Unusual spring storm dumps up to four feet of hail in Texas Panhandle

April 12, 2012TEXASAn unusual spring storm in the Texas Panhandle Wednesday afternoon dumped two to four feet of hail near Dumas. Trucks were reported sliding off the road on Highway 287 as a result of the unexpected weather phenomenon. Snow plows were being used to clear the roads. Some vehicles were trapped in the drifts of hailstones. Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus said a tornado watch was in effect for the Panhandle region through 10 p.m. Wednesday, and the storms were moving very slowly between Pampa and Dumas north of Amarillo and to the east of Dalhart. Melting hail and heavy rain triggered flash flooding in the Panhandle. –KVUE
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26 Responses to Unusual spring storm dumps up to four feet of hail in Texas Panhandle

  1. radiogirl says:



  2. Greg says:

    Wow! What can you say to this? We’re liable to be seeing 40 degree days in July they way things are going.


  3. Rob says:

    Absolute worldwide insanity happening right now!


  4. streams13 says:



  5. yamkin says:

    Egg-Sized Hail Storm Kills 13 In China

    Hail stones the size of eggs have killed 13 people.

    The huge pieces of ice closed an expressway and damaged crops on at least 81,300 hectares of farmland in southern China.

    Seven people were killed and one was injured when a bus was hit in a landslide triggered by hailstorms since Sunday in mountainous areas in southwestern Sichuan Province, the Xinhua news agency said today.

    The other six people were killed by falling roofs and lightning.

    More than one million residents were affected around the city of Chongqing and economic losses stood at 198 million yuan (£12.7 million).

    The hailstorms pelted five counties in Fujian province, on the southeast China seaboard, punching holes in thousands of homes and damaging power supply facilities.



  6. kenny says:

    So there is nothing wrong with the planet ?…Ye right I live in Scotland UK and the weather is crazy,highs of 23c for a week in March and then snow the following week. The temp just now 6c below average,something strange going on all round the planet.

    Just like to add that I very rarely post,but I am on the site every day. thank-you for your hard work alvin your site is so unique in keeping us up to date with events.


  7. speptical citizen says:

    4 feet of hail! this is something new? cant say ive ever heard of such a thing!


  8. mspat2 says:

    The first 4 months has been just so INSANE. Speechless!!


  9. Nym says:

    Geoengineering the weather. Look up!


    • merle says:

      If not geoengineering(which I believe is very possible), then something is going on beyond the normal spectrum! Trust in God! That’s all my heart and soul tell me!


  10. James says:

    I would not have wanted to be there. My truck would have gotten torn up. This is the wrath of God and if the people do not repent then they will perish.


    • Supreme Siddha says:

      I don’t think repenting is enough, we must change our ways as well. Back to balance. But I agree with you:)


      • James says:

        That is what repentance is. Repentance is to acknowledge that we have done wrong, apologize, and change our ways by turning from our sin. Yes you are correct. We are on the same page. I am sorry for any misunderstanding


    • Phyllis says:

      yeah,I will say this definietly sounds biblical to me.


    • tonic says:

      It would be good if this letter gave courage to other scientists, feeling likewise, to speak out. And in another way, its like closing the stable door after the horse has gone.


  11. J says:

    West TX can get some weird weather. The same thing happened in McAllen TX a few years back, at least to a similar degree. We are seeing weirder and weirder weather in all places.


  12. Frank in Malawi Africa says:

    I am glad I glad I signed up to receive daily posts to my email box. Thanks Alvin for your good work. I am cautious about all the rhetoric on the planetary thing for 2012 as to what it will cause, but have to admit that this year so far has seen an eerie number of incidents similar to what is in the first parts of the 2012 movie. I do know my bible and know that the world will NOT end in 2012 but we are certainly coming into greater tribulation and thanks for staying on top of what is happening. I marvel at your network of resources to post all these things. God is using you for those who will listen.


  13. queenie says:

    I am new to this site,I am a christian;I must say this year is so strange.God bless us all.


  14. sKeptical citizen says:

    About forty-five years ago-between 1895 and 1900-there came the worst hail storm which this section possibly ever experienced. It was of a local nature, occurring mostly in a strip through Siloam township and the lower part of Mis-souri, near by. Older citizens tell us that slugs of ice fell which were as large as large cabbage heads, only irregular in size and shape. A picnic was being held at Phipps Mill just west of Middlebrook that day and many almost incred-ible stories were told by different citizens about just what happened. Holes as large as a wash basin were torn through good board roofs. Some livestock was killed, and one man related that one stone struck his wagon tongue and broke it like it was a straw. On Fourche Creek, near the Joseph Dalton farm, some eight miles above the state line in Missouri, so much hail fell on the ground and was washed into the stream by the accompanying rainfall that it filled the stream with the ice and the fish were washed out onto the shoals and gravel bars while numb from the cold. They were picked up in large numbers after the storm subsided. Drifts of ice were still to be seen at noon the next day, although it was in June when this occurred. I found this account that was written by a local historian in 1947


  15. Emanni says:

    Hail Storm in Norfolk, Neb (4-14-12)


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