500 pelicans wash up dead on Peruvian shores

April 30, 2012 PERUThe government of Peru is investigating the deaths of more than 500 pelicans along a 70km (40-mile) stretch of the country’s northern coast. Officials say most appeared to have died on shore over the past few days. Scientists have also found the carcasses of 54 boobies, several sea lions and a turtle. They were found in the same region where some 800 dolphins washed ashore earlier this year. The cause of their death is still being investigated. The Peruvian government said it was ‘deeply worried.’ A preliminary report said that there was no evidence to show the pelicans had died at sea, but rather on the beach where they were found. The Peruvian Maritime Institute (Imarpe) said so far 538 dead pelicans and 54 boobies had been found in various stages of decomposition, although most appeared to have died recently. In addition, five badly decomposed sea lions and a turtle carcass had been found on shore, Imarpe said. Local media reports suggest more than 1,200 dead pelicans have been found in the Piura and Lambayeque regions. Between January and April of this year, some 800 dead dolphins washed ashore in Lambayeque, according to government figures. Peru’s Deputy Minister for Natural Resource Development, Gabriel Quijandria Acosta, said a virus might have killed the dolphins. A viral epidemic outbreak was linked to similar deaths of marine wildlife in Peru in the past, as well as in Mexico and the United States. Analysis on the dolphins so far suggested they had contracted a morbillivirus, which belongs to the same group as the measles virus in humans, Stefan Austermuehle of a local NGO, Mundo Azul, told the BBC. “We know that in other cases in the United States up to 50% of populations were killed by the virus,” he said. “What we also know…is that in previous cases animals that have higher loads of pollutants in their body will fall easier victims to these kind of diseases because their immune system is weakened.” Imarpe scientists said results of tests carried out on the dead dolphins would be released in the coming days. –BBC
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21 Responses to 500 pelicans wash up dead on Peruvian shores

  1. Rob says:

    Between toxic, man made polutants, & the Electromagnetic Energy produced by the Earth prior, during & after Earthquakes(I’ve also read recently that volcanic activity can, besides it’s physical emmissions of gasses, produce higher than previously though levels of Electromagnetic Energy as can be seen from the Lightning in the gasses & material following an erruption) it’s surprising to me that there haven’t been MORE die offs than we’ve seen so far 😐


  2. Moosetracks says:

    Really!! What is going on? I will look for the BBC update on findings. Is this a cover up of something bigger?


  3. ColeK says:

    If anymore of this continues, there will be no marine life left in the oceans of the world. I am pretty sure we as humans are at fault, for these incidents. The shear high numbers of animal die-offs this year is staggering. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a “real” reason this is happening? I personally have considered if it is what BP has done in the gulf, the toxic chemicals the dumped in the ocean to contain a spill. No one has mentioned, whether the underwater currents are spreading these pollutants or not. But I do know there are strong underwater currents that circulate close to the bottom of the ocean, so the chemicals could be spreading worldwide. The ocean will be emptied of life before anything will be done about it.


      • MalachiYAH says:

        We’ve been hearing about the booming sounds dubbed ‘skyquakes’ all around the world…. well what if those sonic boom sounds also happen under water as well? Wouldn’t the water amplify the sound? This could be the cause for the acoustic trama… has anyone ever considered this?


    • Phyllis says:

      I think all the radiation from japan and of course the millions of gallons of corexant,i guess thats how its spelled that bp poured in the gulf,it was told that was a deadly toxic chemical that was banned every where else but bp wanted to hide all the oil so they just poured it in the water and did not care about the consequences at all.


  4. Louise says:

    To me, the numerous massive deaths of animals around the world is another sign from the Lord that we have to prepare ourselves to meet our Creator. Loving my Lord, Christ, is a thousand times better for me than scientific speculations. Have all a very good day with His presence in your heart! As soon as we love, He is there.


  5. mike says:

    Maybe this is a combination of under water volcanic eruption (sulfer dioxide??), changing polar magnetic fields…or worse.
    Rev. 16:3 – And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea.


  6. Desmond Ballance says:

    Hi Alvin, could this not be a result of suspended gases which hovers over the ocean waters for brief periods and these animals are breathing it in, killing them in the process. ?


    • It’s possible but indeterminate at this juncture. C02 is expelled from volcanoes and its quite dense. However, if it’s causing physical trauma to the animals body, that should come out in necopsy reports. If it’s something they have consumed; it should show up in biochemical analysis. Since multispecies are involved; we know it’s likely something specific to this location.


  7. Indy says:

    This is so disturbing! Instead of hearing and reading “celebrity crap”…why aren’t we concentrating on saving our planet. GOD help us all!


  8. yamkin says:

    The following link shows 1200 Pelicans Found Dead In Peru.


  9. marilyn says:

    Are the ocean currents flowing southward, from Japan, if so, I’m suspecting the cause maybe from nuclear fallout, this is possibly just the start of marine deaths.


  10. isis2012 says:

    I’m thinking volcanic activity


  11. Kim says:

    Has man in all his narcisim thought about what the world will be without any animals and plants? The big payoff for money/pride has turned into the “abomination of desolation”. Dump all the nuclear water into the ocean. The “officials” said..it is just like putting a “drop” into a big swimming pool. Dump dispersants into the gulf…
    We as humans have lost the respect for LIFE. We are suppose to be the stewards of the earth. Is this why the flood came. The High Priests in Judiasm have been saying of this generation, “it is now more wicked than in the days of Noah”. Scientists have now proven that animals feel pain, loneliness and have emotions. Where is our compassion for other people and our resources, the very creation that nurtures us? We have completely went astray. Let those that hear understand..continue to pray, seek the Lords face..stand firm.. demonstrate wisdom…we need WISE leaders…where are the WISE leaders???? I am praying that the “ALL WISE KING” will appear.


    • merle says:

      To Kim, your comments really resonate to me, about the importance of every breathing animal and plant! We can only turn to God and we must follow his commandments….how obvious as to why God gave them to us….and what happens when we don’t follow? We must be positive examples of what this life is truely all about, for others to see!


  12. yamkin says:

    Hundreds Of Bull RedFish Found Dead In Alabama
    Scientists say it is highly possible they will never be able to determine what caused the deaths of hundreds of bull red drum on Mobile Bay over the past couple days.


    • marilyn says:

      None of this is published in the news, thank god we have “the Extinction Protocol” to keep us informed. All the scientists are playing dumb, too many deaths, for them not to know what is going on, mass cover-up.


  13. frackenstein says:

    Very interesting clips and broadcast on the synthetic microbes and bacteria that were released in tot he Gulf of Mexico, into oil wells to prepare them for production, and also in the dispersants and ‘remediators’. Explains the previously unknown human symptoms as well. Thanks Alvin for your continuing dedication to keeping us informed…



    ‪Part 2‬

    ‪Gulf of Mexico‬

    ‪The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving‬


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