Science hit with double flops in a week: no dark matter around Sun, cosmic rays source not Gamma Ray Bursts

April 23, 2012 SPACE Here’s troubling news in the world of astrophysics, in which astronomers can’t seem to find the dark matter. As you may know dark matter is a much-speculated upon, but unknown substance that cannot be seen but appears to exist as it exerts a gravitational force on material around it. Astronomers first posited the existence of dark matter to explain why the outer portions of galaxies rotate quickly, and it now is also an important part of theories that explain how galaxies form and grow. Scientists believe there must be about five times as much dark matter in the universe as normal matter — atoms, planets, you and me. Last week, in a study that didn’t get the attention it probably deserves, astronomers said they could find any dark matter near our Sun. Existing theories predict that the average amount of dark matter in the Sun’s part of the galaxy should be in the range 1 to 2 pounds of dark matter in a volume the size of the Earth. The new measurements found nada. Zip. Zilch.“This is an article that we are going to have to take seriously,” Texas A&M astronomer Nick Suntzeff told me. Which is to say that if dark matter is not where our theories predict it will be, our theories probably have some serious issues. –Chron
Mystery of cosmic rays deepens: The mystery of the origin of the strongest cosmic rays has deepened as new clues into key suspects, the most powerful explosions in the universe, suggest they are likely not potential culprits, researchers say. Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe. They can emit as much energy as our sun during its entire 10-billion-year lifetime in anywhere from milliseconds to minutes. Some gamma-ray bursts are thought to be collapses of super massive stars — hypernovas — while others are thought to be collisions of black holes with other black holes or neutron stars,” said study co-author Spencer Klein of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Both types produce brief but intense blasts of radiation.” New evidence may now rule out gamma-ray bursts as sources of these. Using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole in Antarctica, the boffins watched 300 gamma ray bursts (GRBs) while searching for the neutrinos that are believed to be linked with cosmic ray generation, and found none. “The unexpected absence of neutrinos from GRBs has forced a re-evaluation of the theory for production of cosmic rays and neutrinos in a GRB fireball and possibly the theory that high energy cosmic rays are generated in fireballs.”  Space,  Register
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10 Responses to Science hit with double flops in a week: no dark matter around Sun, cosmic rays source not Gamma Ray Bursts

  1. So every hypothesis based on these erroneous theories is now out the window. This can only further to add to the distrust of the information scientists feed us.


    • laura says:

      Only Cosmologists are bastardizing science this way. They should have ‘rebooted’ the moment they needed to postulate something never observed to plug HUGE holes in their failz theory. Now it’s only going to be too embarassing to give up their pet theories. I call it the Galileo Syndrome. Epicycles, anyone?


  2. Larry Heir says:

    Science is mostly based on theory. Theories are confirmed or proven wrong all the time. Science does not feed us anything, we are fed by the media who does not understand how science works. It is our problem if we take it to be facts. Example: Scientists agree climate change is man made.


    • nickk0 says:

      I have to agree with Larry on this.

      Something else to think about:
      How much did the Ancients know about science and the Universe, that may have been forgotten ? And has been rediscovered ? I am starting to wonder.
      We may not really be much smarter, than the ‘scientists’ and astronomers of Socrates’ generation….. and prior to that !
      Perhaps we are not giving some of the ‘backward’ Ancient people, enough credit.


      • tonic says:

        I agree nikk0. They were far more aware of all around them because they had to be, to survive. Might be, that knowing when next rainfall would be was crucial, or when the sun was next at it’s hottest. And, unlike our civalisation, they included astronomy in their calculations. They didn’t have weather forecasts from met offices, and they did’nt have Walmart.!


  3. nanoduck says:

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”- Socrates
    The largely atheistic scientific community will never acknowledge that there is a force in motion in the universe that cannot be explained by physics; the answer will always be out of their reach.


  4. Marie-Louise says:

    Scientists are in the dark and they take themselves for lights in our civilization.


  5. Ken says:

    Alternate idea — disintegrating comets. At 1629UT 28 Sep 11, there was a seven-fold increase in cosmic ray neutrons. When exactly did we fly through perihelion-disintegrated Elenin’s tail?


  6. John says:

    Nassim Haramein already theorized there is no dark matter and has developed an amazing explanation. Anyone who is interested should watch his lecture at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. Be warned however, the entire video is 8 hours long but WELL worth it.


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