6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Vanuatu Islands in the Pacific

April 14, 2012 VANUATU A shallow 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the seafloor off the coast of the Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific. The epicenter of the earthquake was 80 km (49 miles) NW of Isangel, Tanna, Vanuatu and occurred at the shallow depth of 8.7 km (5.4 miles) beneath the earth. Based on the historical seismicity of the region, no tsunami warnings were issued by authorities and there are no immediate reports of damage. The 6.5 magnitude Vanuatu earthquake is the second major earthquake reported today. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake also struck Drake’s Passage. –The Extinction Protocol
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14 Responses to 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes region of Vanuatu Islands in the Pacific

  1. tonic says:

    We have been lucky so far. Hopefully it will stay that way, but what a week?


  2. Carla Burgers says:

    RSOE indicates it as M 6.6 , 6.5 and a 6.3. Have a look at this link.
    http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php?area=pac Keep safe, all these happenings make me nervous, I think New Zealand might be in line for a high M. too. 😦


  3. A.N. says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for creating this website and taking time out of your day to find/post/write these articles. I have checked this site every single day since the day i randomly (and thankfully) stumbled across it. It is amazing to me how many earth changing events are taking place every day and how many dont make it to the news. Your work is greatly appreciated.


  4. Dublintaff says:

    Sick of nibiru, and all the nonsense it brings
    With it. Sceptic from Wales, but can NOT ignore
    Earth changes… Great site well informed.
    Something is wrong and is getting worse by the
    Day. Thanks for the wake up. Look after yourself
    And those you love. Whatever happens just
    Be a friend to all you meet.


  5. Wiseguy says:

    Winter without snow and cold, Heatwave in March, Volcanic eruptions increasing and now earthquakes 6+ almost everyday… But again Mother Nature will calm down for a few weeks just to reassure us and then, in a month or two, will start a new cycle stronger than what we have now. This is what I hope… Because if the quakes continues next week, then, it means we are in this last and final cycle.


  6. Supreme Siddha says:

    Just to let everyone know, Yesterday about 150 air canada pilots called in sick. I wonder what is actually happening behind the scenes. http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/04/community-reaction-to-air-canada-pilots-sick-calls.html


  7. Rob says:

    Look for more & larger quakes today due to planatery alignments & the Solar Winds dying down after having been quite high from the bombardment we’ve been taking from the Earth facing Caronal Hole. The ENTIRE Ring of Fire, except for Washington area, has been very(dare I say hyperactive?) active over the last 72-80 hours. The PNW is the one I’m focusing on right now because of huge tsunami buoy events the They have tried to explain away with typical “Junk in, junk out” BS answer, seeing strange quake activity, i.e. quakes in unusual locations, activity from both Ranier & Mt St Helens & that the Cascadian Subduction Zone goes *boom*, with great consistency, every 300 years(the last time being late in the year 1700), so it’s OVERDUE & the huge ammounts of quake activity Ring of Fire wide is putting stress on it that MUST be released at some point. Just my longwinded 2 cents, for whatever it’s worth, & you can keep the change.


  8. marker says:

    in these times of frustration good wil come eventuly


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