Mystery boom and shaking reported around San Diego County

April 14, 2012SAN DIEGOA loud boom and shaking was reported around 8:45 a.m. Friday and was heard and felt all by 10News viewers from all around San Diego County. Sallene Leang was working at a Seaport Village store when she felt the shaking. “What I heard this morning … just the doors rattling; I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t think it was an earthquake because the ground wasn’t shaking,” said Leang. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the shaking was not an earthquake. A representative from MCAS Miramar said they did not know what caused the booming sound. Midway-area resident Carol Hill told 10News she thought the loud sound was her neighbor banging on her windows. “All at once there was a knocking noise and a rumbling vibration on my kitchen window,” Hill said. One person said: “We felt it in Coronado but it did not feel like an earthquake. We thought it felt like an explosion or something.” Another Facebook fan said: “I live by Gillespie Field … I thought it was a jet taking off.” The National Weather Service has ruled out that the noise was caused by anything weather-related. –10 News
Mystery deepens: Earlier today, local news erroneously reported that there wasn’t an earthquake at the time. But USGS does confirm to news that a neighboring earthquake did strike around that time. But the quake wasn’t substantial. And it wasn’t precisely in San Diego either. A 1.4 magnitude quake struck Friday April 13, 2012, USGS reports to news, at roughly 8:18 AM PST. The quake was ninety-three miles from San Diego. The quake was north east of town, located closest to Indio, USGS tells news. The only other quake around that time was a 1.9 magnitude quake. But that quake was centered out near Seeley.Lalate
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25 Responses to Mystery boom and shaking reported around San Diego County

  1. marie st clair says:

    Mentioned almost NOWHERE, and yet far more alarming because of its rarety- was the 4.6 quake off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. Parallel to the constant quakes and booms in London Ontario, it seems to correspond to the mid Atlantic ridge pulling apart, or even the Madrid/Ramapo fault shifting. Recall the two huge whirlpools off the Cape area last year that looked oddly like the Fukushima vortexes? As happened last fall, there is a continuous, intermittent swaying in the metro area. Almost like being on a ship- subtle, yet unmistakable; nauseating even. Anyone recall ATS map of boom sounds that spread from Florida all the way up the coast to Nova Scotia? Its all coming into play now? Are others feeling this perplexing movement?


    • Ananda says:

      Actually, yes…I live in Boston and very occasionally I feel a sway but I always think it’s me having a touch of vertigo. Except one time I was standing on my back porch with my mother and we both suddenly felt that vertigo feeling on the stronger side like it was making us feel like we were going to lose our breakfast. I don’t know…which seems to be the most common thing people say to each other in passing now. “Did you hear about___?” “Yeah, I don’t know…feels like something’s happening”.


    • richfish30 says:

      Marie st clair,
      I do live in Florida and have been hearing very unusual vibrations and booms in the groud every so often, to a point where the brids suddenly fly off panicked! And it seems like the Altantic Ridge is suddenly becoming active with 5.0+ every other day or so!


    • Kim says:

      mid Atlantic Ridge. bingo ! I love this page.. i check it like i check the weather… daily!! Thanks for the devotion shown @ the site owner 🙂


  2. reema72 says:

    These booms are nothing but sonic booms as a result of sun spot activity. But the increasing earthquakes simultaneously at far distances are for sure worrisome.


    • BWX says:

      Sunspots? Yeah right. How do sunspots on the sun cause sonic booms in the earth’s atmosphere? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever


  3. speptical citizen says:

    The booms arent a mystery anymore. I think we all know they are caused by the earth being under a stress. The only mystery is when where how many and how big the next earthquakes will be.


  4. Susan says:

    Another attempt at USGS, the earthquake that was said not there mysteriously appeared again, but no way could that be it, because the booming noise occured nearly 30 minutes after the supposed eq, and at 90 miles away, it still doesnt take that long for the noise to occur if that is what they are alluding to. I do believe it may be groanings in the deep of the crust of the earth and perhaps with a release of methane gasses, which would account for the booming noises, but no way to be sure, its just the most plausible.


  5. richfish30 says:

    do you believe the Atlantic Ridge is becoming unusually active??


  6. Trudy Johnson says:

    What if the the hydraulic fracturing operations that take place around the world were responsible for these booms and “release of stress” that would not otherwise manifest itself?


  7. Kim says:

    So glad to hear all you guys saying this… I don’t feel so crazy now lol


  8. grace says:

    On the BBC news yesterday it was reported that the police had been contacted by many to report heavy booming noises in the south of England, concentrating around Wiltshire. It was ‘explained away’ by the Air Force as sonic booms caused by jets breaking the sound barrier as they went to the aid of a helicopter! Quite how they supposedly helped the helicopter wasn’t explained!


  9. Any one noticed the booming tends to largely be the northern hemisphere? Very few reports of it in the southern hemisphere. Certainly seems something is happening in the north (I’m in the southern hemisphere)….
    Just an observation 🙂


    • SammySTH says:

      I too have noticed this! Its being reported up there with you guys in europe, usa etc. Barely any reports in the southern hemisphere. – Sydney based!


  10. Duff Smith says:

    Because Key Largo is a border zone, I can’t tell which booms are patrolling fighter jets or something else.

    It occurs to me that the rise in ocean levels that was expected to continue at full speed has in fact fallen flat lately and nobody knows why, even though there’s darn sure enough melting ice. One theory is that evaporated moisture in the atmosphere, increased rain, and therefore swollen rivers and lakes are accounting for all that water. But there’s there’s still one more possible culprit.

    What caused ocean levels to fall at the end of the dinosaur age, since there’s no geologic evidence of glaciation at that time? The probable answer: ocean rift deepening and formation. There was just a couple of 8+ quakes near a subduction rift off Indonesia, but they weren’t the thrusting type that cause tsunamis. I think we can expect more of those earthquakes too, but if there’s rift deepening going on then thrust quakes will be outpaced by lateral crust movements as always.


  11. Theresa says:

    I have a theory. Ithink is is lava movement under the lithosphere.


  12. anna fryer says:

    so many theorys, wouldnt it be fantastic to read something and know you,ve read the facts so yo can live in the solution versus the continuing problem, Shame life aint that simple anymore.


  13. Vern grey says:

    I’m in brooklyn, ny. Amazing… A friend mentioned he noticed swaying of his tv a in january, then again a month ago, I never noticed & didn’t give it much thought, as I’ve been relying on EMSC & USGS although the latter can be a crapshoot. Just last week I was in bed checking email, when I felt the swaying, ever so slightly & got that hair on the back of your neck standing up feeling, it’s hard to ignore when you’ve been living in a 6 story building, built in 1904 for 34 years. Just way too many anomolies going on these days to ignore as coicendence, just for the record every fiber of my being has been telling me to get the hell out of new york for about 2 years now, but being true to my hometown, I’ll probably stick it out & go down with it.


  14. mrs B says:

    I felt the same strange swaying motion over here in the Pacific Northwest when I was falling asleep the other day. Felt like I was almost going up and down in a very wierd slow motion feeling and I shruggeed it off as my body relaxing before going to sleep. But now that others have mentioned feeling it, I don’t think it was me just “nodding off to sleep”, as it happened to me last month too, when I was visiting in another state.


  15. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    We had a boom several days ago here in Oklahoma. I asked about it in ZetaTAlk and Nancy said there would be more to come, and they will be most prevelant during the hour of the pole shift.


  16. apak907 says:

    What is going on? The reports are increasing. Maybe time will tell….


  17. apak907 says:

    What is going on? The reports are increasing. Maybe time will tell…..


  18. When were the latest reports of this? Ive just heard about it and been looking at videos on YouTube. I’m in UK but I haven’t experienced any noises……..yet!


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