East and West coast of Canada hit with earthquake swarms

April 28, 2012 CANADA A magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck about 200 kilometres west of Vancouver Island on Friday morning but there were no reports of it being felt by island residents. This was the largest quake in a small swarm of earthquakes off the coast of Vancouver. The quake struck around 1:36 a.m. PT, according to the Natural Resources Canada. Earthquakes of that size are common in the area and experts say they do not indicate a large earthquake is more likely. The U.S. Geological Service reported three quakes of similar magnitude in the area over the past five days, and there have been several more reported in recent months. –CBC News
Unexplained earthquake swarm in  New Brunswick, Canada
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20 Responses to East and West coast of Canada hit with earthquake swarms

  1. Monroe says:

    Great article…with the exception of the 1-minute ad video that I thought would actually lead to something newsworthy…


  2. Korheg says:

    Thats so true brother!


  3. merle says:

    The so-called experts appear to be on the defensive. Maybe because they know people are apt to panic a bit quicker in 2012 with all the hoopla about this year. Along with all the info out there, there is alot of disinfo also. Then again, how good are they really as to predicting earthquakes in general? I only see they’re good at reporting them! I also believe we are paying more attention this year to earthly (and unearthly) events so everything that happens, whether usual or unusual will be noticed more. That said, I still get an uneasy feeling about the way many events are reported by mainstream news…that is one reason I check back here regularly!


  4. ColeK says:

    To me this is anything but normal, the “Big Ones” seems imminent. The story on water tables dropping, cluster quakes, are all signs that something is about to let loose. I am also so tired of the media trying to glaze everything over with “normal” “common” its best to just leave it at “We don’t know” .
    Great article, keep ’em coming.


  5. Lauren says:

    4.1 magnitude earthquake near Los Angeles, California this morning.


  6. Cookie's mum says:

    I think with all due respect to the above comments..it is highly unlikely that anything will be reported that has even a whiff of creating possible panic..there are a whole slew of folks who are not grounded and/or informed and I think ‘playing it down’ is necessary to be honest…you guys have common sense..a lot don’t..just my thoughts on it…


  7. ColeK says:

    I somewhat feel the same way, but if everyone has just a slight chance to be more prepared, that is the wisest route. I have food storage and water storage now that will last me well over a year, along with all the needed tools to survive. My heart would weigh heavy for those who suffer. So a little panic or at least a little bit more of preparation talk in the news would not be so bad. I mean it might cause a run on stores but not banks or anything crazy. I think we underestimate most people, myself included. But there are a lot of people who just say, “oh well just another tremor”. Scientist should be issuing a little more information on this and other topics.


  8. James says:

    I have wondered what would happen if the San Andreas had a mega quake and the New Madrid had a mega quake at the same time? Would it flatten all of the USA?


    • You may soon find out – megaquakes hit both California and New Madrid during the 1811-1812 period.


      • James says:

        I am thinking they will too. I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee even though I live in Montana now. Growing up there I learned all about the history of mega quakes. My mother and a group of people were afraid back when I was small child that it was about to blow. We had earthquake drills and everything of what to do in an emergency should I at 5 or 6 years old should get separated from my family during the big one.


      • I’m sure that helped you become more aware of the envirnoment. It’s only a matter of time before the continental land masses start experiencing seasons of serious tremors.


  9. rita says:

    What i don’t understand, and i may be very wrong about this, is why is it only recently that there are these loud booms associated with earthquakes of small magnitude? Is it just that it is being reported more now, or is this something new? I personally don’t remember sonic booms being reported regarding any earthquakes in particular in the past.


    • merle says:

      That was my point in the above comment…we are noticing MORE this year than other years for obvious reasons thanks to the internet and media portrayal of 2012. In 1990 or 1991, we experienced an earthquake in Central New Jersey which I believe measured around 5.0 on the richter scale. I remember being awakened at about 5 am by the loudest boom I ever heard. I thought a jet had crashed in the baseball field behind my house, until I soon found out it was from an earthquake! Needless to say, I don’t believe every boom heard around the globe is from an earthquake, but we sure are paying more attention to them nowadays!


      • merle says:

        Oh sorry, it wasn’t a 5.0, it was officially a 3.1. I decided to look it up. Well, that’s more astounding…to hear that loud of a boom for a 3.1!


  10. Kindred Spirit says:

    I believe that God is giving ALL “ample warning” for what is inevitably on its way…will find it difficult to sympathize/empathize with any who become “shocked/unprepared” by upcoming “events”…I reside just over 100kms east of Vancouver, BC (west coast of Canada)…hoping I live far enough inland when the ‘big shaker’ happens!…funds permitting, I will hopefully be soon moving even further east!!!


  11. merle says:

    To Brandon, I do understand what you are saying, and I do believe something is definitely building momentum. But people in a general sense are more AWARE for the last few years, don’t you think? Because of this awareness we tend to notice more of the small things going on…just my opinion though.


  12. Melissa says:

    I agree. I was commenting on a forum regarding a 2.1 (ish) in FInland that was accompanied by a large boom or explosion. This is what I had to say about that:

    Wow, another earthquake accompanied with the dreaded “BOOM!” sound…. how is it normal now that everywhere that experiences a quake must also deal with the simultaneous or preceding exploding sounds? I have said this time and again in the forum, but having experienced this myself last September in Colorado, and experiencing the shaking and being told then they were NOT series of quakes, per the USGS, I find it interesting now that everything that booms is a quake, and almost ALWAYS in the 1-2 mag range.

    Something is happening, this is not normal, not for quakes so small, and no one can convince me otherwise. EIther the USGS and like agencies are not sure what is causing these booms and shaking or they do know and aren’t telling us. Either way, it stinks. 1s & 2s should not be such explosive events, events where even seasoned quake experiencers think a bomb has gone off. To boot, most of these events seem to be happening in places that do not or rarely have quakes at all. Sorry, but just my personal opinion.



  13. Irene C says:

    I really appreciate all the comments on here. Although I haven’t personally felt any of the phenomena that is happening, I can “feel” the earth changes happening. The only way to explain it is that I have a more anxious feeling even if I am not anxious for myself. I’m sure many of you have this same feeling, an awareness of our current happenings.

    Although I have a great respect for scientists, I don’t think they have any idea of what is going on. They deal with logic, with facts. I believe this goes beyond anything tangible and since they have no logical explanation, they say whatever they think makes sense. Although some many may purposely try to delude us (maybe to keep us from panicking), maybe they really don’t have a clue and don’t want to admit it. I just pray that God keeps us all safe.



    • Steve says:

      Scientists is general are all stupid. They are victims of their funders. Whatever they want the scientists to say they will say. The worst offenders are those that claim they know exactly how the universe was created and how the earth was created and human life evolved. Yet they can’t explain simple things going on today. So never trust these people. Even if God was staring them in the face they would still say the earth is 56 billion years old contrary to evidence that shows the earth is around 6 thousand years old. I really get annoyed at those specials on Discovery & History taking what these scientists say as gospel!! Makes me sick that they hide the truth because they have to ‘preach’ the evolution garbage. And they call Christians confused…


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