Mass death of dolphins in Peru linked to viral infection?

April 23, 2012PERU Investigations are on into the deaths of hundreds of dolphins that washed up on the northern coast of Peru. Around 877 carcasses of dolphins and porpoises were found on Peruvian beaches in two and half months. Peruvian officials and environmentalists are trying to unravel the mystery behind the phenomenon. No concrete reasons have been figured out yet but the authorities believe that it could possibly be a viral infection that may have killed the dolphins in huge numbers. While environmental groups in the country blame the seismic oil exploration work carried out by BPZ Energy Company for the dolphin deaths. “The most probable hypothesis is the possibility of an infection with a virus,” he said. “There are scientific articles about the incidence of morbillivirus, a type of distemper, in cetaceans in Peru, and that can be ruled out or proven next week,” told Deputy Environment Minister Gabriel Quijandria to Associated press. BPZ, a Houston-based company had carried out the oil exploration work between February 8 and April 8, off Northern Peru. Peruvian environmentalists have said that the sound waves generated from the oil exploration work could be the cause of the deaths. However, Quijandria said that so far there is no proof to link dolphin deaths to seismic work, according to the Associated Press report. Most of the carcasses found were already decomposed, making it difficult to study the cause of their deaths. However, authorities have also ruled out the possibility of deaths due to lack of food or poisoning, CNN reported quoting Andina News Agency. Mass dolphin deaths have been reported globally in recent years, raising concerns about the survival of the species.IBT
contribution by Larry F.
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12 Responses to Mass death of dolphins in Peru linked to viral infection?

  1. Phyllis says:

    Oh wow,I had just seen this in my email and the link to it was about the investigation and it was CBS world news website,I was going to ask if this was something you had seen and then just seen the post here about it,there is too much happening to the ocean animals,I just believe the ocean is polluted,I just dont believe their stories,too much happening here.I dont believe we will have a world worth living in when all the beautiful dolphins are gone.


  2. MalachiYAH says:

    Hmmmm… Let’s see….. The radiation from the Japan disaster unleashed untold amounts of radioactive waste right into the ocean there off the coast. Well if we look at the water currents of the pacific we see that not only is there a long current that takes it up to Alaska and then down the west coast of North America (btw… the epidemic of the polar bears, sea lions, and fish ‘mysteriously’ dieing of a so-called viral infection…) well there is also a minor current that gets wrapped in the ‘vortex’ swirling current in the middle of the pacific and then gets dispersed from there. Well I wonder if they are testing the tell-tale signs of radiation sickness/poisoning. It sure would be a logical explanation for this! Also, there is the possibility that the radiation has caused a mutation of some normally benign strain of bacteria or virus and it’s new strain has turned out to be something deadly for some sea life. Or maybe this is just what we’re seeing because these creatures are the upper food chain and this is a sign of even greater deaths is the lower food chain? Kind of makes one wonder what the next step will be for humanity if a total collapse and rebuild scenario doesn’t happen…


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      In today’s news a story of a young Japanese boy that lost his soccer ball in last year’s tsunami that hit Japan, it was found on the beach by a man and his wife in Alaska. If the soccer ball managed to ride the ocean currents to Alaska then possibly so did radioactive
      material and debris from the nuclear power plant that failed due to the tsunami that destroyed it. This should lead to an immediate investigation as to just how much radioactive debris is or already has made its way to Alaska and the extremely rich fishing waters of Alaska and Canada.
      The ocean currents most certainly have made their way by now to Canada and the northwest coast of the U.S. carrying with it radioactive contamination to the sea life of North America and soon most of the Pacific Ocean.
      But Nancy Pelosi (her husband owns stock in Star-Kist Tuna) will deny that there is a problem with the tuna and they will continue to sell it in the stores, thanks govt. inspectors.


  3. Kaz says:

    So long…. and thanks for all the fish!


  4. rose wright says:

    it is very possible since bats and dolphins are sensitive too sound waves, can be a magnetic field solar engergy sending these animals to there death. if it was any type of diease then it would be all types of birds and animals,that would be affected. i do think the sun and the moon,acting strangely have something to do with it..


  5. dihydromonoxide says:

    they look to discolored by crude oil just what i see in that picture so is that an infection or brusing or do we have another gulf sized spill once more


  6. Wiseguy says:

    In Montreal, Canada, 250 000 people walked for Earth’s Day asking our government to sign Kyoto Agreement… It makes me sad to see so many naive believing to what the mainstream media told them. They will wake up one day very brutally…


  7. Moco says:

    Whether man made or just pure earth changes, the dolphins can’t handle the frequency changes and escape out of the ocean. Propaganda and “virus” this and that to explain all anomolies.
    Bees die, bats die, frogs die,dolphins die all blamed on viruses. The life on this planet is senstive to all energy of the planet and possibly the universe. We are electrical, not chemical.


  8. yamkin says:

    Thousands More Dead Fish Washed Ashore In Pakistan

    As thousands more dead fish washed ashore near the Keamari jetty for the second consecutive day on Saturday, the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority (KFHA) collected samples to ascertain the cause.


  9. andrew says:

    I just left Peru when I saw the report. They have failed to mention the amount of dead Sea-lions and seals along that stretch of coast. And further north the dead seahorses and turtles.
    I was amazed at the amount of dead marine life along the Peruvian coast and at the time thought it may have been normal for that region, or at least for the time of year – the place we surfed was so littered with dead marine life the walk out the point was hard to stomach as the rotting bodies filled the air with unimaginable stench. I suspect the amount of dead dolphins is much, much higher than reported as the area we were in is not frequented by anybody, and we saw at least 15 dead dolphins and 5 dead seals in that 2km stretch.


  10. Madeleine Baldissera says:

    Man has made such a hash of this world and the creatures on land and in the sea are sounding the warning bell. We can’t continue to polute our planet without there being devastating consequences. Our planet is sick and all the creatures on it are all dying prematurely and under unnatural circumstances. Until responsibility and honesty come into the equation nothing can change. So much hasn’t come to light and probably never will. There is a covert mission of mining and government to pillage the world and strip it of its resources and to hell with the consequences; with the catchcry being “Any excuse will do.” I am heartened by the comments posted here that all see it clearly for what it is ie exploitation of the vulnerable.


  11. steve says:

    I know why this is happening it’s because the government has been spraying chemicals over small communities to do testing and to see what will happen to them when they come in contact with the chemicals this has leaked into our water an is now killing our animals.. simple as that


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