Not since WWII: Missiles on London roofs on duty for safe Olympics

April 30, 2012 LONDONLondon residents were startled to discover that their housing complex was to be used as a military base to lodge a missile system. The UK Defense Ministry says it’s all part of an effort to counter a terror threat during the London Olympics.
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15 Responses to Not since WWII: Missiles on London roofs on duty for safe Olympics

  1. Cookie's mum says:

    I saw this yesterday via BBC … what a world we are living in, eh? I am simply aghast that they Games will be held in such a densely populated area such as is a maze of small streets and old high buildings…a veritable feast for a terrorist attack…here is one individual who will be staying as far away from the Olympics as possible ….


  2. merle says:

    It is truely sad to have this going on during the Olympics. I thought these games were to show true sportsmanship and commaradie between participating countries. Truth is ironic isn’t it?


  3. Kathy says:

    How sad is it, that this has to happen at the games that are supposed to support world peace?
    There will never be peace, until the return of Christ. Man is too ignorant and arrogant, to live in peace, without God’s intervention.

    God’s Blessings on us all.


  4. jade says:

    If theres going to be any kind of an atack i can asure anyone that it will not be terrorists as i believe that It will be an inside job to try and promote there rules for this stupid new world order thing. I would advise anyone to go to youtube and check out rick clay, He exposes lots of info thats going to happen about the olympics.


  5. Ian says:

    I am a local lad to these games …. I used to commute through Stratford Station on the underground to/from school and later in life commute by car past the site of the Olympic Park and yes the area is densely populated, but I very strongly diagree with the premise that the area is unsuitable as a site for the Games. True there are many tall buildings, there are also residential and commercial areas as well as open spaces and a river too.

    To suggest the games should be held elsewhere is to admit the terrorist has won, and this is totally unacceptable. As for anti-aircraft missiles, of course not ideal but it’s a fact of life they have to go somewhere and the military knows the best locations. Let’s hope they are not needed.

    Finally, as for keepng away, no, I’ve signed up as one of the volunteer assitants so will be right there playing my part in ensuring the games are a great event for all.


  6. tunerp says:

    I read your article with interest.I live only 7.5 miles from the Hackney Stadium and there are mixed views and reactions regarding the extra high security.I am personally not convinced this is just a ‘one off’ from the Ministry of Defense.I have a gut feeling this had been well oiled and orchestrated with the help of the US Government and The Pentagon.Such security in the UK is unknown and unprecendented in peace time.We in the UK have had major events in the past but nothing to parallel anything like this and certainly nothing that warrants this kind of high security.There is an irony that there is an unexploded bomb from the second world war in the south eastern corner of the massive stadium and I think it is about 30 feet or more below the ground surface and it was decided not to remove it or blow it up.Army and explosive experts agreed that leaving it there was the best option.This may not be relevent to the high security here in Hackney but one has to smirk at the irony.I think they are planning for much more than ‘Joe Public’ knows about.The UK Government is extremely good at hiding pretty well anything from us.


  7. Messenger says:

    & this is the same Olympic Event Rik Clay was murdered for revealing. I recommend everyone research Mr Rik Clay..


    • Josh Baker says:


      Wow. It’s hard to get info on this guy! One interview and a removed blog reposted by a few. I’ve found it interesting enough to look further. I had to go ahead and google what the 2012 Olympic Mascot would be for further research… Nothing much, just a couple of all seeing eyes… Personally, I think the unveiling will be The Great Impostor. Who knows, maybe he’ll even make missiles fall dead from the sky…

      We’ll just have to wait and see if those numbers add up.

      Other possibilities:

      -False flag attack to get Iran and/or Russia/Israeli conflict started.
      -The Final Pope Peter the Roman elected
      -Rise of the Anti-Christ (previously mentioned)
      -HAARP related Event
      -Revealing of a One World Government or Currency
      -Shut down of the internet for security reasons (Cispa/Sopa)
      -World Wide Security Crisis
      -Major virus release (Pick your version of H#N# virus)

      I am a Christian. I could care less if the Illuminati exists or not. I do however, think that this kid was on to something. Breitbart made it clear that the truth will get you killed. Rik was more than likely taken out.

      Take care messenger!

      -Josh B.


      • Josh Baker says:

        Sorry about the clutter Alvin, if I could email messenger I would just do that.

        Using similar logic to Rik:

        August 11 2012 (The day before the final day of the Olypmics) is 132 days before 12/21/12

        132/11 = 12

        Number 12 is the largest even number that can be expressed as the sum of two single prime numbers. Being a summation of two prime numbers, number 12 is believed to be the number of strength, conviction, absoluteness and finality. This gives importance to the meaning of number 12.

        Number 12 in Religions

        Christianity: The significance of the number 12 in the Bible is reflected by 12 Apostles. Apsrt from that, there are 12 Fruits of the Spirit, 12 gates and foundation stones of the Holy City and 12 days of Christmas.

        Judaism: There are 12 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. A girl, in Judaism, becomes mature at the age of 12. There were Twelve tribes of Israel and 12 oxen of Solomon’s temple.

        Islam: Prophet Muhammad was succeeded by 12 Imams. (Not a fan, but it has significance)

        Even the star signs are divided in 12 sun signs and as per Semitic beliefs there are 12 days of duel between Chaos and Cosmos.

        Other info on 12:

        This is really far out there for me. (However, Revelation 8:11 talks about wormwood which makes me think…)

        Messenger: Please give me your thoughts on this.


        Maybe the significance of 11 leads to the finality of 12.


  8. Granny Bear says:

    What could anyone possible gain by some sort of misguided terrorist attack at the Olympics? All such attacks or attempted attacks have only resulted in pain and bitterness and death. It is/would be a useless waste of everything, including the lives of any perpetrators, and counter to all ideals and hopes of all humanity.


  9. Rob says:

    Sadly, Granny Bear, lunatics & fanatics don’t think or see things as the common Man & Woman do 😐


  10. Texas Listening Post (In Cambridge UK) says:

    Walking through the streets of Cambridge UK today for some reason my thoughts were moved to this very topic. I think that the people who might do something horrible have had four years to plan and get the items they needed into London or what ever the target might be. The device(s) are most likely already in place hidden in plain sight. An open attack can be handled by the military, it is the hidden unknown that puts fear in the hearts and minds of security forces. The nations (UK and US) wanted to be free from God, so now learn to live without His protection.


  11. Todd says:

    History lesson – the Olympics are “religious” by nature (Greek God Worship…Zeus, Apollo, etc.) and more than just the external face portrayed of simple “games” and “sports” between nations. There are aspects of Satanic evil that is rampant throughout the worship of athletes and related “cultural” rituals/events. (in the Architecture, Ceremonies, Poetry, Music, “Entertainment”, artwork, etc.). Christians need to study and wake up to the reality of what this “represents”. For example, the son of Zeus is Apollo, who is named by John in Revelation 9:11 as the destroyer. Yikes. So there is a thread of evil in this. I for one, will steer clear of the Olympics and have no interest in it.


  12. Teddy Kimathi says:

    Who are the actual enemies to be prepared for using ground-to-air missiles?


  13. thad says:

    all that show of force is insane when the real terrorists are allowed to roam free . to start conflics to end in war to bennifit the bankers that loan money to the warring countries with intrist . no proffet no war its that simple to stop those attaks


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