7 million bats die from WNS: ‘We can’t stop this thing and its marching across the country’

April 23, 2012NORTH AMERICA Over 7 million bats have been wiped out by a disease (WNS) that is rapidly spreading across the country. It’s an extinction of animals by disease that has no precedent in recorded history. First identified in the northeastern United States, WNS has wiped out an estimated 95% of Pennsylvania’s bat population and is quickly spreading across the country. It was most recently discovered in Missouri, Delaware and Alabama. “This is like bringing small pox to the New World. It is surely an unprecedented wildlife disaster for North America,” said Bucknell University professor Dr. DeeAnn Reeder. Reeder is one of the country’s leading experts on WNS, and one of the researchers responsible for identifying the cause of the disease in 2011. “We can’t stop this thing. It’s marching across the country and we’re going to see some extinction.” –PR Web
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44 Responses to 7 million bats die from WNS: ‘We can’t stop this thing and its marching across the country’

  1. TexasRedNeck says:

    This really is scary, without bats farmers will have to use more chemicals to protect their crops.
    For those that don’t like bats you should read about the benefits of bats close to farms and how they really do benefit all of us by helping to control insects and reducing the extra costs to farmers when they have to use chemicals to protect their crops, in the end the farmers have to pass that extra cost to the consumers.


  2. bigsmileu1 says:

    This event that is happening to the bats is very disturbing. It is similar to the bees, and has such an all encompasing effect on the bat populations. This is just not a good thing!


  3. m c says:

    Not good, not good at all.

    Bats are sort of creepy but man do they like to eat bugs and if they go then I’d expect a population explosion in the bug world.NASTY.


  4. squirt says:

    The bats are going extinct, the bees are dying off, both are pollinators. Could Monsanto be responsible, wanting full control of the food we eat or more of a human mistake using pesticides/herbicides. Spooky either way…. not good at all.


    • ram kalaspurkar says:

      Yes they are. Your prediction is absolutely right.How they are related is as fallows ,the monsanto who use genetic modification, is using the pramoter named camv 35 s, to activate the new gen which they want to introduce.This pramoter can transfer it’s own verluent genes to pathogens making them overactive. So new plant viruses have the same origin.if plant’s immune is inactive against the new virus then it will kill the same speci of plant through out the globe. Same is happening for bats ,vultuers ,fishes of some species.


  5. dannrivera says:

    . . . and people will be dying off too after the bats, after the bees, after the dolphins, after an earthquake at Fukushima Nuclear Reactor . . .


    • squirt says:

      Actually if you put together all the animals on land and in the water that have died off in great masses this past year or so all around the world IS spooky….


  6. Phyllis says:

    I just wonder what is causing this,is this related to what is happening to the bees? this is scary, I dont like bats either but dont want to lose them, that would be devastating, if you add up everything that is happening together, we are in trouble!


  7. Kim says:

    This is really scary…they guys take care of lots of insects. I sure surely hope that the farmers don’t use more chemicals…that is the culprit of this…to much of man dabbling in the unknown and not enough of old fashioned hard work.


  8. I am wondering…is this the same type of virus the tornado victims of Jophlin had contracted from the soil? Could it be Monsanto poisioning?


    • Dawn says:

      Let’s not forget the Dolphins and all the other animals in the past year that are either dying in mass quantities! Also the Ferrell Pigs that are attacking! If you don’t like bats and think big deal, same for Bees, I suggest you look up how bats fit in to the cycle! I don’t know what is going on, however I’m not surprised by all of this! May God Bless you all!


    • Lori Muir says:

      Happy yet Monsanto? Dig it up..burn it…burn it all!~GMOs are destroying our environment…destroy it, ban it, burn it, or we will be next! Read this story: Monsanto-spawned superweeds growing three inches daily, destroying farm equipment

      Monday, August 01, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

      Yes…the very insects that are the primary diet for bats are the same insects we are trying to kill from eating our crops or to control mosquitos. This chemical war on our enviroment is going to kill us all much sooner than any 2012 scenario…but it will be explained away, and MONSANTO will not be blamed, docotrs and big pharma have no incentive to tell you either. The brainwashing must end…wake up time has come and gone, now the sh!t is getting real. Just because you CAN buy something, doesn’t mean you should. Push for labeling laws…push for GMO BANS, like every other country in the free and not so free world has already done… BAN MONSANTO and GMOs!


    • merle says:

      I don’t have any reasonable answers, but the first thing that came to mind before I read any of these posts was, MONSANTO. Well, there is no proof only speculation, but very interesting to see how many people suspect the same thing! Such important aids in the food chain…bees and bats…hmmm.


  9. Birds and bats dying, victims of chemtrails, smart meters, and the other various severe environmental disturbances of the cabal. “They” are hoping that by the time people wake up to what’s been happening around them, it will be too late.


  10. Wendy Morrow says:

    could it be radiation from Fukushima ??// its not only bats, but sea turtles, dolphines, black birds….


    • I’ve been saying The Extinction Protocol has been activated in the biosphere for 3 years now and many people thought I was an alarmist or just fearmongering to try and sale books and this was before there was a Fukushima. What is past is prologue…what lies before us is unprecedented.


  11. We have been witnessing through the last 2 decades in ever increasing speed the breakdown of the food chain as it pertains to mammals , over population of non native species which kill off the native ones, and detrimentally change the Eco system around them, to whole kills of species that keep nature in balance, eventually we will feel the impact at our dinner table, and perhaps as Alvin has stated , in the end ..it will be us against the them , fighting for whatever scrap is fit to eat.
    Each link in the chain is dependant on the other for balance.

    We are the break in the chain.

    Many thanks to you Alvin for the spotlight you shine!


  12. Dawn says:

    What about mosquitoes wouldn’t the dying of all these bats increase the amount of them? That wouldnt be good I think it would cause alot of disease to people.


    • I
      Food chain unraveling

      The typical bat can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes an hour. 1/4 of all mammals on land are bats. Dolphins are also marine mammals and they are dying globally in increasingly high numbers. Bees pollinate 1/3 of the food we consume in the world and the world loses one hectare of arable land every 7.67 seconds- while the population inches toward 10 billion people.


  13. Dan Sherwood says:

    Could this just be a step in facilitating the comming fulfillment of Rev. 6:15.


  14. openyoureye says:

    they all navigate using Sonar…the electromagnetic field has changed. Magnetic North has moved, this is what I believe is happening.


  15. zencomico says:

    I feel that we are linked to the animals. The animals are a sign of human extinction to come. The bats are like people who live in the dark. And the fish are like people who go with the flow. One comes before the other. The animal are the anima(soul) of us. They are spiritually linked. I know it is weird, but every idea is weird if it is frontier.


    • pagan66 says:

      Your thoughts are not weird at all zencomico. For everything around us is entwined, it is the eternal web of life. Man tends to forget that he is such a very small part of Nature & that he has such a huge responsibilty which hasnt been honoured. No wonder then that Nature seems out of whack. He has both forgotten & denied – in typical egotistical fashion – the total sacredness of nature & the existence of the Creator.



      • nickk0 says:

        Nah, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. The Ancients had it so backwards.
        Just let Monsanto take care of business and they will ‘re-engineer’ everything for us. 😐


  16. sara says:

    Their immune systems are compromised. So are ours. I doubt the researchers have considered the possible impact of chemtrails. I think they should.


  17. Debbie says:

    Would it be mean to say that I kinda wish the mosquitoes would take a hike? They are so horrible here in GA….ughh!


    • Morgean says:

      I live in GA too and had a bat box at my home until I moved recently. I loved my bats; they provide a huge service and indeed we are all connected. Very sad news.


  18. Julie Snider says:

    From what I understand the fungus,WNS, was brought to North America by an unsuspecting tourist. They don’t yet know why the European bats are immune to it. Unfortunately, by the time they figure it out, it may be too late. The task of immunizing millions of bats, would be monumental, if not impossible!


  19. Brazo Harrison says:

    well lets just import some European bats. a great starter business. Bats eat mosquitoes, how happy thou art mosquitoe. As for those who want to work your rear end off hoeing a whole field without modern agri chemical. get to to it! see how little you have to eat at the end of the summer.
    Don’t demand some one else go broke trying to produce food for you under those conditions. Yes the Gm seed is evil and some agri chems are bad but not all. the green reveloution which feeds 6 to billion people is unworkable without these tools. Get real!!! I worked in the Agri Industry for many years. Learn a lot more so that you can engage in an intelligent conversation about the issue.


    • Marilyn says:

      We do not use chemicals in our fields, and our yields are great. We plant by earth signs and use the tractor to side dress the rolls once or twice, and practice crop rotation, we do use a hoe but it is more to break the crust around young plants, but that is it.


  20. Kathy Parker says:

    I grew up on a small farm, we raised our own meat and produce, I grew up drinking milk from our cows. Don’t tell me you can’t grow a garden without chemicals, my grandparents and parents did and I am 50 years old, so it wasn’t that long ago. Yes, it may take a little hard work to hoe a garden of weeds but boy were we all healthier for it. This is how God intended us to get our food source, not to take the easy way out and pollute our enviroment in order to kill weeds and insects. We did use seven dust which is a more natural insect killer, it’s made from a certain type of tree bark.

    I feel so sad for all the bats and bees that are dying off…..we need them! I also believe that Monsanto is the anti Christ


  21. rose says:

    bats, like other animals, are critical to the food chain. what we may be seeing is the stage being set up for famine and pestilence because the loss of one predator may result in an alteration in the checks and balances in order to maintain some form of equilibrium in nature.we are losing not just one predator, but multiple participants in the food chain e.g. the bees, the dolphins, the birds, etc etc. thank you Alvin for your website…i have been taking every bible prophecy seriously since i saw the emerging pattern or the hints pointing to a specific event. i have been rethinking about the Great commission and the urgency for each believer to spread the GOOD NEWS and make disciples of all nations. Praise GOD!


  22. redcatcherexpress says:

    Wait till the debris from Japan hits the west coast.With it comes radiation.All the troops out there have been equiped with anti radiation pills.I don’t know how it is where some of you live,but here in Mo we have plenty of bees.People are going to swarms to get them in their bee boxes.The two years prier to now there were no bees.Another good thing some of us found out is that the oil from pot is curing peoples cancer.I had no idea something like this could happen.If it works for cancer,it works for radiation and all these new virus’s we are getting.I don’t guess the pot head knew anything about this or we would have known about this years ago.


  23. CEA says:

    Bats are dying, flying around in winter daylight. Bees are dying, unable to navigate their way back to their hives. Both are facing extinction and this all happened simultaneously. I think researchers ought to stop worrying about ‘which’ microorganisms are the culprits and realize that this has little to do with microorganisms, but rather the immune system in general, and then start asking themselves the question: What’s changed in the last decade? Wireless technology. Cell phone towers, wifi, etc… Manmade electromagnetic fields confuse the immune system (bats and bees) and also interfere with navigation (bees).


    • Soapbox Jill says:

      The telecom industry is too big and people love their gadgets too much for scientists and power-mongers to care about this likely cause. You are so logical about what has changed. Perhaps North American bats could have fought off the fungus without their immune systems being compromised by unnatural electromagnetic fields. Think of this: while you hibernate your body is in one places. So any fields reaching you there would also take their toll, unlike times you are in flight or moving place to place. EMR would focus while they sleep, allowing fungus to take hold.

      Even if European bats had immunity built up, OUR bats still might have had a kicking chance without the oxidative stress of new EMR exposures since the mid-2000s. WAKE UP, PEOPLE. Use some common sense. We are next in the circle of life.

      Remember John 3:16 and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 no matter what happens with bats or the world…


  24. Tracy Chastain says:

    Were heading for the NWO for sure and in order for them to be more in control of this world is to kill off a lot of the population of this world so we cannot defend ourselves and that means poisening our foods and so on!


  25. Nandish Sood says:

    I never, ever thought I would need to understand this thank goodness for google,


  26. Bil says:

    Bat Houses have become more popular over the last 10-15 years. Has anyone looked into bat houses as a possible cause? How many are produced in foreign countries?


    • ram says:

      bats are dying allover but the reason mentioned is not true. It gets the viral infection which is new and it’s immune cants develop the resistance,before the infection kills it. After the death the fungus grows.Fungus can grow on dead organic parts only. The new viruses gets few genes from the gmo’s rather the pramoter used in gmo and after horizontal gene transfer the new more verluent virus is formed . The fishes and trees mass deaths are due to such new viruses. But no one speaks on this .


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