Swarm of earthquakes rippling through Western Turkey

May 4, 2012TURKEY A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Kutahya province in western Turkey, the Istanbul-based Kandilli seismology center reported. The quake occurred at 6:20 pm local time with its epicenter in Tokat village of Hiharcik town in Kutahya, according to the seismology center affiliated to Bogazici University. The epicenter, with a depth of 3.1 km, was felt in some towns near Hiharcik and many citizens ran out of their houses in the province with panic. –Ynet News 
A massive swarm of earthquakes continue to rattle Western Turkey and today’s 5.1 is merely one stress-break in a mounting series of tension quakes erupting in the western region of the country.The Extinction Protocol
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6 Responses to Swarm of earthquakes rippling through Western Turkey

  1. ruraljon says:

    could it be volcanic in anyway? or is it just stress on the plates catching up from the recent Asian quakes? seems odd that threes such a large swarm in that area inland.


    • I

      A geological fault but overall this is the tectonic plates going haywire in the region, particularily the Anatolian. The Mediterranean region will see some very violent Earth changes during this transition because there are so many different tectonic plates and sub-plates pulling and subducting in various directions. The geology has a very strong predisposition for agitation on a large scale. It will not be uncommon for 8.0+ magnitude earthquakes to strike the region of Iran, Turkey, S. Greece, northern Africa, or even lower Spain.


  2. Dale Keily says:

    There will be earthquakes like never before seen (Yeshua Ha Mashiach)


  3. suz says:

    The “Ring of Fire” also called the Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean and most of the world’s earthquakes occur there, at least 90% of them. The next most seismic region is the Alpide belt (extends from Mediterranean region, eastward through Turkey, Iran, and northern India. 5-6% of earthquakes there.


  4. Barry says:

    I feel blessed for my timing of birth and location. But I get the feeling there is much much more to come. Stay safe and do what you feel is right in these unsettling times.


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