Indian missile launch reignites old animosities from China: India warned to stay out of China’s way

April 20, 2012BEIJINGIndia has spent heavily on military expansion despite its poverty on an arms race it cannot win, according to an editorial in China’s state-controlled Global Times newspaper. The editorial was published after India claimed its successful test of the Agni V meant it had joined the elite group of countries with intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities. The missile can hit any city within 3000 miles with a nuclear war head. The aggressive tone taken by the Global Times contrasted with the official reaction of its foreign ministry which said India and China were not rivals but “co-operative partners. We should cherish the hard-earned momentum of co-operation,”said its spokesman Liu Weimin. But Beijing’s state-controlled media reacted more aggressively, accusing India of nuclear proliferation in breach of international treaties. “India is still poor and lags behind in infrastructure construction, but its society is highly supportive of developing nuclear power and the West chooses to overlook India’s disregard of nuclear and missile control treaties. The West remains silent on the fact that India’s military spending increased by 17 per cent in 2012 and the country has again become the largest weapons importer in the world. India should not overestimate its strength. Even if it has missiles that could reach most parts of China, that does not mean it will gain anything from being arrogant during disputes with China. India should be clear that China’s nuclear power is stronger and more reliable. For the foreseeable future, India would stand no chance in an overall arms race with China,” the editorial claimed. It also warned India against serving the interest of the United States and other western partners in seeking to “contain” China’s expansion. “India should also not overstate the value of its Western allies and the profits it could gain from participating in a containment of China. If it equates long range strategic missiles with deterrence of China, and stirs up further hostility, it could be sorely mistaken,” it warned. –Telegraph
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9 Responses to Indian missile launch reignites old animosities from China: India warned to stay out of China’s way

  1. marc e grecco says:

    We truly are in the Age of Kali Yuga, the Age of Chaos


  2. m c says:

    wars and rumors of war.

    2012 is looking to be a roller coaster ride of a year.

    i wonder if the world as we know it will end the day before my birthday……Hmm.


  3. James says:

    I love your blog it is always very informative and it gives like minded people a place to discuss things. I do have something off topic I want to mention. It is a prayer request for a family I know. I wrote a blog about the situation but did not name them personally out of respect. Basically, the R_ _ _ family which I don’t want to mention their name on the blog I wrote about it, has come under serious demon attack. The devil killed their 7 month old son and they are having the funeral this weekend. I just hope everyone will pray for this family.


  4. Rob says:

    Am I the only one that’s taken note of the(in my opinion, rather alarming & possibly most significant aspect to the entire article) wording of the warning regarding India, “…..participating in the containment of China….”? Is China hinting at impending expansionist activities, once again? They have been chomping at the bit to “reclaim” Taiwan, which I’ve heard them refer to in descriptions similar to that of ‘Taiwan being a wayward child’ & I’m wondering if you think that this may be an imminent arena of “expansion” for China?


  5. tonic says:

    It goes on and on this war stuff. Not going to stop, is it? ever. Take all the politics out of it and whats left? Only one nation determined to obliterate another. And despite the horrendous number of people who have been killed through war in the last 100 years, it will still carry on.
    Except now they have the toys that can cause worldwide mayhem, not just to us, but to the planet itself.


    • I

      No, it’s not going to stop and though many believe certain ‘unthinkables‘ will never happen…the Bible is clear that the time before is unlike any in human history. All these forces are colliding. “And there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation.” -Daniel 12:1

      *China’s desire to be the world’s new super-power and leader of the next century
      *Russia desire to secure its interests and protect its energy reserves
      *Iran’s desire to obtain nuclear weapons to prepare the way for the coming of the 12th Iman
      *India’s desire to avert Chinese and Pakistani agression and blunt their alliance
      *Israel’s desire to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of its enemies
      *U.S. desire to safeguard its interest in the Middle East where 40% of the world’s remaining oil reserves are found
      *Syria’s desire support insurgent radial groups in Pakistan and Lebanon
      *Saudi Arabia’s desire to counter the military power in Iran by obtaining nukes itself


      • tonic says:

        A summary of the world we live. And scientists say we are the only spices on Earth who have intelligence. Thank you Alvin.


  6. Always comforting to see the spirits of paranoia and selfish ambition working overtime within a Communist regime! The devil knows his time is short…..


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