5 Responses to North Korea prepares for another nuclear test

  1. Taffyduff says:

    Why are they testing their nuclear bombs! ? Obviously to use on another country.
    These people are completely barking mad. If you think Iran is a problem, think again.
    I have a funny feeling that we could be blind sided by this lot.
    They are so anti-west – that they even make China, Iran and Russia feel embarrased.


  2. Dianne Ford says:

    Do you think that all of these tests(?) are just to fool people into thinking that this new one will just fail like the rest and then they will load it with the real payload of atomic bomb material??? I do not trust them or any of what they say at all as no one should. Communist countries are not trustworhy at all! GBless you and your work on here for without your information the so called news would not tell us anything!


  3. Rob says:

    With their posturing & rhetoric, towards SK,I’m not convinced that this will be a “test” but the first phase of outright war with the South. In my opinion, SK has just as much reason to be concerned, if not more, by NK’s actions than Isreal does by Iran & their words & actions.


  4. Dan Sherwood says:

    NK has followed through with everything they said up to this point. So their is no reason to doubt that they will launch an attack on the south. In fact, the Gov. remote viewing group claimed that they viewed the use of nukes by NK on SK, and claimed it to be one of the last things to happen prior to a grate catastrophe. (Ed Dames calls it the Kill Shot, you can watch a video on it) and then take it with a grain of salt. He claims 95% of the population of the world will die, and that does not line up with scripture.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    China is the driving force behind this I think.
    While the world is tied down here if a conflict breaks out, then they will move somewhere else, militarily.
    Just a thought………….


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