Wildlife investigators look for clues in mystery of Ohio fish kill

April 26, 2012 OHIOThe Ohio Division of Wildlife got a call on Sunday from a fisherman who told the agency they should probably come see the flood of fish carcasses in the Rocky River. When they arrived, they discovered a waterway filled with dead aqua life. The fish kill is still under investigation. Today, the ODW announced the final death toll: 28,613 fish, along with other species. But the process of counting the dead was merely the first step. The interesting part, in terms of going after whoever was responsible for whatever caused the mass deaths (that’s about as specific as we can get right now), comes next. –Clevescene
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22 Responses to Wildlife investigators look for clues in mystery of Ohio fish kill

  1. Magenta says:

    Alvin, when CME”s hit the earth, do you know if the cosmic rays can be concentrated in one area? Because the bodies of most fish and birds are small, could CME’s be responsible for all these animal deaths? If so, I wonder would researchers even check the bodies for some kind of radiation?


    • GS

      Most of the energy (about 1 million amperes) from an incoming CME is transmitted down through the magnetic dipole regions of Earth in a complex energy exchange event via Birkeland currents. The radiation part is cosmic rays, but more specifically, neutrinos – about 100 billion solar neutrinos pass through your thumbnail every second. These high-energy subatomic particles move so fast they penetrate the body like x-rays, or gamma rays, and the only thing that’s left in their wake is the effects, if any, in degenerative cell tissue and structural DNA damage. As most toxicology tests on marine animals are chemical in nature- this would not be signatures they are designed to look for. What we do know is cosmic radiation does facilitate the growth of fungi and I have documented correlative cosmic ray peaks in space with fungus and other disease outbreaks on Earth in my book. Good question by the way…


  2. Discordian says:

    So many thousands and millions of dead fish and birds (etc.) over the last 2-3 years. How much longer before the food web is irreparably damaged? Does anyone know if there are similar mass die-offs of vegetation over this time-frame?

    Great site, by the way. Linked to it from another comment board, and it has become a daily habit ever since.


  3. Chris says:

    I would anticipate an earthquake in the very near future.


    • Elizabeth Logan says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth….The Japanese call this phenomena regarding fish… “earthquake fish”

      The birds, bats, etc., I believe are caused by chemicals sprayed on farmlands…just my oinion 🙂


  4. Kirill says:

    Does anyone checked that area for radiation? Fukushima continuous aftermath.


  5. Earthdancer says:

    Could it be fracking?


  6. elijahsmom3 says:

    In related news, last week over 5,600 fish and amphibians were killed in Ohio’s Donnels Creek in Clark Co. after a massive fire at a local oil company. Then my husband comes home and wonders why he’s not catching any fish.



  7. James says:

    My guess would be the pollution and radiation in the water. Either that or HAARP or Chemtrails killed them. We had some deer come up dead in the south side of the state earlier this year. They were all near the yellowstone river I believe or a tributary of it. They had a big oil spill there only 6 months before.


  8. Michael Montgomery says:

    I see fungus growing on all of the trees in the eastern usa and I just read that solar energy promotes fungus growth, Does radiation from fukushima do the same when rained upon the trees? I think so! There are “Hot spots on all of the leaves too! These are from Fukushima and they are on all of the trees in the eastern USA but no one is making this a public issue. AKA down playing the man made disaster that is upon the northern hemisphere! Also on the RSOE they now have polar bears showing signs of a type of mange on their skins and i think this is Fukushima also.


  9. Sean says:

    I live 40 min for here.. we had that noreaster come up with..the cold…after a nice warm spell. ..
    and with all the warm weather early on…im sure spawning season..started early which weakens the fish….it could have been a change in temp..but seems this is happening way to much…


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Sean I’m kinda thinking the samething, a rapid change in weather will cause things like this to happen. We’ve had the same type of fish kill to happen down here on the Texas Gulf Coast, when it’s a fairly mild winter and then a “Blue Norther” blows in a lot of fish in the bays will die. Most likely that’s what happened in Ohio too.


  10. Elizabeth Hazel says:

    Just received your precious book today, Alvin, and coincidentally(?), my eye quickly spotted your info re: fungi and “spores”! TY for your added info above! Dr. Spock, Data and even Yoda have transmitted many future details via scifi…my generation can easily accept these current changes as NORMAL…Good and bad!… But we need to be rooted to reality & Godliness! Sincere thanks for your daily messages & support!


  11. Dierdre says:

    I’m wondering if stronger CMEs is why there are horrible cases of athlete’s foot raging in my home that is NOT effected at all by the only thing, Lamisil, known to work. Just keeps raging on and on no matter how hard we try to treat it…anybody else experiencing this? Probably not related, but it is a fungus. The infection started last summer and has raged like a roller coaster ride ever since…


  12. yamkin says:

    Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up On The Shores Of Lake Simcoe In Canada


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