Strong pair of 6.2 and 6.9 earthquakes strike Gulf of California

April 12, 2012 CALIFORNIA A pair of strong earthquakes rocked Mexico’s Gulf of California only minutes apart early Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quakes — magnitude 6.9 and 6.2 — were centered about 85 miles northeast of Guerrero Negro in the Mexican state of Baja California, or 325 miles south-southwest of Phoenix in the United States. Both epicenters were shallow, a little more than six miles underground. No tsunami warnings were issued and there were no immediate reports of damage, but people as far north as Tucson, Arizona, reported feeling them. The temblors were recorded at 12:16 a.m. and 12:06 a.m. local time (3:16 a.m. and 3;06 a.m. ET). –CNN
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33 Responses to Strong pair of 6.2 and 6.9 earthquakes strike Gulf of California

  1. James says:

    Now that is a confirmed uptick in quakes. Really hoping it can sustain the momentum this time.


  2. kristoffer94 says:

    It looks like it is building up

    8.6 magnitude earthquake yesterday on Ring of Fire in Indonesia, and now 6.9?
    They have predicted that a giant earthquake will happen in California, on the Cascadia subduction zone


    • We’ll see what happens. The Cascadia region is overdue but a lot of areas are. There is obviously a lot of tectonic plate activity and it’s stunningly uniform across the spectrum of the planet. I don’t want any people to get panicked about an area because no one knows where the next strike will be.


      • kristoffer94 says:

        I’m glad I’m not living around these areas, where it is a lot of earthquakes


      • Dan Cooper says:

        Since I live in Seattle I appreicate your updates and comments re: all the activity. We are WAY overdo so this is something I do my best to stay on top of.
        Thanks for ALL you do~!


  3. runnerfive says:

    This quake was recorded at a 7.1 then down graded to stop people from panicing. GeoScience Australia is a more relable source than USGS.


  4. daniel says:

    seems to me that the planet is waking up!so much earthquake and volcanic activity is very worrying.i certainly would not like to be living in California at the moment.


  5. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Just a thought…

    Do you think it is possible that USA have been aiming HAARP to create earthquakes in other areas, in order to ease pressure off the the faults of the West Coast to try to soften the big earthquake expected?


    • I

      The earth is not like a nuclear reaction in a controlled chain-reaction process. You tamper with things you shouldn’t at the risk of the entire house of cards falling down on you. The forces of magma (its tremendous heat and pressures) cannot be controlled. Even if man was stupid enough to attempt such a thing; what’s to stop China or Russia from microwaving the Yellowstone caldera? I think before it’s gets to the point of scalar beam wars erupting between nations, humans will be wiped from the planet. If it’s already occurring; that’s indication we haven’t got long left.


  6. carolyn says:

    Alvin, this is an amazing site for keeping on top of this sort of news. Thanks for all you do. Last night’s post on global shaking was awesome.


  7. Anjith AK says:

    all the quakes in this year it is kind of true that there is increased activity undre the crust im worries about the californian super volcano all these extreme weather conditions and quakes are making the scientists nervous thou the relate to the 2012 predectionssssssssss


  8. Lisa says:

    Thanks Alvin. My husband is finally listening.


    • May God be honored. Great to hear, Lisa.

      peace and love aplenty,


    • radiogirl says:

      You know what Lisa,my son took me to lunch yesterday and said he and some friends were discussing that things were not right with the earth and it feels as if something big is looming on the horizon.This is progress ..although he has accepted the extra food and emergency kit we gave him ,he had not really been on board until recently.

      Afterall we just want our loved ones prepared.Take Care ,Radiogirl


      • Artoro says:

        It is very obvious (to me) that things are changing. As far as my associates, they have their heads shoved deeply into the sand. I have my go bag ready for a bug out but lately I’ve been pondering, what happens when I run out of supplies? One person can only pack out with a few items, and not nearly enough to get through what I think is going to be a long, long time.

        Replenishment will be next to impossible so I’ve been looking at living off thing from the land. If we are faced with a radiological event (probable), resulting in many things becoming contaminated, we may all have to live underground and acclimate ourselves to nutrients that grow naturally there.


  9. CAT says:

    Trust and faith should be everyone’s best friend! Alvin, it is evident God has blessed you with great talents to use in in these times – thank you for sharing them willing with us all.


  10. kristoffer94 says:

    As I see now on USGS, I see some moderate earthquakes everywhere:

    Japan: +5 magnitude
    Sumatra: +5 magnitude
    Java, Indonesia: +4 magnitude(biggest on 4.8)
    Alaska: +4 magnitude
    Southern mid-Atlantic Ridge: +4 magnitude(biggest on 4.9)
    North Atlantic Ocean: +4 magnitude
    Indian Ocean: +5 magnitude

    But this is probably normal, since it is on Ring Of Fire


  11. the 12:06 quake woke me up and felt the 12:16 quake which i got up and recorded time as 12:15 here in guaymas ,son,mex..felt similar to 4.2 quake we had this area other day..rocking motion.


  12. James says:

    This really is an awesome site. Extinction Protocol is on top of my Favorites. I read it first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee, everyday.


  13. I don’t have details yet, but friends in Halifax , Nova Scotia Canada, just experienced a 4.5 earthquake today located below them, any information on this Alvin?


  14. Nikkoale says:

    It continues… April 13… Two SECONDS apart…

    A magnitude 6.0 in Japan… at 10:10:02 UTC
    A magnitude 5.7 in Mexico… at 10:10:04 UTC


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