No. 53: Eruption of Pago volcano on-going in SW Britain, PNG

May 3, 2012 SW Britain, PAPUA NGPago is the post caldera volcanic cone of Witori which formed within the past 350 years. Mt Pago is a young volcano. Its cone is probably only about 350 years old, but it is part of a much larger volcanic complex, the Witori caldera, which formed 3300 years ago. Witori Caldera has long been recognized as active and is considered a potential dangerous volcano in the area. Since the Mt. Pago and Witori volcanoes are located in the same caldera, there is a possibility that an eruption of Mt. Pago may have similar effects on the Witori volcano. The volcano eruption is on-going and has gone from a red to an orange aviation alert advisory. The volcano had two VEI 6 events in its past history. –GDACS
contribution Shelley – the last eruption of this volcano was in 2007 
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15 Responses to No. 53: Eruption of Pago volcano on-going in SW Britain, PNG

  1. Jigar says:

    I believe this is the 53rd ongoing volcanic eruption. Curious to know if in any point of time has there been so many volcanic eruptions around the same time. Is this an indicator that we are close to an extinction level event.


    • It’s an ominous sign that we’re seeing so many cluster eruptions happening over such a short span of time. I don’t recall this many in a 4 month span. It’s following the trek of increased seismicity across the planet so there is no longer any doubt the planet is shifting. We’ll see what will happen from here.


      • Dublintaff says:

        Alvin, this is getting too big to ignore. Surely the MSM will have to start covering this? Won’t hold my breath though! Thanks again for all your work. Your book is winging its way to Ireland as we speak. Thought I had better read it quick before the new book is ready.


      • Sounds good, Dublintaff. Keep me posted. I don’t know at what point the suspicion of the masses will be aroused but I feel a singularity point is going soon and these events will eventually garner the front page headlines they deserve.

        peace and love,


    • So many of them are located along the PRoF it seems to be loosening things up. The Great Unzipping as it were.


  2. susanjac says:

    Do you have a chart or list of all the 53 active volcano’s and a list of the last time they have erupted? How many have them have been extremely dormant and now showing signs of activity? Thank you for any updates. So grateful for you and this site. It has brought so much awerness to my life in more ways than one. Bless you. -Sue


    • Active ones on a list; no. A list of the ones that have erupted this year in 2012, yes.

      God bless you,


      • jen cast says:

        can we get the list of those erupted in 2012


      • IM

        Volcanic Eruptions of 2012

        1. Ambryn volcano, Vanuatu (on-going) Volcano Discovery VD
        2. Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea (on-going) VD
        3. Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano , Tanzania (on-going) VD
        4. Yasur volcano, Vanuatu (on-going) VD
        5. Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia (on-going) VD
        6. Nyiragongo volcano, Congo (on-going) VD
        7. Ulawun volcano, Papua New Guinea (on-going) VD
        8. Planchón-Peteroa, Chile (on-going) VD
        9. Erebus, Antarctica (on-going) VD
        10. Kiluchevskoivolc volcano, Kamchatka (on-going) VD
        11. Stromboli volcano, Italy (on-going) VD
        12. Mount Etna volcano, Italy January 2012
        13. El Hierro, Canary Islands- January 2012
        14. Kileau volcano, Hawaii- January 2012
        15. Sukurajima volcano, Japan – January 2012
        16. Red Sea volcano, Middle East – January 2012 (new island formed)
        17. Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica – January 12, 2012
        18. Popocatepeti volcano, Mexico City- January 26, 2012
        19. Semeru volcano, Indonesia – February 2012
        20. Pagan volcano, Mariana Islands – February 2012
        21. Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos volcano, Chile – February 2, 2012 (ash fall)
        22. Puyehue Cordón-Caulle volcano , Chile – 2012 ongoing from 2011
        23. Nyamulagira volcano, Congo – 2012 ongoing from 2011
        24. Dukono volcano, Indonesia – February 6, 2012 –sporadic ash eruptions
        25. Mt. Cameroon volcano, Cameroon – February 7, 2012
        26. Mt. Lokon volcano, Indonesia – February 10, 2012
        27. Karymsky volcano, Kamchatka – February 10, 2012
        28. Mt. Fuego, Guatemala – February 13, 2012
        29. Kanaga volcano, Alaska – February 20, 2012
        30. Fimmvörðuháls volcano, Iceland – February 2012
        31. Nevado del Huila volcano, Colombia – 2012 (source Wikipedia)
        32. Rincón de la Vieja volcano, Costa Rica – February, 2012
        33. Mount Merapi, Indonesia – February 29, 2012
        34. Reventador volcano, Ecuador – February 2012, lava oozes from crater VD
        35. Kizimen volcano, Kamchatka – February 2012, large lava flow from east flank VD
        36. Shiveluch volcano, Kamchatka – February 2012, small lava flow from 2010 crater VD
        37. Santa Maria volcano, Guatemala – February 2012, ash explosions every 15 minutes
        38. Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador – March 3-4, 2012 – per (VC), El Comerico press
        39. Cleveland volcano, Aleutian Islands – March 7, 2012 – volcanic dome on crater explodes
        40. Bezymianny volcano, Aleutian Islands – March 9, 2012 –
        41. Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Colombia – March 9-12, 2012 – ash eruption
        42. Poás volcano, Costa Rica – February 2012 – phreatic eruptions source VD
        43. Soufrière Hills volcano, Montserrat – March 9, 2012, VD
        44. Lamongan volcano, Indonesia – March 14, 2012, VD
        45. Villarrica volcano, Central Chile- March 22, 2012
        46. Mount Lamington volcano, Papua, NG – March 25, 2012 – smoke and ash
        47. Batu Tara volcano, Indoneaia- March 26, 2012 (IEarthquake)
        48. Santiago volcano, Guatemala – March 26, 2012 explosions
        49. Pago volcano, Papua New Guinea – March 30, 2010 ongoing ( Australia
        50. Anak Krakatoa, Indonesia- April 7, 2012 small eruptions
        51. Sangay volcano, Ecuador – April 16, 2012 new vent VD
        52. Masaya volcano, Nicaragua – April 20-29th begins gas emissions.
        53. Mount Asphyxia (Mt. Curry), Zavodovski Island of Sandwich Islands, April 27, 2012 Discovery Mag.


      • Dianne Ford says:

        Thank you for posting all of these events with volcanoes! I always read your posts and as a friend on facebook posts them I to see how are world is changing day to day now. God bless you for sharing these events and others for our learning experiences Alvin.


      • You’re welcome, Dianne F.


  3. Laron says:

    That listing of eruptions is very helpful. I just spent a good amount of time trying to find some statistics this year on the number of eruptions and I am having a lot of trouble finding a total count. This is the only place that seems to have a count. I understand on average there are 60 eruptions in a year… well, before 2010 on average perhaps. So we have a total of 53 and it’s only May. I think this is really important to understand because I think it’s a sign and part of a series of multiple events that is showing the time is coming for… the shift.



  4. I agree the magnetic field problems are more serious than scientist have led us to believe and it is increasing earthquakes. I cover this in the new book.


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