Preview of the summer from hell? Moscow bakes in record high temperatures in the month of April

April 30, 2012 MOSCOWMoscow sweltered in unseasonable heat on Sunday, with temperatures of nearly 29 degrees Celsius (84.2 Fahrenheit), a record for April since data collection began 130 years ago, authorities said. At 4:00 p.m. (1200 GMT), the temperature reached 28.6 degrees Celsius, an absolute record for the month of April,” an official from the Russian capital’s weather service told the Interfax news agency. “The previous record for the month goes back to April 24, 1950, with 28 degrees,” he added. The mercury had already climbed to 26.3 degrees on Saturday. Several central and eastern European countries recorded unseasonably high temperatures on Saturday, with a record 32 degrees recorded in northern Austria. –Physics
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26 Responses to Preview of the summer from hell? Moscow bakes in record high temperatures in the month of April

  1. TexasRedNeck says:

    I thought that I either read or saw on the news that over 7700 weather related records have already been broken so far just THIS year. I believe that all of those records were for America.
    If I can find a link to the story I will post it here. With numbers like that you cannot deny that something big is happening to earth, something very big is coming. The link to this may have been on the Weather Channel, but I’m not certain. IF I can find it I will post it for everyone to see.


    • Discordian says:

      Thanks for the link, TexRed. Here in Georgia, it has been quite hellish, with this past weekend feeling more like mid-July than April. Things are quite out of whack. My wife and I went to the Alcovy River park not far from my house in the early days of March for a refreshing cold beverage, and during the time we were there, I had no fewer than 3 ticks crawling on me – !st week of March. I’ve never even seen a tick at that park before, even at the height of summer.


    • tim says:

      hey tex, check this out. in march i think it was, we broke the record for breaking the most records in one month.LOL its gonna be a hot one this summer


    • Lucy says:

      when it snowed in the Northeast at the same time there was record breaking heat in Death Valley CA 113 and Phoneix in the 100s too and for Death Valley average temp is in the 70s. wild weather!


  2. TexasRedNeck says:

    I was only half right, it was 15,000. Here’s the link……


  3. Carla Burgers says:

    Why ” the summer from hell?” Anything can happen, lets not assume the worst !


    • The magnetic north pole is racing towards Siberia…while Russia is experiencing the hottest temperatures in 130 years, months before summer.

      Houston, I think we have a problem…


      • Wiseguy says:

        Nobody asked, let me be the first… What’s the relation between magnetic pole shifting and summer of hell in Russia ? Do you think weather patterns are shifting too and will bring Moscow into a tropical climate ?


      • I think they are shifting and abrupt climate change was a precursor to several past extinctions. We have to entertain the idea that perhaps the planet is moving into a new dynamic state that may or maynot be adverse to conditions that support life.


  4. Columbine says:

    I know it was hot in Prague yesterday! whew! But according to the weather report it’s supposed to cool down by the weekend thankfully. All of the tourists are dressed like late summer already.


  5. aaron thompson says:

    sweltered in 84F temperatures? That is the wrong term. 84F is not sweltering. It might be a record high for April, but it is not oppressive heat.


    • Columbine says:

      When you are accustomed to much cooler temperatures, 84 F IS sweltering!! Especially if the humidity is higher than normal as well.


      • aaronwt says:

        So does that mean an area that might be normally around 0F that is suddenly 60F has sweltering heat? Even with high humidty and being used to cooler temps, 84F is nowhere near being opressive heat. Which is what sweltering heat is.


  6. Stefan says:

    Much can affect the weather and the climate on Earth. I think there is more than what the mainstream news reports. Weather is also more frequently reported today than it was earlier. It all fits into the fake agande of global warming. Global warming is still the same fake as it has been since it was “invented” during the 1960’s. CO2 don’t affect the heat in the atmosphere, it is the other way around, the more heat the higher level of CO2. We do also have had warmer and colder times on Earth, even before the humans had any industries and polluted the atmosphere. What is happening now can be created from the high activity on our Sun and the radiation from outer Space……..and so on. I guess we are getting very close to a new ice age.


    • nickk0 says:

      Hi, Stefan – I think that Alvin would tend to disagree – There IS evidence to support ‘Global Warming’.

      The ‘conflict’ that is confusing people, is not necessarily the existence of Global Warming – But whether or not, it is MAN-MADE.
      While Mankind’s activities may have an *effect* on Global Warming, evidence is gathering that we are NOT the cause- Which is both good, and Very Bad.
      Good – because Mankind is not ‘causing’ Warming
      Bad – because this also means…. we CAN’T control it.

      Your point on entering another Ice Age, is a good one.
      Some scientists and geologist theorize, that global warming can actually *lead into* an Ice Age ! – Depending upon how the Earth’s “feedback mechanism” responds.
      Depending on how the ‘feedback mechanism’ plays out, we may end up with runaway global / planetary warming … OR another Ice Age.
      I guess we’re about to find out. 😐


      • E

        Funny, global warming is blamed on outgassing by volcanoes on every planet but this one. Science has created this dilema with the notion that the planet is 4 billion years old and the core is therefore in a stage of cooling…so the planet’s temperature cannot possibly be rising and therefore Core Mantle (CM) could not be heating up. The Bible contradicts this notion, and says the planet is relatively young- the issue is not a question of science vs God but if the Earth is as young as the Bible contends, then that means thermal cycles are incredibly frequent and the Earth overturns itself relatively quickly geologically-speaking. What’s left out of the discussion is that ‘abrupt climate change’ appears to one characteristic prelude to some of the planet’s previous extinctions.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    Then we can expect electrical brown outs at the worst of times in some areas. It would be a good idea to have several battery operated fans at home if you don’t already and stock up on batteries. We often read about the elderly suffering/perishing in their dwellings because the air conditions go out when the power fails and they lack the mobility go to a community area where they can remain cool.
    Not telling anybody what to do, but some of the elderly that visit this site should go to and view at the 10-inch personal fan and d-cell batteries. They go through a set in about 24 hours of continous use.
    I bought one for my mother and also two coleman lanterns.
    Last summer in North Carolina as well as other places, my air condition
    surrendered due to the heat we had which is unusual for us. Heat index averaged here 101 or so for about two weeks. Things are different now
    so a person has to be a forward thinker and not a reactionary thinker.
    just a thought………………


  8. TLindemann says:

    We beat a 102 yr old record last Monday, +26C. We have been experiencing and are expecting more warm weather. Last year at this time we still had much snow and it was cold, even cold for southern Alberta.

    Six years ago I went on a tour in the ME. April 26 we left, May 10ish we came back. Typical weather for here is we see no leaves on the trees until near the end of May. This year, we have leaves coming out (for that matter, the trees had started budding in Feb/Mar, then it got a little colder again), we have flowers, we even had butterflies at least since last week. It’s is nice to have gone from fall to summer (we had one week of winter, really). The writer wonders if this will be the new norm for a while. If so, it will be interesting to see how the earth adjusts.


  9. silviu says:

    30 de grade celsius au fost si in Romania la Constanta. Este anormal pentru aceasta perioada a anului


  10. tonic says:

    Tipping point may be when/if large scale methane release, is detected. There may be plans to harvest it, but just feels like it’s too late.


  11. tonic says:

    Meant to include this link inprevious post,


  12. richfish30 says:

    Funny how everybody is cooking while were cooling down here in miami. news report stated yesterday that we were 6 degrees below normal temperatures this year. Its 75 but is suppose to be 81….


  13. Ian says:

    In the UK the temperature has been more like a mild February than April .. still wearing winter hat & coat!


  14. nixArt says:

    On April 28, they measured 32 degree Celsius in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria. It was the hottest April 28 ever since recording of weather data. So its a all time record.

    Btw, great informative site! Although its my first comment, I stop by daily for quite a while now …


  15. Marc says:

    On April 28 we measured as high as 31 °C in Frankfurt/Main, Germany


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