2 Responses to Yale economist says world has entered a ‘Late Great Depression’

  1. genomega1 says:

    For the last thirty years the US economy has been based on debt, every family maxing out 10 credit cards to purchase wants not needs and at the same time the lefties were busy running factories out of the Country. In the 1960s I was making $10.00 per hour, burgers were 15 cents, coke 10 cents, gallon of gas 25 cents, 3 lbs of hamburger $1.00, new car $2,300.00, mortgage payment $45.00, etc. The bottom line is the dollar today is worth close to nothing thanks to the FED.


    • It’s a mad, mad, mad world like the movie said. The credit trap has incinerated every nation in Europe…its tenacles stretch across the globe. One day soon, we’ll have to pay the piper. Some will become barons and some will become slaves. We should ponder very carefully the bedding we are laying- one day we will have to sleep in it.


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