Tornadoes leave five dead in Oklahoma

April 15, 2012OKLAHOMA Tornadoes reported across the Midwest and Plains on Saturday and early Sunday left five people dead in Oklahoma and damaged houses, a hospital, a jail, an Air Force base and other buildings around the region, officials said. Oklahoma authorities said five people died early Sunday after a tornado hit in and around the northwest Oklahoma town of Woodward. Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Keli Cain said the state medical examiner’s office confirmed the fatalities in the Woodward area. She didn’t know the gender or age of the victims or details of their deaths. The National Weather Service said the tornado hit at 12:18 a.m. Sunday. Woodward Mayor Roscoe Hill said the sirens were not apparently working when the tornado struck, although they had been sounding loudly from storms on Saturday afternoon. The tornado hit in a mixed area of residences and businesses, Hill said. Woodward police said search and rescue units headed to the damaged areas. Storms also were reported in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. National Weather Service forecasters issued sobering outlooks that the worst of the weather would hit around nightfall, predicting that conditions were right for exceptionally strong tornadoes. Weather officials and emergency management officials worried most about what would happen if strong storms hit when people were sleeping, not paying attention to weather reports and unlikely to hear warning sirens. –SF Gate
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5 Responses to Tornadoes leave five dead in Oklahoma

  1. sKeptical citizen says:

    Its a tragedy and shame people where killed & injured. However its preventable. There are above ground storm shelters available. I strongly urge that no matter where you live you obtain some type of storm shelter and equipt it with few weeks of food & survival supplies ect. The best case would be if you never have to use it. The worst case is you need to use it and dont have one. f Please for your sake and your loved ones do whatever is necessairy ?Sell your toys morgage your home but get a sutable shelter and prepare.


  2. Me says:

    3 fatalities were children. there are 10 ppl in critical condition. 89 homes destroyed and13 businesses destroyed. :/


  3. Colleen says:

    How sad for these folks who have died, and for their families left to grieve. May God bless and comfort each and everyone who has been through these tough storms. The earth is going through some real stress. May Jesus deliver us soon!


  4. I feel for the victims of the weather. However, the harassment that continues afterwards is unreal…especially in Oklahoma where everything is a conspiracy and they will even sign you up for weather alerts without your consent….and, on a new phone that no one has the number to.

    Those FEMA consentration camps are awaiting for the Okies…they want everyone to be prepared!


  5. Irene C says:

    I was following these storms all day yesterday. The tornado that caused deaths happened at night and most if not all of those killed were in mobile homes; the worst place you can be. I agree with sKeptical citizen, have a storm shelter or know where the closest one is. If nothing else, get a NOAA weather radio. These storms were well forcasted and well tracked. However, this could have been much worse when we remember the big outbreaks that hit last year. My prayers for all those affected.

    And before I forget, I noticed how the community rallied behind the victims and volunteered their time and resources to help one another. That gives me hope that love for one another still lives. I wish I could be one of those helping, but I will be donating whatever funds I am able.



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