Stray dogs terrorize streets of Bulgaria

April 16, 2012BULGARIA Sprawling in the sun or barking and chasing cars, stray dogs have become part of urban life in Bulgaria but after a pack mauled a US university professor to death, the mood of tolerance is over. The 87-year-old man, who chose to spend his retirement in his native Bulgaria, was attacked in a Sofia street late last month by some 25 dogs who knocked him to the ground, tore at his face and bit his legs and arms to the bone. He died in intensive care 10 days later, prompting the government to suggest a large-scale euthanasia program for aggressive animals and construction of emergency shelters to remove other strays from the street. Rights groups struck back, accusing authorities of weak control over pet owners who do not register their animals and often abandon them or their litters on the streets. “This spring there are about 1,000 more stray dogs than last year,” said Aksinia Bosneva of the “Care For the Stray Dogs” non-governmental animal rights group. She also blamed corrupt practices when it comes to castrating dogs. “Some dogs are only partially neutered so that castration squads can return and get double money. Dogs already neutered are captured twice and workers get paid for something already done,’ Bosneva charged. For Lolita Radeva, head of the Sofia municipal council’s environmental committee, the economic crisis has made things worse. “The current economic crisis has forced people to increasingly abandon their pets. Many dogs were also let go from abandoned construction yards they used to guard,” Radeva said. She put the total number of stray dogs roaming the capital, which counts two million people, at about 9,500. A new city hall program aims to halve this number within two years and get rid of all the animals by 2016. Current legislation only allows authorities to put down sick and aggressive animals, while others must be neutered and returned to the streets. –Yahoo News
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8 Responses to Stray dogs terrorize streets of Bulgaria

  1. Donna says:

    I often wondered what will happen to all the dogs when the economy crashes, prices sky rocket and feeding children will be more important than pets.


    • i

      This is going to be an ‘incomprehensible’ nightmare as these Earthchange become critical because wild animals will be drawn to cities more and more as disasters unsettle the natural ecology and many of these beasts will be rabid. As I warned, humans will be competing with every other creature for food and shelter for survival. The care we exercise now in regard to controlling the population of pets may be the life you save tomorrow.


    • Rose says:

      I have 3 German Shepherd dogs and my mothers dog after she died. I have thought this out and will have no alternative but to euthanize mine when I can no longer care for them. I do hope that time does not come but I am prepared to care for them to the end one way or another.


  2. Phyllis says:

    my husband says all the poor cats and dogs will get eaten when something happens,I love all my furbabies and just cant fathom someone eating my baby,I know I wont eat any pets,I really believe I would starve to death before i could eat something I have grown to love more than some humans,they are like my children,I would fight to keep them safe!


    • You don’t know what starvation is. Read the book, the “Siege of Leningrad” by Harrison Salisbury about The Nazis starving an entire town over 3 years. Russian people as civilized as you ate their pets before some of them started to eat their dead.


  3. Georgi Bonchev says:

    I live in Bulgaria. Indeed there are a lot of homeless dogs in all big cities and in many small ones. Some of them are aggressive, I’ve been bitten two times but still I am against killing of all homeless animals.

    After this tragic death a lot of dogs were killed, even one of my dogs that was on the street at that time 😦 Government agencies take a lot of money and they DON’T want to solve the problem because if there is no homeless dogs there will be no money. That is why people took it in their own hands. Unfortunatelly some incidents happened – people shooting at dogs but hitting other people.


  4. Rachel says:

    Hi. I am at sunny beach now and me and my son were followed onto the beach by 2 dogs from our hotel car park (Labrador cross I think) and one of them proceeded to bite my ankles and jump up at me. No blood but bruising. We didn’t run and I kept telling my son to keep calm. I shouted for help and 2 men came over with sticks and got rid of the dogs. We stayed put for a while and they came back. The men got rid of them again. I also asked one of the men to walk us back to the hotel, which wasn’t far but I knew the dogs were close by. The man walked us back and did not want any money for his trouble. Clearly a lovely man. I guess that the dogs were hungry but it should be monitored. They are currently outside the hotel in the car park. I have informed the hotel. I am a dog person, I have never been scared of dogs until now. I want to go home but there are no flights until ours on Wednesday. I won’t be leaving the hotel again until then. Obviously this is worse case scenario, but I guess the dogs saw us as easy pickings as the one that attacked me was literally the size of us when it jumped up. My son is thankfully ok and not as traumatised as me. I think in the summer you will be ok when food is plentiful. But bear in mind to give them a wide birth and maybe carry a stick. Sounds silly I know. And no, we did not look at them, feed them or provoke them in any way. The hotel have said they will do something but not today. The dogs are back outside now – I am not leaving the hotel until my transfer is here on Wednesday. It’s ruined our holiday. What can I do?


    • P

      Stray dogs are becoming a huge problem as more and more pet-owners neglect to take proper care of these animals. You don’t need to carry a big stick but you can carry a telescopic walking stick. It’s portable and easy to pack for travel. (See above)

      You can also use some pepper spray, mace, or you can use an ultrasonic alarm. Make sure you buy a quality one (ultrasonic repeller) that works. It emits a high pitch tone that creates an uncomfortable sensation for dogs. These items can work wonders and are non-lethal ways of repelling dog attacks.


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