Russian general acknowledges nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea for the first time

 April 25, 2012IRANRussia has for the first time acknowledged the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and Iran. During a televised interview with Russia Today on Tuesday, the country’s Army General Nikolai Makarov said that according to a joint analysis conducted with the U.S., there is a “probability that the threat exists.” The general added that Russia agreed on the need to create a missile defense system. Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry has said that there is no nuclear threat from Pyeongyang or Tehran since they don’t have the capacity to build or deliver nuclear weapons. His remarks followed various foreign media reports indicating that North Korea has completed the preparations for a third nuclear test. –Arirang
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8 Responses to Russian general acknowledges nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea for the first time

  1. John Durango says:

    This comment proves that there is a Worldwide Military Industrial Complex working together to keep the taxpayers money of all Countries flowing to builders of mass destruction fear.


  2. Rob says:

    And things just keep getting better & better…..


  3. nickk0 says:

    I’d like to say to the Russians:


  4. Carla Burgers says:

    “Army General acknowledged”….. That’s a first one ! What games are the Russians playing ??


  5. jadetvm says:

    Thank you very much, Alvin, for this website. This has been my only source of news ever since I have stumbled upon it. Are there news on the “chip”? What I read in the blog below is disturbing, that its implementation is now part of US law.

    And also how about news about schism in the Catholic Church, for a prophecy foretold that Pope Benedict XVI will be the last Pope, and the one that will follow will be the false prophet.


  6. Edward says:

    This is a lie!!! Isn’t it strange how every country now is becoming a threat to America and Israel? you are hearing propaganda, I didn’t expect this from Russia, But it could be a unit that has been infiltrated by America or Isarel! As they are behind most of the false flag operations around the world. Britain and France are also in on these scams to start wars! The zionists infiltrated every nation. I am ashamed of my own country of Britain!


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