Infrastructure collapse: young girl swallowed by sinkhole in China

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9 Responses to Infrastructure collapse: young girl swallowed by sinkhole in China

  1. juliette says:

    I live in british columbia, Highway 16 was closed near telkwa do to a sink hole taking part of highway, they had temp bridge for one lane traffic this was on april 26, the only were letting cars, heavy trucks not allowed, today is april 30 and it is still only opened to single lane traffci not sure if
    they are letting the bigger trucks through yet, getting scarry


  2. cammac says:

    Was amazed when this story first come out one online news source “Digital journal” wrote ” One teenager in China discovered the dangers associated with walking down the street while talking on a cellphone. She plummeted into a sinkhole and was later rescued.
    As the teenager walked down the street in north China talking on her cell phone, she was heavily into conversation and not paying attention to what was going on around her”
    You have to laugh, i mean she could have been scratching her back side and she still would have fallen in, its not one of those scenarios you can really be ready for ,,.


  3. Sean, Son of John says:

    Gotta love the Chinese model! This is what happens when you spend all of your money on military programs and Marxist collective planning…you have to make budget cuts somewhere!
    I guess the latest cuts were in the concrete industry…thankfully it was only one person and not a busload of kids in the street.


    • Katherine says:

      Sean, Son of John – The Chinese are human beings, (unlike some Americans that post comments on news articles online that I’ve read). Did you see the video footage showing the genuine sympathy of their President as he toured and visited victims of the major earthquake in China a few years ago? And the people’s response to him? I sincerely doubt whether you, or any of your fellow citizens, would be brave or sympathetic enough to climb down into that hole as that Chinese taxi driver did.


  4. Rolland says:

    This post is misleading as it’s wasn’t a naturally formed sink hole that created this incident. The original video posted on youtube without the cut scenes shows that the cones showed early in the video are actually “construction cones” that’s used in China. However, because they were small and the girl wasn’t paying attention, of course she walked into a newly built pavement, which resulted in this accident.


  5. yamkin says:

    Sinkhole Threatens To Swallow Windermere Home
    Authorities tape off area in Orange County neighborhood.


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