus shot they are giving you before you get it.


  8. Marie says:

    I had whooping cough (diagnosed after the fact) about 4 years ago before any other cases were even known nationally. Besides vomiting and breaking a rib because I coughed so hard, I can vividly remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror watching myself turn blue because I could not get any air into my lungs! Surreal! In whooping cough you expel all the air in your lungs by coughing, and then the “whoop” sound comes in as you try to desperately suck air back in. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and can’t imagine how small babies could survive it. I found out that I had never been vaccinated for it as a child (nor mumps, nor measles, which I have also came down with in my early twenties). Oh -I was about 49 when this happened. My suggestion- get the vaccine.


  9. Mike says:

    My Aunt & her kids were immunized against it, 3 months ago, and guess what, they got it anyways. Vaccines are total fake science. They are filled will slow kill agents like Mercury.


  10. Granny Bear says:

    DPT = Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis This is the usual Tetanus shot, apparently. When I got a tetanus booster, it was these three, as in childhood. All three are terrible, dangerous illnesses. Whooping cough has been known to cause coughs so severe that ribs are broken. My cat got a tetanus infection. She only lost a leg, as cats, I was told, can resist tetanus better than people.


  11. Discordian says:

    Say … was the cough accompanied by sporadic nosebleeds?


    • Kathy says:

      When I had whooping cough, I did get a nose bleed, but only one. I really believe it’s because you cough so hard, you end up breaking blood vessels.


  12. Pauly says:

    I had two cats, four years and healthy, had them vaccinated and they were each dead in two months. The last shot I had, tetanus, was ten years ago and came down with a near death flu type thing later that day. Don’t get any hypo of poison from the gov. a doctor or whatever, Avoid!


  13. Peaches says:

    Throw a bit of the disease out there, get the fear all stirred up and you got yourself parents pushing each other out the way to get the vaccine….Pauly so sorry to hear about your furbabies. The only shots my animals get are rabies now. My Vet is adamently against over vaccination.


  14. Dart says:

    At 50 I had a mild dose of “the 100 day cough”. It was annoying but not too bad and I have had no obvious lasting problems from it. I took extra Vit C and lay around in sunlight(Vit D) and used my 9 volt zapper.
    Bordetella pertussis, the bacterium associated with whooping cough, seems to be a cyclic invader and as others have correctly noted, it affects both vaccinated and non. My suggestion is that the bacterium evolves slightly so immunity conferred by an old vaccine becomes irrelevant. If you have an AC sine-wave frequency generator you could set it to 331,000Hz and pulse the patients body with around 6 volts (but only a few milliamps) for about 10 mins. This is said to inactivate the bacteria but as yet we don’t quite know how and why.
    A DC positive off-set square-wave unit seems to work quite well too. The one I built is fixed at 28,000Hz off a standard 9V battery and often appears to help with a range of illnesses in my children and animals.
    Big Pharma don’t want this one becoming common knowledge cos you and I can make them for about A$50. They’d never admit it but they’d prefer a few “news-worth deaths” to maintain their income stream.


  15. Mel says:

    Correction to previous post: Infants have been vaccinated from flu prior to the swine flu epidemic. More parents and people in general will submit to vaccinations when it is rolled out “to protect the children”. I am NOT saying that all vaccines are bad; it is prudent to ask for a single dose vaccine, as this will most likely be free of adjuncts. As always, educate yourself. Knowledge is power. Acting from fear may lead to disatrous consequences.


  16. jaaacque says:

    Anything to do with chemtrails????


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