U.S. preparing alternative options for Iran if diplomacy fails

April 21, 2012WASHINGTON America’s plan B for Iran “will be successful,” promises US defense secretary, Leon Panetta. Reports suggest this is no sable rattling, as the US strike groups deployed to the Persian Gulf may be carrying some 430 Tomahawk missiles. Washington has not yet dropped its “all options” stance towards Iran, who, they fear, may be building nuclear weapons. The confirmation was obtained by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer from Panetta on Thursday. “We are prepared with all options on the table if we have to respond,” Panetta said, adding that “there are plans” to deal with Iran if the country does not give up its nuclear ambitions. “I don’t think there is any question that if we have to implement that plan, it will be successful,” he added. This practical approach sees two American aircraft carriers, their battle groups, several submarines and additional Marines deployed to the Gulf waters. Both the US Navy and the Pentagon say the commissions are “routine.” Nevertheless, assessments made by Interfax news agency say that the group headed by the USS Enterprise alone has taken at least 130 Tomahawk missiles to the Persian Gulf. The other group, which has the USS Abraham Lincoln as its flagship, has as many long-range cruise missiles of the same class. This group was last reported to be patrolling the Arabian Sea, where the US Navy says it is providing air support to NATO troops in Afghanistan. The submarine USS Georgia, which is also navigating the waters, is estimated to be carrying 154 Tomahawks. Another submarine, assigned to an amphibious assault group, is reported to have 12 cruise missiles at its disposal. All this gives a total figure of at least 430 Tomahawks with a range of 1,700 km on a routine voyage around the waters of the Persian Gulf. The missiles would be able to take out Iran’s air-defense system in its entirety and turn its military airfields into rubble, experts tell Interfax. With all the military build-up in the area, Washington says the first round of nuclear talks with Tehran gave them “positive” feelings. However, no alleviating of sanctions against Iran’s economy has so far been debated in the White House, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared on Monday. The USA seems to be between a rock and the hard place regarding the issue of Iran. On the one hand, Washington says they want Iran to drop nukes, but diplomacy comes first. On the other hand, the US has to restrain Israel as its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has branded the first round of talks with Iran an international “freebie” for the country. He also makes it a point of mentioning at least once a month that Tehran is “an existential threat” to Israel. –RT News
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9 Responses to U.S. preparing alternative options for Iran if diplomacy fails

  1. Stefan says:

    Iran has not done anything else that what other countries have done since they got nuclear capabilities. Iran has never attacked any other country unless it has been attacked first, and that is the way it has been the last 300 years according to the history books.

    Why don’t the world treat USA, Israel, India, Russia, China, Pakistan, France, UK and so on the same way as they treat Iran ? Iran has also signed this treaty about not spreading nuclear devices, if i am not mistaken.

    The worst thing is that if USA attack Iran i know there will be some very serious consequences from it. At first i think China will strike back. Russia to. They are allies with Iran. Some Chinese general have said that he is prepared to strike USA hard with whatever they have…. Even Pakistan has said that they will join Iran. I guess that Saudi Arabia has said the same thing.

    This will end in a disaster to the whole world.


    • It appears we have reached the precipice of the ‘maddening abyss.’


    • Greg says:

      I beg to differ with you, Stefan. Iran has boldly and quite often told the world that it WILL wipe Israel off the face of the earth. That’s quite different than the other nuclear powers and that is what makes them so dangerous. Most civilized people don’t think the same way that “religious fanatics” think. They are not like us (civilized society) in the way they “think.” As long as their religious goals are accomplished, they don’t really care if they “pay the price.” That is why Israel feels it needs to alleviate the possibility that Iran would pull the trigger once it gets a nuclear device, and they will get a nuclear device (if they don’t already have one). I suspect they do or the wouldn’t be as verbal as they are, at this point.


  2. Carpenter777 says:

    It looks like Obama has thrown the >>> U.N., Atomic Energy Agency, UAE, Middle-east, Europe, and the U.S. >>> all of us under the bus.


    Has Obama deliberately gone against the world, or is he truly a Muslim as many have said?


    • Dennis E. says:

      A person is known by the company they keep.
      His roots is Muslim with a taste of Christianity. He says he is a muslim/christian.


  3. Rob says:

    I don’t see Iran deviating from their chosen course of action so this whole thing, in my opinion, falls into the, “It’s only a matter of time now.”, catagory.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    I would like to put forth this thought………
    The thesis of most postings on our beloved EP site from contributors and those other sites is Iran building a nuclear bomb and delivering it to Israel via missile from Iran I suppose. On the other hand, why does Iran need to build a bomb as we imagine? Why not a dirty Bomb(s)? It would accomplish their goal. The radiation from the conventional blast would spread the radioactive isotopes causing massive casualties and a slow death. Using a nuclear weapon as we expect would cause not only massive physical damage to Israel, but to Jordan, Syria, and lebanon. Also, also, could result in major damage to Jerusalem and The Temple Mount. The USA (I’m not bashing) has been allegedly using depleted uranium in its armor piercing rounds on its tanks and A-10 tank killers(30 mm rounds). Is that not radioactive? Is not the reports of cancer and birth deformities reported as being abnormally high in those countries that this type of munitions were used?
    And why shoot from Iran, when the Iron Dome system or fighter jets could shoot the missile in flight unless it was a cruise missile? Why not from Syria or off shore from a reflagged cargo ship. I think we should think outside the box here.
    Also, Iran is prepared and ready for an Israelis counterstrike. Russia has their back. Just a thought………..Having my first cup of coffee this morning with EP………
    Perhaps it is just provoking Israel to do something out of desperation.


  5. Brian says:

    If US is to attack Iran. Probably better to do so now then later when they are expecting it.


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