Antarctic ice melting from below, reveals satellite

Major volcanoes of Antarctica: “Underwater volcanism is also sublimating portions of the Antarctica ice mass from underneath. In 2004, a research team led by Eugene Domack, aboard the research vessel Lawrence M. Gould, made a remarkable discovery of a massive underwater volcano off the coast of Antarctica using a deep water submersible vehicle equipped with a cadre of sensors and video cameras. The volcano was 2300 feet (700 meters) tall. The British team findings confirmed the volcano was still active and was contributing to the melting of the ice sheet from beneath the Antarctica land mass.”   –The Extinction Protocol, page 160 – 2010
contribution Emanni – Nicco
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29 Responses to Antarctic ice melting from below, reveals satellite

  1. Pauly says:

    The warming fools and liars will find a way to blame this on man’s activities.


    • Sam says:

      Deny what is happening world wide if you must. The truth is humans are detrimental to ourselves and when we have poisined, killed, and consumed beyond our limits, the world will return to a natural state. Carry on; the sooner the better.


    • dale says:

      Pauly, here is a report of a study by real scientists (whom you appear to reject in favor of big energy propaganda and their right wing media outlets):

      “Climatologists have been raising alarms about global warming for years, and now geologists are getting into the act, warning that melting glaciers will lead to an increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in unexpected places.
      Less Glacial Pressure, More Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions
      Ice is extremely heavy—weighing about one ton per cubic meter—and glaciers are massive sheets of ice. When they are intact, glaciers exert enormous pressure on the portion of the Earth’s surface they cover. When glaciers begin to melt—as they are doing now at an increasingly rapid rate due to global warming—that pressure is reduced and eventually released.

      Geologists say releasing that pressure on the Earth’s surface will cause all sorts of geologic reactions, such as earthquakes, tsunamis (caused by undersea earthquakes) and volcanic eruptions…….
      Writing in New Scientist magazine, Bill McGuire, professor of geological hazards at University College in London, said: “All over the world evidence is stacking up that changes in global climate can and do affect the frequencies of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic sea-floor landslides.”

      These are experts in the field, reporting in peer reviewed journals (Dr Wu from University of Alberta also contributes). What are your sources? Fox news? Non climate scientists hired by the Koch brothers or Big energy? The vast majority of scientists with expertese in these fields accept global warming as proved. Volcanoes in Antartica, which may be erupting due to glacier melting, are no contributing to the melting, according to the men who discovered these volcanoes in 2004. However artic sea ice, artic glaciers, as well as antartic glaciers (including those not near the discovered volacanoes) are all melting more rapidly than anyone predicted. Local volcanism cannot explain a worldwide event.

      When it comes to science, I only trust real scientists in the fields at issue. The vast consensus, supported by heavy data, is that global warming is taking place much faster than was originally projected. Calling people names and asserting that all the scientists have sold out (in fact it is the climate deniers who can earn big bucks from Big energy who have sold out). The war on science from the right wing (sponsored by the corporations which do not want regulation of their pollution so they can maximize short term profits.). The Koch brothers did a study to expose NOAA data as faulty; in fact it proved that govt data is totally correct. The earth is getting warmer, glaciers north and south are melting at record levels, and the sea level is rising. These are facts that even the biggest promoters of the idea that global warming is a hoax cannot disprove.


  2. Mary says:

    So underground volcanos could be the cause of melting? Does Gore know this?


    • Mrchillydog says:

      Didn’t he invent the internet?


      • radiogirl says:

        Evidence of a warming earth is barreling down on us so……..where is Al Gore? I am asking could it be that the model he was working from is not adequate enough to explain the dynamic process our earth is experiencing? No doubt we have ransacked our planet and it is destroying our habitat …and yet there are forces that far exceed our own that appear to be at work. Take Care, R


  3. Brandon says:

    Nikko mentioned something I was already thinking. In the film 2012 the earth’s core overheated causing the planet to overturn. It’s now overheating in reality. My question is how much more would it have to overheat for that film to become reality? We know what happens in the Book of Revelation.


    • Harold says:

      Brandon – the earth is billions of years old so you might have quite a wait to see what happens, but then again, the movie 2012 did have a point. I hope Chris keeps giving us an update.


      • Brandon says:

        Thank you for your opinion. I’m sorry but my gut tells me we won’t be waiting that long. Just because this planet is billions of years old doesn’t matter. We’ve had several extinctions in our history. Plus things are happening so rapidly.


  4. Jonas says:

    This has been going on more than likely for thousands of years. Antartica is a volcanic region as much as anywhere else in the world. Just because you cant see it does not mean it is not happening.


    • radiogirl says:

      Yes! There have always been volcanoes erupting.The question is..are these eruptions INCREASING..and possibly morphing into a state of catastrophic eruptions worldwide.

      And yes these cycles have been around for thousands of years and more.So …it stands to question are we in a period of extreme geophysical changes that will encompass the globe.It is a question worth asking.


  5. phil says: s/article-2135422/UK-weather-Farmer-lifted-feet-tornado-head-wettest-April-EVER.html weird weather my friends


  6. I mentioned this under sea heating only yesterday at another great blog, where scientists are blaming other factors for the melting of sea ice…… thanks for the post Alvin……


  7. I was a little shocked by the news that there is a huge volcano under all that ice and went to confirm the story. Here is a link to a newspaper article from the time,2078337


  8. Rickenstein says:

    Lake Vostok!


  9. Mike S says:

    I know Revelations gets pretty destructive, but it does say not a hair on the head will be harmed of my people and here is Gods Covenant with Noah. Genesis 9:9 “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you – the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you – every living creature on earth. I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.

    Believe in the Son, Lord Yeshua, Amen.


  10. Carla Burgers says:

    If NASA can heat-scan an area like that, it must certainly be able to scan upcoming earthquakes and blowing underwater vulcanoes with the heat they protrude !?


  11. Joseph t. Repas says:

    This is something I have stated for years for the arctic ice pack as well…But the man made global warming people will not stop their ranting or at least admit that they do not know as much as they claim. I guess this shows Bush was a genius for not falling in for that Kyoto summit foolishness.Also, it reminds us of the dangers of chicken little mentality bullying others into forced change of technology that is unaffordable.


  12. Dublintaff says:

    Look I read this years ago and thought nice
    Bit of fiction…. About the deluge. Not so sure now apart from the
    Planet on its way to smash us (niburu) rubbish. From Sitchen……..
    One endeavor to unravel the puzzle of the Deluge, then, focuses on Earth’s climatic changes, and in particular the abrupt collapse of the ice age some 13,00by Dr. John T. Hollin
    of the University of Maine. He contended that the Antarctic ice sheet periodically breaks loose and slips into the sea, creating an abrupt and-enormous tidal wave!
    This hypothesis-accepted and elaborated upon by others-suggests that as
    the ice sheet grew thicker and thicker, it not only trapped more of
    Earth’s heat beneath the ice sheet but also created (by pressure and friction) a slushy, slippery layer at its bottom. Acting as a lubricant between the thick ice sheet above and the solid Earth below, this slushy
    layer sooner or later caused the ice sheet to slide into the surrounding ocean.
    Holin calculated that if only half the present ice sheet of Antarctica
    (which is, on the average, more than a mile in thickness) were to slip
    into the southern seas, an immense tidal wave would follow and raise the
    sea level all over the world. 

    Alvin, I don’t believe the rest of the book
    But your post about the sea eating the ice from below rang a bell. Could this in Have any
    Basis at all?


    • Where there are massive shifts occurring with the magnetic dipole of the planet that has wide-spread implications and means more than just a compass changing directions. The flow of magma in the planet is linked very closely with geomagnetism – and that has all sorts of seismic implications for most of the planet.


  13. suz says:

    Thanks for the link Luther….I was surprised too.
    “Underwater volcanic eruptions and magma flows on the sea floor have been seen for the first time ever thanks to video captured by NOAA. James Williams talks to the lead scientist on the project to learn the story behind the explosive images.”


  14. nickk0 says:

    Picture of all the (known) Antarctic volcanoes:

    Just as interesting: A thermal map of Antarctica

    Posted on the WeatherUnderground site at:


  15. Lisa says:

    If you search this story, you will find that the volcano in the article was discovered in 2004. It is referenced again using the same information in an article dated 2009. I have not found anything current about the activity of this volcano. Although it is there, it may not be active. Since there is no other documentation anywhere on the web about its current activity, I’ll have to reserve my opinion. I discovered an article on here was actually taken from another website which has no credibility. Just because it’s out there, people, doesn’t mean it is 100% accurate. I’ll continue to do some more research on this.


    • Lisa says:

      After contacting Mr. Eugene Domack concerning the validity of this post, since it is from a 2004 article, I received his response:

      Hi Lisa
      no the volcano is not subglacial it is submarine and is or has been active in the last 10 years but
      did not appear to be so in 2010 when we did an ROV survey across the southern end of it.


      Can anyone access a 2012 thermal satellite image?


  16. yamkin says:

    Record Sea Ice! National Weather Service, Anchorage


  17. kmguru says:

    My friend saw a projection. In 200 years the Florida will be under the sea. We do not know what are the features that will get us there…so, everyone should watch it. We are out of the tipping point to stop it. So, the possibilities are Disaster, Rescue, relief and Recovery…I think this website should talk about that. Thank you.


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