6 Responses to Dutch government ok’s publication of controversial H5N1 transmissibility study

  1. Marshallrn says:

    So if the governments are so afraid of terrorist, then why on earth do they allow for this type of stuff to be out there, ripe for the plucking!?! Before watching contagion, watch Rise of the planet of the Apes, then after Contagion watch one of the following:
    Walking dead
    Servivours — BBC
    This set of movies/shows can give a fairly accurate duplication of how this type of pandemic could play out. Ignore the monkey buisness and the zombies of course!


  2. Barry says:

    Arn’t these the same guys that have a 20 year prison sentance for a cold blooded premeditated mass murderer of 77 (mostly children). Go figure.


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