Swarm: Long Valley caldera rattled by small series of tremors

April 26, 2012Long Valley, CAA series of 8 tremors have erupted at the Long Valley super-volcano caldera over the last 24 hours- two yesterday, and six tremors today. The tremors today were a 1.1 mag (3.2 km), a 2.5 mag (4.5 km), a 1.6 mag (4.5 km), a 1.2 mag (2.8 km), a 1.5 mag (7.9 km) and a 1.3 mag at (3.7 km). This could be the beginning of a swarm so we’ll keep monitoring events and look for updates.The Extinction Protocol
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31 Responses to Swarm: Long Valley caldera rattled by small series of tremors

  1. Chris says:

    I would not put too much importance on any swarm in the Mammoth Lakes area. It’s a daily occurrence all along the area from Bridgeport to BIshop. There is a place called Coso Junction that was hopping a few years back with constant series of quakes but that seems to have died down. I was in Mammoth when the area was hit by twin 6 magnitude quakes in the 70’s and since that event they have been speaking of volcanic activity possibly resuming with 500 year old trees dying of carbon dioxide seeping up through the ground (killed several campers near Horseshoe Lake) and land deformations at Sherwin Summit. It’s a beautiful area with Mono Lake as the center piece witness to a massive volcanic explosion eons ago. Maybe I have become complacent and the next event is a full blown volcano!


    • nickk0 says:

      Hopefully, Chris, this is one caldera that won’t “go off”, because it would be almost as bad as Yellowstone “going off”.

      To Alvin:
      If you have not seen this already:
      This is quite *important*, because it provides more evidence, that the Earth is warming up ‘internally’, due to geologic forces …. Which is exactly what Alvin theorized in his book.

      This is Not good, because if the planet is overheating ‘internally’, we can’t do much, if anything, to stop Global Warming / Climate change….. <-and THAT, is THE LEAST of our worries, if earthquakes and volcanic activity start to accellerate in both frequency *and* intensity.


      • Yes, I did see it. See the latest post. Once you pressurize something that’s already pressurized; you’re in trouble and the only way to achieve thermal equilbrium again is through rapid depressurization (volcanic eruptions) and thermally-induced seismicity (large tetonic plate movements).


  2. Mary says:

    A dress rehersal of coming events is the way I see it. Be prepared in EVERY WAY.


  3. Rob says:

    Why in the world would you want people to NOT pay attention to a series of verifiable events that have NOT occured, with current levels of quake activity, like this in some time? Ah, well, if the USGS says their’s nothing to it & “all’s well” it MUST be true! Forget the fact that those of us that pay close attention to these things have noticed the increase in seismicity in a calderra with a high exploscivity(?sp) index. Our Government is far more interested destroying our Constitution & stomping all over the Bill of Rights than telling people the truth. After all, we see how well they handle Natural Disasters & they wouldn’t want to panic people. Why do you think that the morons at the USGS said that the double 8.+ quakes in Sumatra had nothing to do with the ripple of quakes the went Eastward along the Ring of Fire(as well as beyond, in the case of the subsequent Eastern US & Canada quakes) & that ‘the Ring of Fire was not waking up’ & that there was ‘nothing to worry about’? ‘Everything’s normal folks!’


  4. Rob says:

    …cont…’Go back to watching this weeks episode of Jersey Shore, or American Idol & well be back during the next commercial intermission to tell you what to think.’.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      I agree with you Rob, the “D.C. Terrorist” keep telling us that everything is fine but they are the ones building underground bunkers and stocking up on years worth of ammo, but they just tell us to have enough food and water to last for 3 days “just in case” there
      would be a disaster that happened to occur. Yeah right, just enough for 3 days, I’ve lived thru hurricanes and I know what its like when one hits, did you hear about “Hurricane IKE” ? We had a direct hit from that one, I lost my home because of it and I know for a fact that everyone around here needed more than 3 days of food and water to survive, how about electricity to run the water pumps and sewage treatment facilities.
      It was’nt our first hurricane and thank God we knew what to expect and we prepared for it,
      alot of people either did’nt or could’nt afford to prepare the way we did and they paid for it, some with their lives. Others believed that “the government HAD to take care of them”
      they found out differently.
      It’s your life and it’s up to you to take care of it, if you’re relying on the government to do it, then you desereve what they give you.


  5. Chris says:

    I have always hoped in my heart that there would never be a volcanic eruption in Mammoth because it is so beautiful there. God’s will not mine. What I do watch closely these days is the rising activity on the lower San Andreas fault zone. Recently earthquakes have been occurring up and down the Coachella Valley and the San Jacinto fault zone and Elsinore fault zone with growing regularity after falling off after the Japanese mega quake. Something is definitely up! A volcanic eruption can never be ruled out.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      It’s almost like God is giving the American people extra warnings of what is about to happen here by causing the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions everywhere around the “ring of fire” but here in America. Do you think we are taking His warnings seriously ?
      NO most of the people don’t even know about the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all around the world. Like Rob said, they’re too busy watching American Idol or someother brain dead crap on tv. If it does’nt directly affect them, they don’t care. But when it does, its “OMG” why did’nt someone warn me about this.


    • elijahsmom3 says:

      Seems like anymore, nothing can be ruled out anywhere. Even if it has never happened before.


  6. Marshallrn says:

    The small earthquakes on the southern part of the San Andreas can help to release pressure right?!? I’m more concerned with the Northern part of the San Andreas fault because of how quiet it has been for so long. Pressure is building up.


  7. Marshallrn says:

    Can we get a link to the mammoth graph pictured above?


  8. sylvia says:

    Thank you for all the info you offer Alvin. I check in daily since finding this site. Last week you mentioned ‘thinking that you know what is happening’ . Are you able to share?
    Peace 🙂


  9. Rob says:

    Wow Alvin, removing Data? Come on now….why on earth would the USGS do a thing like that? Again. I forgot to put “again” at the end of that statement 😉


  10. Rob says:

    Just out of curiosity…Did they sweep it off of the USGS site completely or just off of the “recent quakes” data? I use GlobalIncidentReporting’s Quakes page & they only show/list the 100 most recent quakes & it bugged the crap out of me tilll I figured that out 😉


  11. frank says:



  12. Kim Hartley says:

    USGS just listed a 2.6 for Mammoth Lake… then removed it so the swarm is on-going.. they just don’t seem to be able to decide on a magnitude for them initially.


  13. Ophelia says:

    Thank you for all you do, Alvin. Stay safe, people. Keep fighting and peace be with you.


  14. Kim Hartley says:

    Been a few round that region since you posted this..


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